CoD: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 Season 2 Reloaded Patch Notes — Balance Changes And Big QoL Improvements

Sea­son 2 Reloaded is live for Call of Duty: Mod­ern War­fare 2 and War­zone 2.0. The mid-sea­son update adds a new map, three new game modes, and a new Raid the clas­sic mul­ti­play­er. Addi­tion­al­ly, the patch notes also include plen­ty of weapon tun­ing and much need­ed qual­i­ty-of-life updates.

As weapon bal­anc­ing goes, three light machine guns have seen a nerf. The Sakin MG38 now has reduced dam­age range, while the RPK received a reduce in walk­ing speed and muz­zle veloc­i­ty. Final­ly, the RAAL MG–which got hit with the most nerfs–got a nerf to dam­age range, head­shot dam­age, and upper tor­so damage.

The over­pow­ered KV Broad­side shot­gun also received a nerf. Dam­age ranges were reduced for both the 12 Gauge and Drag­on’s Breath ammo types. It also reduces the gun’s low­er tor­so dam­age. Along­side the nerfs, some under­pow­ered sub­ma­chine guns did get boost to dam­age ranges, includ­ing the BAS‑p and VEL 46.

Ranked play also saw a cou­ple of new restric­tions, with the Kas­tov 72 assault rifle and all weapon tun­ing are now restrict­ed for this mode.

Although con­tent is lack­ing for War­zone 2.0, the Sea­son 2 Reloaded patch does include sev­er­al qual­i­ty-of-life improve­ments for the bat­tle royale. Armor plates are now auto­mat­i­cal­ly picked up if the play­er has the space for it. The HUD also now tells play­ers how many sec­onds left before a kill­streak can be called in, and the ping sys­tem has been updat­ed to improve the read­abil­i­ty of the nav­i­ga­tion pings on the Tacmap and Mini-Map. Addi­tion­al­ly, the bomb drone has been removed so the devel­op­er can work on bal­anc­ing it.

AI ene­mies will remain on Al Mazrah, but have been removed from the Ashika Island Resur­gence modes. Buy Sta­tions have been move even­ly spread out across the island as well.

For the DMZ, play­ers will no longer be required to equip a Build­ing 21 key­card to access the area. At least one play­er in a squad must have a Build­ing 21 Access Card in their inven­to­ry to allow access, but it’s no longer need­ed in their load­out pri­or to enter­ing. AI ene­mies with­in the DMZ also received a few changes. They can now drop upgrad­ed weapons upon death (small chance) and dri­ve in var­i­ous vehi­cle types.

You can check out the full patch notes below, as shared by Activi­sion.

Season 2 Reloaded Patch Notes — March 15th, 2023


New Path of the Ronin Challenges

Forge a new path with all new chal­lenges to unlock new camos, includ­ing Winds of Ash. Com­plete all ten chal­lenges to earn anoth­er new camo for every weapon — Bow­ing Blos­soms — as well as a gold­en Charm that rep­re­sents your ded­i­ca­tion to fol­low­ing the Path of the Ronin.

Saint Patrick’s Day

You nev­er know what you might find at the end of the rain­bow… but you’ve got “one-shot” to find out if luck is on your side in Al Mazrah!


Atom­grad Episode 02New!

Reminder: play Episode 01 first to avoid spoilers!

We find Price, Gaz and Farah where we left them at the end of Episode 01 — and Atomgrad’s sto­ry will pick-up there…

Com­plete Raid Episode 02 to unlock the “Bad Boonie” Oper­a­tor Skin for Cap­tain Price, and check out the new Raid Bun­dle for even more of the Captain’s looks. This bun­dle also includes the fastest way to lev­el up your kits for suc­cess in the Raid.

No Assign­ment Necessary

As part of the Sea­son 02 Reloaded update, any­one who owns Mod­ern War­fare II will be able to access Raid Episode 01 and Raid Episode 02. There is no Raid Assign­ment required for access to this tac­ti­cal team-based expe­ri­ence that con­tin­ues the sto­ry of Task Force 141.

Need a Squad?

Don’t for­get to use the Par­ty Find­er fea­ture in the Lob­by if you need team­mates for the Raid.


New Weapons

  • Tem­pus Tor­rent: Marks­man Rifle
    • This hard-hit­ting DMR from the Tem­pus Arma­ment offers the ver­sa­til­i­ty of the M4 Plat­form and the veloc­i­ty and impact of 7.62 rounds. A patient hand and keen eye will result in on-tar­get shots and quick kills.
    • Can be acquired via Weapon Chal­lenge or Store Bundle.

Weapon Bal­anc­ing

» Assault Rifles «

  • STB 556
    • Added min­i­mum dam­age against Armor (lim­its bul­lets to kill at fur­thest range)

» Light Machine Guns «

    • Reduced far range damage
    • Small increase to close range damage
    • Reduced head­shot damage
    • Reduced upper tor­so damage
    • Increased recoil
  • RPK
    • Reduced walk­ing speed
    • Reduced muz­zle velocity
  • Sakin MG38
    • Reduced dam­age range

» Marks­man Rifles «

  • Cross­bow
    • Increased time peri­od to trig­ger dou­ble kills for challenges

» Sub­ma­chine Guns «

  • MX9
    • Increased mid dam­age ranges
  • BAS‑p
    • Increased sprint to fire time
    • Increased dam­age ranges
  • PDSW 528
    • Slight­ly off­set weapon while ADS using iron sights to improve visibility
  • Vel 46
    • Increased close dam­age ranges
    • Fixed attrib­ut­es on 30 round mag­a­zine to improve han­dling and mobility
  • Lach­mann Sub
    • Reduced move­ment speed
    • Reduced aim down sight speed
    • Improved recoil control
    • LM Neb­u­la Barrel 
      • Improved dam­age range
      • Improved recoil control

» Shot­guns «

  • KV Broad­side
    • Reduced low­er tor­so damage
    • 12 Gauge Ammo 
      • Reduced dam­age ranges
      • Reduced close range damage
    • Dragon’s Breath Ammo 
      • Reduced dam­age ranges
      • Reduced close range damage
      • Glob­al reduc­tion to 12 gauge Dragon’s Breath max­i­mum resid­ual damage
  • Bryson 800 and Bryson 890
    • Increased head­shot dam­age on all slug­type ammo
    • Added min­i­mum dam­age against armor


» Glob­al «

  • Flinch
    • Reduced recen­ter speed for Flinch
    • Minor increase to Flinch on ARs, SMGs, LMGs, and Shotguns

» Ammu­ni­tion «

  • Hol­low Point Rounds
    • Removed bul­let veloc­i­ty penalty
  • Fran­gi­ble Rounds
    • Changed heal­ing delay timer to set from last bullet’s impact (length­ens the over­all delay on a Player)
    • Removed dam­age range penalty
  • Over­pres­sure Rounds
    • Removed recoil penalty
    • Increased flinch impart­ed on Players
  • 12 Gauge Dragon’s Breath
    • Reduced resid­ual dam­age while burning
  • 12 Gauge Slugs and HE Slugs
    • Added min­i­mum dam­age against armor

» Under­bar­rel Launchers «

  • Removed move­ment penal­ty from Grenade Launchers
  • Added recoil con­trol bonus to Under­bar­rel Grenade and Shot­gun Launchers
  • Added one extra ammu­ni­tion stock to Grenade Launchers

» Stocks «

  • Reduced flinch received on no stock modifications

» Bipod Grips «

  • Reduced ADS penal­ty for the Bipod V9 grip
  • CORE BP2 Bipod Grip: 
    • Fixed bug in stat reporting
    • Added hip recoil control
    • Reduced hip walk­ing speed
    • Removed ADS penalty
    • Added grip to com­pat­i­ble LMGs and Marks­man Rifles

» Under­bar­rel Grips «

  • Reduced ADS penal­ty on all under bar­rel grips
  • Reduced move­ment speed penal­ty for all ver­ti­cal grips

» Muz­zle Attachments «

  • Breach­ers
    • Great­ly reduced ADS penalty
    • Added hip move­ment speed buff
  • Flash Hiders
    • Reduced ADS penalty

» Optics «

  • Reduced ADS penal­ty on holo optics
  • Removed move­ment penal­ties on holo optics
  • Reduced ADSand move­ment penal­ties from all ther­mal, hybrid, and vari­able zoom optics
  • Reduced ADS penal­ty on shot­gun scopes

» Comb Attachments «

  • Fixed Han­dling stat UI on: 
    • Shlager TTF3 Riser
    • FSS Ammo Sleeve
    • PD-A40 Sleeve
    • Wing­man Comb
    • FSS EL‑T Pouch

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed an issue where equip­ping some attach­ments to the KV Broad­side shot­gun would cause Play­ers to not be able to Infil into DMZ
  • Fixed Heart­break­er Cross­bow Blueprint’s ret­i­cle appear­ance in Killcams
  • Fixed an issue that pre­vent­ed Cross­bow bolts from pen­e­trat­ing water


  • Frag Grenade
    • Dam­age against armor increased
  • Clay­more
    • Dam­age against armor increased
  • Sem­tex
    • Dam­age against armor increased


  • Sub­mix fix­es that were affect­ing ene­my foot­step volume
  • Equal­ized sand foot­steps to bet­ter cut through the mix sim­i­lar to dirt & concrete
  • Fixed an issue that caused War Tracks to ran­dom­ly stop play­ing when in active in a vehicle
  • Fixed an issue pre­vent­ing the War Tracks of a Patrol Boat’s dri­ver from being heard while in the Patrol Boat turrets


  • Update Requires Restart
    • If the title requires a restart due to an update, it will restart automatically
  • New Menus
    • All new menus for Weapon and Camo Challenges
    • Added a Store tab for Play­ers to see all avail­able bun­dles for a spe­cif­ic weapon
  • New Par­ty Queuing
    • Par­ty queu­ing allows play­ers to auto­mat­i­cal­ly join a friend’s par­ty once they are fin­ished with their active match. Just like invit­ing friends to a par­ty or chan­nel, you can access par­ty queu­ing via the in-game social menu.



This update con­tains sev­er­al fix­es to reduce the num­ber of known crash­es. We con­tin­ue to pri­or­i­tize increased sta­bil­i­ty and crash fix­es across all platforms.

  • Fixed issue where Play­ers were hear­ing incor­rect team fac­tion voiceover on cer­tain maps
  • Fixed an issue where a Player’s squad num­ber would appear inside a ping for a vehicle
  • Fixed an issue where the Last Stand revive was not inter­rupt­ed when a Play­er was hit with a Shock Stick
  • Flash and Stun grenade blast will no longer kill Play­ers at low health
  • Fixed a hand­ful of issues that would cause the tar­get mark­ing fea­ture of the Spot­ter Scope to per­sist when not aim­ing down sights
  • Throw­ing Knives can now kill Recon Drones and Bomb Drones
  • Fixed an issue with the Gus Oper­a­tor some­times appear­ing with­out a full char­ac­ter mod­el dur­ing a match


  • Fixed an issue where the Play­er would lose a placed Sen­try Gun if they try to pick it up while diving
  • The Play­er’s field of view will now reset prop­er­ly when tran­si­tion­ing to a new round if they were in a Cruise Mis­sile sequence when it happened
  • Kill­streak com­mand actions from the Wheel­son and VTOL are now dis­abled when a Play­er is in Last Stand
  • Fixed an issue that pre­vent­ed Play­ers from mark­ing a Mor­tar Strike and Pre­ci­sion Airstrike posi­tion through cer­tain fences
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing Care Pack­ages to time out while a Play­er is using it
  • Fix­ing an issue that played an incor­rect voice over when ping­ing an Over­watch Helo
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Play­er’s view to be look­ing down­wards after using a Cruise Missile


  • Fixed an issue pre­vent­ing the Drill Charge from elim­i­nat­ing Agents in Bat­tle Royale and DMZ

Field Upgrades

  • Fixed an issue where ene­my C4 mod­els destroyed by a Tro­phy Sys­tem would not delete
  • Fixed an issue pre­vent­ing the Tro­phy Sys­tem from destroy­ing Clus­ter Mines as they are being deployed
  • Fixed an issue where DDoS was not work­ing prop­er­ly on the Recon Drone and Bomb Drone
  • Adjust­ed the deploy­ment posi­tion for the Recon Drone and Bomb Drone with­in a train so they will no longer destroy them­selves imme­di­ate­ly afterwards
  • Fixed a dupli­ca­tion issue with the Deploy­able Cov­er when pick­ing up anoth­er Field Upgrade on the ground in Bat­tle Royale and DMZ


  • Fixed an exploit where Play­ers could some­times equip two of the same weapon
  • Fixed an issue where chang­ing the receiv­er in Gun­smith on the Bliss­ful Igno­rance Blue­print (SP‑X 80) would kick a Play­er to the pre­vi­ous menu
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon pre­view cam­era some­times point­ed at the Sec­ondary weapon when the Pri­ma­ry was selected
  • Fixed an issue allow­ing Play­ers to access the Load­out Drop menu after the game has ended
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing Nav­i­ga­tion bar head­ings to be cut off in some languages
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing Pri­vate match menu head­ers to occa­sion­al­ly over­lap in some languages
  • Fixed an issue where a Player’s full ATVI ID was not show­ing in Play of the Game
  • Fixed an issue where some Play­ers would dis­play a gar­bled clan tag
  • Fixed an issue where the Gus Oper­a­tor would some­times appear with­out a full char­ac­ter model
  • Fixed an issue where some Play­ers’ Oper­a­tor would dis­ap­pear in the pre-game lobby
  • Fixed an issue where the back­ground would not load when back­ing in and out of Showcase


  • Fixed var­i­ous issues affect­ing Social notifications
  • Fixed an issue where splitscreen was dis­play­ing chan­nels incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where the Friends List scroll bar would some­times dis­ap­pear while scrolling
  • Fixed an issue affect­ing the dis­played Lob­by elapsed match time
  • Fixed var­i­ous issues affect­ing Dis­played Par­ty Members
  • Fixed an issue where Queued Par­ty Mem­bers dis­play when they are in a Pri­vate par­ty but not in Lobby
  • Fixed an issue affect­ing Queued Par­ty Mem­bers in View Par­ty Panel
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing Mem­bers in Voice count to appear incorrectly
  • Fixed an issu­ing caus­ing “Join Play­er” option to appear for peo­ple that are already in the Player’s Par­ty Queue
  • Fixed an issue that some­times caused the “Invite to Par­ty” option to not appear while in a Lobby
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing Par­ty mem­ber client search states to not appear cor­rect­ly on screen when the Par­ty leader ini­ti­at­ed a queue
  • Fixed var­i­ous issues with Par­ty Queu­ing, includ­ing Par­ty Mem­bers Join/Invite availability
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing Play­ers in a Par­ty that are kicked for inac­tiv­i­ty to be removed from the group
  • Fixed an issue to improve Social Hub Tile actioning
  • Fixed an issue affect­ing Queued Par­ty Mem­bers in Game Chat
  • Fixed var­i­ous issues affect­ing Game Chat in Parties


  • Fixed an issue caus­ing vehi­cles to some­times run over ene­my com­bat­ants after unload­ing them
  • Fixed an exploit where Play­ers could use an ATV to push team­mates into the ceil­ing of some buildings
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing neu­tral vehi­cles to crush Play­ers result­ing in death, instead of mov­ing them out of the way
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing some vehi­cles to get stuck under the Exfil chop­per in DMZ
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing the vehi­cle explo­sion dan­ger indi­ca­tor to dis­ap­pear when a Play­er was still in range of the vehi­cle explosion
  • Fixed an issue mak­ing vehi­cle explo­sive dam­age too high in Bat­tle Royale and DMZ
  • Fixed an issue pre­vent­ing Play­ers from deploy­ing a Clay­more on the Heavy Chopper
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing the Heavy Chop­per to take dam­age from explo­sions far away from it
  • Fixed an issue pre­vent­ing win­dows on vehi­cles from break­ing if the Play­er enters from the roof through that window
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing vehi­cles parked at extreme angles to become unusable
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing the Inflat­able Decoy to not stick to the train when it inflates
  • Fixed an issue where the Play­er would be instant­ly killed when col­lid­ing with a vehi­cle at the top of an ascender



PC users will have an audio update allow­ing Play­ers to select stereo or sur­round out­puts. This option will default to stereo if not set. We have been inves­ti­gat­ing clips which appear to only include the front left and right chan­nels, when the out­put on some PCs may default to sur­round — result­ing in miss­ing chan­nels of audio.

Gyro Aim­ing Ratcheting

A “Gyro Ratch­et­ing” set­ting has been added in the Con­troller cat­e­go­ry (Advanced tab) for Sea­son 02 Reloaded. This option improves the Play­er expe­ri­ence by allow­ing a Play­er to dis­able man­u­al­ly the Gyro func­tion by press­ing a spe­cif­ic but­ton, that can be cho­sen by the Play­er among sev­er­al options, to be able to repo­si­tion the con­troller as desired. Play­ers look­ing for more con­trols regard­ing the Gyro Aim­ing expe­ri­ence should cus­tomize this setting.


Invert­ed Flash

An “Invert­ed Flash” option has been added as an acces­si­bil­i­ty option in the Inter­face cat­e­go­ry for Sea­son 02 Reloaded with two val­ues: Off (default behav­ior) and On (added behav­ior). This option allows to change the col­or of the flash effect of the flash­bang tac­ti­cal grenade from white to black. We rec­om­mend adjust­ing this option for Play­ers who feel dis­com­fort when affect­ed by the full white screen effect of the flash­bang tac­ti­cal grenade. Dura­tion and visu­al are at par­i­ty between the two val­ues of the option, pro­vid­ing no com­pet­i­tive advantage.




  • Added a new fill bar for Last Stand and Dog Tags to match Bat­tle Royale and pro­vide addi­tion­al clar­i­ty for downed teammates
  • Added new chal­lenges to the Co-op Pool of Dai­ly Challenges
  • Fixed an issue where equip­ment UI could appear as orange or flick­er white

Low Pro­file

  • Fixed an issue allow­ing Play­ers to use aer­i­al equip­ment dur­ing Infil
  • Fixed issue that could cause Play­er to become tem­porar­i­ly invincible

Defend­er: Mt. Zaya

  • Fixed an issue pre­vent­ing Play­ers from dri­ving ene­my vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where ene­my pilots could be seen float­ing in the sky
  • Fixed bug that would pre­vent Play­ers from restart­ing the mis­sion if the bomb goes off
  • Fixed an issue with map bor­ders so Play­ers can no longer exit map while in vehicles


  • A Weapon XP token is now unlocked for each com­ple­tion of the Raid
  • Added 1 Camo to the reg­u­lar loot pool
  • Added addi­tion­al clar­i­ty in the AAR for all Raid relat­ed unlocks, includ­ing, Oper­a­tor unlocks, Vet­er­an com­ple­tion unlocks and the ran­dom rewards
  • Added a Kit Select to allow play­ers to mod­i­fy their kits in-game if needed
  • Added clar­i­ty to which rewards are unlock­able and which rewards are already unlocked via a list in the lobby
  • Removed Raid Assign­ment require­ment so Play­ers can eas­i­ly queue through the Par­ty Find­er with no barriers
  • Added unique [CLASSIFIED] Reward Type
  • Added “Spe­cial Ops Kit Boost” to Raid Store Bun­dles which allows Play­ers to gain 10 stars per Kit and instant­ly unlock all Kits upon purchase
  • Added “Vote to Skip” func­tion­al­i­ty for in-game intro cutscenes
  • Fixed an issue where an extra oxy­gen tank icon could appear on the screen of the equipped Player



New Map

  • Him­mel­matt Expo
    • Mix busi­ness with plea­sure at Him­mel­matt Expo, a new Core (6v6) Mul­ti­play­er map sit­u­at­ed on a Euro­pean mountainside.

New Modes

  • Drop Zone
    • Cap­ture and hold the Drop Zone to earn points in this chaot­ic team-based mode. For every 15 sec­onds that the Drop Zone is occu­pied, a Care Pack­age con­tain­ing a Kill­streak will be dropped in the vicinity.
  • One in the Chamber
    • Load into the match with a pis­tol, one bul­let, and three lives. Each play­er fights for them­selves, and a sin­gle shot to any part of the body earns the elim­i­na­tion, grant­i­ng the attack­er one more bul­let for the next fight.
  • All or Nothing
    • Equipped only with Throw­ing Knives and a pis­tol with no ammo, each Oper­a­tor must fight for them­selves in a race to earn 20 elim­i­na­tions. Earn addi­tion­al Perks by elim­i­nat­ing ene­mies, start­ing with the Scav­enger Perk to allow for ammo pickups.


  • Fixed sev­er­al out of bounds and col­li­sion based exploits across 6v6 maps
  • Addressed spawn issues on Farm 18
  • Fixed an exploit for cap­tur­ing a point in Con­trol on El Aliso



  • The fol­low­ing have been restrict­ed in Ranked Play to match updat­ed Call of Duty League rules: 
    • Weapon Tun­ing (All)
    • Kas­tov 762 Assault Rifle
  • Play­ers should notice that exist­ing Weapon Tun­ing will revert to default options in-game, but we rec­om­mend that you review your class­es before your first match.

Qual­i­ty of Life

  • Improved visu­al feed­back when a match is can­celed because a play­er left with­in the first 30s.
  • The Skill Divi­sion Rewards screen now dis­plays rewards from all Divi­sions by default.
  • Added Top 250 Pro­file images for a hand­ful of CDL Pro play­ers who were pre­vi­ous­ly miss­ing them.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed an issue that pre­vent­ed play­ers from select­ing the CDL Oper­a­tors and equip­ping an earned Ranked Play Skin.
  • Addressed a visu­al bug that sug­gest­ed a play­er’s SR had been reset.
  • Fixed an issue that was occa­sion­al­ly caus­ing an unin­tend­ed Sus­pen­sion after back­ing out of search­ing for a match before the lob­by was formed.




  • Kill­streak Availability
    • The exist­ing “Air­space is too crowd­ed” mes­sage will now have a trail­ing “for X sec­onds” attached to it to add bet­ter con­text for players.
  • Clus­ter Strike & Pre­ci­sion Airstrike Improvements
    • Improved the Airstrike dan­ger noti­fi­ca­tion to be more con­sis­tent based on each dam­age location.
    • Improved direc­tion­al trac­ing to pre­vent the Pre­ci­sion Airstrike tar­get­ing from some­times land­ing behind the Players.
    • Play­ers will now be noti­fied when call­ing a Clus­ter Strike or Pre­ci­sion Airstrike if they are too close to the affect­ed zone.
  • Give-Up Timer Consistency
    • The give-up timer while downed is now more con­sis­tent across modes and will last at least 3 seconds.
  • Nav­i­ga­tion Pings
    • Increased the scale of nav­i­ga­tion pings on the Tacmap and Mini-Map for improved readability.
  • Armor Break
    • The text has been removed from the Armor Break noti­fi­ca­tion (when break­ing all of an opponent’s Armor Plates) for improved clar­i­ty, whilst the icon has remained.
  • Auto-Loot­ing Armor Plates
    • As Armor Plates are a crit­i­cal part of the game­play loop, Play­ers will now auto­mat­i­cal­ly pick up Armor Plates as long as they have avail­able inven­to­ry or Back­pack space.
  • Spawn Pro­tec­tion
    • Spawn Pro­tec­tion will now dis­able at 25 meters, up from 19 meters, from the ground or a ground­ed play­er in Bat­tle Royale modes.
    • We will con­tin­ue to refine as we move for­wards giv­en the impor­tance of this fea­ture to rede­ploy­ing players.
  • Resur­gence Killfeed
    • The killfeed will now dis­play who is about to rede­ploy when their Resur­gence timer reach­es 0.


  • Spec­tat­ing
    • Friend­ly pings and splash screens are now vis­i­ble to spectators.
  • Gas Mask
    • Loot cards for gas mask now more accu­rate­ly reflect their dam­age amounts.


  • Fixed some issues caus­ing rain­bow glare to appear on the hori­zon in Al Mazrah (Xbox only).

Tac Map & Minimap

  • Fixed an issue pre­vent­ing ele­va­tion arrows on map icons not accu­rate­ly indi­cat­ing their position.
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing the Counter UAV to affect Play­er maps even while out­side of the effec­tive range.



Al Mazrah

  • Stan­dard
    • Solos
      • Max Play­ers: 150
      • Assim­i­la­tion: Off
    • Duos
      • Max Play­ers: 150
      • Assim­i­la­tion: Refill
    • Trios
      • Max Play­ers: 150
      • Assim­i­la­tion: Refill
    • Quads
      • Max Play­ers: 152
      • Assim­i­la­tion: Refill

Ashika Island

  • Resur­gence
    • Solos
      • Max Play­ers: 52
      • Assim­i­la­tion: Off
    • Duos
      • Max Play­ers: 52
      • Assim­i­la­tion: Off
    • Trios
      • Max Play­ers: 52
      • Assim­i­la­tion: Off
    • Quads
      • Max Play­ers: 52
      • Assim­i­la­tion: Off

All squad sizes for Resur­gence will be avail­able through Sea­son 02 Reloaded!

For reg­u­lar updates about the Playlist and oth­er Sched­uled Events, check out the ded­i­cat­ed War­zone Trel­lo Board.


Warzone’s 3rd Anniversary!

To cel­e­brate three years of War­zone, Play­ers will be able to redeem a new free gift each day via the in-game Store that are sym­bol­ic of mem­o­ries made since its sur­prise launch on March 10, 2020.


  • Ver­dan­sk Anniver­sary Call­ing Card
  • Ver­dan­sk Emblem
  • Caldera Anniver­sary Call­ing Card
  • Black­site Com­ple­tion­ist Call­ing Card
  • Black­site Sticker
  • Black­site Emblem (Ani­mat­ed)
  • Strong­hold Call­ing Card


  • Bomb Drones
    • Bomb Drones have been tem­porar­i­ly removed while we fine tune them.



  • Pac­ing Balancing
    • As a team we are focused on two core areas of the pac­ing of Bat­tle Royale: 
      • The com­bat engage­ments in the mid-game
      • The regain oppor­tu­ni­ties in the late game
    • We will be address­ing this across Sea­son 02 Reloaded and going into Sea­son 03, with the first change being a guar­an­teed “Restock” Pub­lic Event in the 4th Circle.
    • Future improve­ments will include: 
      • More ground loot Sup­ply Box­es, espe­cial­ly in the North of the map
      • Resur­gence Sup­ply Box­es being sprin­kled through­out the map
      • Addi­tion­al Ammo Caches
      • And more…

Game­play Adjustments

Al Mazrah | Bat­tle Royale

  • Light Helo
    • The Light Helo has been dis­abled in Solos. We are pro­tec­tive of the Solos squad size being a fair and bal­anced expe­ri­ence, and the Light Helo went against that ethos.
  • Con­tract Availability
    • Increased the num­ber of Con­tracts revealed over the course of the match to increase their avail­abil­i­ty in lat­er circles.
  • Final Cir­cles
    • We are tem­porar­i­ly dis­abling final cir­cles in the north-west­ern sec­tion of the map while we work on improve­ments for upcom­ing seasons.

Ashika Island | Resurgence

  • Rede­ploy­ment Drones
    • Rede­ploy­ment Drones are cur­rent­ly active across Ashika Island and will remain live as part of the Resur­gence experience.
  • AI Com­bat­ant Departure
    • As the Path of the Ronin event comes to an end, the Shad­ow Com­pa­ny oper­a­tives that have occu­pied the island will depart in pur­suit of their next mission.
    • Play­ers will now be pub­lic ene­my num­ber one for Search & Seizure Con­tracts and the Data Heist Pub­lic Event.
  • Cir­cle Balancing
    • The first cir­cle will be approx­i­mate­ly 20% larg­er, and more like­ly to be on land, to bet­ter enable a suc­cess­ful Infil.
  • Pac­ing Balancing
    • Actions that affect the Resur­gence Count­down have been adjust­ed to allow for more win­dows of oppor­tu­ni­ty to Team Wipe the oppos­ing team.
  • Buy Sta­tion Availability
    • Improve­ments have been made to bet­ter spread the Buy Sta­tions more even­ly through the map.


  • Spawn Pro­tec­tion
    • Spawn Pro­tec­tion will now dis­able at 25 meters, up from 19 meters, from the ground or a ground­ed play­er in Bat­tle Royale modes. 
      • We will con­tin­ue to refine as we move for­wards giv­en the impor­tance of this fea­ture to rede­ploy­ing players.
  • Resur­gence Killfeed
    • The killfeed will now dis­play who is about to rede­ploy when their Resur­gence timer reach­es 0.


  • Rede­ploy Token
    • Fixed an issue allow­ing Rede­ploy Tokens to appear in Buy Sta­tions even after the Gulag had closed.



  • We have updat­ed the usage require­ments for Build­ing 21 Access Cards: 
    • Play­ers no longer need to bring Build­ing 21 Access Cards into the match by equip­ping them pri­or to infiltration
    • At least one Play­er in a squad must have a Build­ing 21 Access Card in their Inven­to­ry to allow infiltration
    • If a Play­er does infil to Build­ing 21 with an Access Card in their Back­pack, they will lose that card if they do not extract with it
    • This change only impacts Build­ing 21 Access Cards and not the Access/Key Cards for locked spaces inside Build­ing 21, as those must still be equipped in your Back­pack pri­or to infiltration
  • Ene­my com­bat­ants in DMZ can now oper­ate or arrive in a vari­ety of vehi­cles, not just the Armored Truck
  • We have added some vari­a­tions to infil­tra­tion and exfil­tra­tion points
  • The Destroy Sup­plies Con­tract has been updat­ed to reveal the 4 clos­est safes, instead of reveal­ing all safes with­in a dis­tance of the Contract
  • Reduced the total num­ber of vehi­cles in Mod­ern City for more even dis­tri­b­u­tion of vehi­cles through­out Al Mazrah
  • Ene­my com­bat­ants now have a small chance to drop upgrad­ed weapons upon death


  • Fixed sev­er­al Strong­hold access issues across DMZ
  • Fixed an issue where the Secure Nuclear Mate­r­i­al con­tract could select a locked tool­box on Ashika Island
  • Increased min­i­mum dis­tance between Secure Nuclear Mate­r­i­al con­tracts on Ashika Island so they do not overlap
  • Fixed Favor for a Friend Mis­sion hav­ing an incor­rect loca­tion description
  • Fixed descrip­tion for Strong­hold Reac­qui­si­tion Mis­sion incor­rect­ly stat­ing that the Legion Deal Intel must be extracted
  • Fixed an issue where tak­ing a weapon direct­ly from an ene­my’s Back­pack would­n’t reg­is­ter it as an ene­my weapon for some Missions
  • Fixed issue where the Over­lord voiceover would fade out improp­er­ly when extracting
  • Fixed issues where cer­tain Mis­sions weren’t shar­ing progress with squad­mates, includ­ing mis­sions that have you use field upgrades and kill­streaks such as Death From Above
  • Fixed issue where Key Elim­i­na­tion was­n’t giv­ing progress for unlock­ing a cache instead of a locked door
  • Fixed an issue where some Play­ers did not get cred­it for the final exfil due to timer
  • Fixed an issue where match search would stop if the par­ty leader left the group
  • Fixed an issue that would pre­vent the Play­er from using their Armor tem­porar­i­ly, when try­ing to use Armor and the Radi­a­tion Block­er at the same time
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