CoD: Modern Warfare 2 And Warzone 2.0 Patch Notes — Several Irritating Bugs Addressed

A new update has arrived to Call of Duty: Mod­ern War­fare 2 and War­zone 2.0, which was released yes­ter­day, March 21st. It was a rather small update, but address­es some rather annoy­ing bugs and crash­ing errors across mul­ti­play­er, bat­tle royale, and the DMZ.

Accord­ing to the patch notes, this update fixed a bug that was pre­vent­ing play­ers from unlock­ing all the stocks for the new Tem­pus Tor­rent marks­man rifle. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, this patch also fix­es aa ben­e­fi­cial bug that allowed play­ers to progress faster in their event camo chal­lenges. Play­ers can no longer use AI ene­my head­shots a progress in the event camo challenge.

The in-game shop bug that sent play­ers back to the “My Bun­dles” tab after clos­ing a bun­dle pre­view, has also been addressed. The issue that was caus­ing the “Mute All” chat option to be dis­abled if a new play­er joined mid-match, has also been fixed.

The Kas­tov 762 is now hid­den in the Ranked Play load­out UI. The Sea­son 2 Reloaded update banned the assault rifle from com­pet­i­tive mode.

You can check out the full patch notes below, as shared by Infin­i­ty Ward.

Call of Duty Patch Notes — March 21st, 2023


  • Sta­bil­i­ty
    • This update con­tains fix­es for a num­ber of known crashes.


  • Fixed an issue that sent Play­ers back to the “My Bun­dles” tab when clos­ing a Bun­dle pre­view with­out mak­ing a purchase
  • Fixed an issue that count­ed AI com­bat­ant head­shots for Event Camo Challenges
  • Fixed an issue that pre­vent­ed Play­ers from unlock­ing all stocks on the Tem­pus Torrent
  • Fixed an issue with dis­ap­pear­ing but­tons in one of the Atom­grad Raid Episode 01 encounters
  • Fixed an issue show­ing com­plet­ed weapon chal­lenges as locked when viewed from the Weapon Chal­lenges screen
  • Fixed an issue that showed dupli­cate lock icons in the Path of the Ronin challenges
  • Fixed an issue dis­abling “Mute All” if a new Play­er joins mid-match
  • Fixed an exploit in DMZ allow­ing Play­ers to obtain an unin­tend­ed amount of mon­ey by sell­ing Dog Tags
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing the “Waste­land” chal­lenge progress to only track Quad Feed kills and not Quad kills
  • Fixed an issue affect­ing Play­ers’ abil­i­ty to edit saved Cus­tom Mod Blue­prints in the Gunsmith
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing the mag­a­zine to not dis­play on the Unchained Fury Blue­print in DMZ
  • Fixed an issue where using the Equip Weapon and Open Gun­smith options in the Show­case Weapon Select while the Favorite Load­out Pri­ma­ry is set to the Riot Shield can cause menus to load infinitely
  • Fixed an issue with Fac­tion Mis­sions list posi­tion­ing in pre-game Lobby
  • The Kas­tov 762 is now hid­den in the Ranked Play load­out UI.
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