City Builder “Surviving Mars” Coming in 2018 To Consoles and PC

Prod­uct man­ag­er Jakob Munthe, from Para­dox Inter­ac­tive, revealed the stu­dio’s lat­est project on PlaySta­tion’s blog today. It is a sur­vival city-builder set on the stage of Mars. It has been titled Sur­viv­ing Mars, and is sup­posed to com­ing to some­time in 2018, most like­ly mid or late 2018. 

City Builder "Surviving Mars" Coming in 2018 To Consoles and PC

The game itself wants play­ers to step out­side the build­ing box and fig­ure out what will be nec­es­sary for human­i­ty to sur­vive and thrive on Mars. All while try­ing to keep the stan­dards we have been accus­tomed to for so long, with no way back home, and no out­side help. The sto­ry Para­dox Inter­ac­tive is attempt­ing to tell will be “plau­si­ble” and “told through the lens of sci­ence”. This does not mean there will not be obsta­cles and objec­tives for you to over­come dur­ing your progress in cre­at­ing a colony. 

To make the game more sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly real­is­tic to its set­tings, while visu­al­ly stim­u­lat­ing for the play­er, the team bor­rowed work from NASA and SpaceX. 

City Builder "Surviving Mars" Coming in 2018 To Consoles and PC

Devel­op­ment of game­play is still ear­ly and Para­dox Inter­ac­tive did not want to share what these were just yet. How­ev­er they did state that “Sur­viv­ing Mars is a hard­core sur­vival city-builder, where play­ers will be tasked with cre­at­ing a liv­able colony in the harsh, hos­tile envi­rons of Mars, float­ing far removed from any help.” Sur­viv­ing means just that: pro­duc­ing your own water source, air, and food on a very harsh plan­et with lit­tle of all to give. Although you don’t have to wor­ry about your colonists going stir crazy, with so much activ­i­ty from cre­at­ing new habi­tats, bore­dom is not a problem.

More infor­ma­tion will be com­ing when Sur­viv­ing Mars is clos­er to launch. The game will launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

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