Check Out What’s New This Week in GTA Online

Anoth­er week, anoth­er set of dis­counts and addi­tions to the world of GTA Online. This week Rock­star added a brand new mode and vehi­cle. The dis­counts are tar­get­ed towards weaponized vehi­cles and their upgrades. 


New Mode: Target Assault Races

This brand new mode pins teams of two rac­ing in a range of weaponized vehi­cles — one play­er behind the wheel, the oth­er man­ning a mount­ed gun. The Gun­ner is respon­si­ble for destroy­ing tar­gets, while the Dri­ver must out­ma­neu­ver oth­ers to earn addi­tion points per lap. After each lap, the Dri­ver and the Gun­ner switch places. 

Whichev­er team fin­ish­es with the most points, wins. Fin­ish­ing laps in the top three and pass­ing through Check­points (ahead of your oppo­nents) will earn you extra points. How­ev­er, you’ll score the most points for hit­ting small­er tar­gets, and even more for hit­ting them dead center. 

Tar­get Assault Races are cur­rent­ly avail­able now, with sev­en unique tracks and the newest weaponized vehicle.

Vapid Caracara

Check Out What's New This Week in GTA Online

You can pick up this brand new weaponized truck exclu­sive­ly from War­stock Cache & Carry.


Check Out What's New This Week in GTA Online

Now through April 9th plan on dis­counts on cer­tain assault vehi­cles and dis­counts on upgrades for them:

Assault Vehi­cles

  • Mam­moth Avenger — 30% off
  • Tur­ret­ed Limo – 30% off
  • Karin Tech­ni­cal Aqua – 30% off (Buy It Now & Trade Price)
  • Karin Tech­ni­cal – 30% off (Buy It Now & Trade Price)
  • HVY Bar­rage – 30% off (Buy It Now & Trade Price)
  • HVY Insur­gent – 30% off (Buy It Now & Trade Price)
  • Brute Armored Boxville – 30% off (Buy It Now & Trade Price)

Vehi­cle Upgrades

  • Mam­moth Avenger Weapon Work­shop — 30% off
  • Mam­moth Avenger Styles — 30% off
  • Mam­moth Avenger Vehi­cle Work­shop — 50% off
  • Mobile Oper­a­tions Cen­ter Vehi­cle Work­shop — 50% off
  • Engines – 25% off
  • Tur­bo – 25% off
  • Brakes – 25% off
  • Trans­mis­sion – 25% off
  • Liv­er­ies – 25% off (includes Aircraft)
  • Vehi­cle Armor — 25% off (includes Aircraft)
Premium Race - “Lift Off” (locked to Super)
Time Trial - “Observatory”

Source: Rock­star

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