Guer­ril­la Games show­cased 14 min­utes of Hori­zon For­bid­den West game­play dur­ing PlaySta­tion’s State of Play livestream. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, a release date for this sequel was not announced. How­ev­er, nar­ra­tive direc­tor Ben McCaw said that “devel­op­ment is on track and we’ll have an update for you very soon.”

The game­play video shows Aloy embark on a jour­ney to save Erend Van­guards­man, the cap­tain of the Car­ja Sun-King Avad’s Van­guard, who’s been cap­tured by rival raiders. Through­out the video, we caught glimpses of changes made to For­bid­den West. This includes new equip­ment like a grap­pling hook and holo­graph­ic wing glid­er. You can see the full game­play video below.

Three fea­tures that stand out in For­bid­den West are the the Pull­cast­er, Shield­wing, and Div­ing Mask. The Pull­cast­er is a grap­pling hook which speeds up trav­el and can be used on fixed, yel­low-marked points. The Shield­wing is anoth­er tra­vers­ing tool, giv­ing Aloy the abil­i­ty to para­chute away or right into dan­ger (sim­i­lar to Breath of the Wild). Final­ly, the Div­ing Mask–the most obvi­ous of the three–allows Aloy to swim indef­i­nite­ly underwater.

A smoke bomb was also seen as a tool for escape, indi­cat­ing that play­ers could poten­tial­ly have a vari­ety of defen­sive strategies.

The game­play footage also showed how com­bat has been altered, appear­ing more flu­id and using more melee than before. Play­ers can take all of Aloy’s weapons to a work­bench, where they can be out­fit­ted with numer­ous upgrades that can make them more effec­tive. There are also more com­bos for play­ers to learn and even mechan­i­cal ele­phants to fight/override.

McCaw post­ed an arti­cle on the PlaySta­tion Blog high­light­ing what was shown dur­ing the livestream. This includes the name of the ene­my raiders (a rebel tribe called Tenak­th who can over­ride machines), upgrades to Aloy’s focus that shows climbable areas, and pletho­ra of new enemies.