Check Out Detroit Become Human For Free With New Demo

The Playsta­tion 4 is already hav­ing a great month with the release of God Of War (It’s great, read our review here). The exclu­sives will keep on rolling with Detroit Become Human on May 25th. If that seems too long to wait, you’re right and thank­ful­ly Quan­tic Dream agrees. 

If you are in Aus­tralia or New Zealand you can down­load the free demo for Detroit Become Human for free now on the PSN. If you’re in the Unit­ed States or the UK, the demo will be avail­able Tues­day April 24th. 

The demo con­tains the first scene of the game, Hostage. You and android detec­tive Con­nor will have some choic­es to make. As a bonus if you live in the US or UK and use Ama­zon’s Alexa, You will be able to ask ques­tions about the game by start­ing your inquiry with “Alexa, ask Cyber­life (insert rest of ques­tion here)”.

Detroit Become Human is devel­oped by Quan­tic Dream exclu­sive­ly for the Playsta­tion 4 and launch­es May 25th 2018. You can pre­order now on the PSN or at most Game shops.


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