Check Out the New Story Trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II

PlaySta­tion post­ed a brand new trail­er today for Star Wars Bat­tle­front ΙΙ, that revealed what to expect from the sin­gle-play­er campaign.

The post describes more than what the video actu­al­ly shows, stat­ing “Star Wars Bat­tle­front ΙΙ opens with an inter­ro­ga­tion. Com­man­der Iden Ver­sio, dis­armed and bound, glares at the Rebel sol­dier hold­ing her captive.”

Star War Bat­tle­front ΙΙ’s sin­gle-play­er cam­paign takes place in the moments before and right after the Return of the Jedi. You play as Iden Ver­sio as she escapes Rebel cap­ture, then assists Impe­r­i­al forces on Endor after the destruc­tion of the sec­ond Death Star.

Iden is an extreme­ly polite and cour­te­ous Com­man­der. It brings to light that Iden and her team, are just sol­diers fight­ing a war, pro­tect­ing their team, and doing as they are told. Although, Iden has had mis­giv­ings about the inten­tions of the Empire…

Check Out the New Story Trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II

Iden weapon­ry includes her stan­dard Impe­r­i­al gear, as well as recharge­able skills includ­ing an impact grenade, a scan (with her droid), a tac­ti­cal shock, and a pulse can­non built on DLT-20A frame­work. Iden also pilots a TIE Fight­er against the Rebel forces. Ship bat­tles are quite hel­ter-skel­ter, with ships hav­ing  its own suite of abil­i­ties from rapid-fire bursts of laser fire to track­ing tor­pe­dos. Being aware of ene­my posi­tion, and avoid­ing dan­ger­ous debris can be a real challenge.

Check Out the New Story Trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Bat­tle­front ΙΙ is set for release on Novem­ber 17th, 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: PlaySta­tion

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