Check out Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s Opening Scene + New Info

Square Enix released a new video today, show­ing the open­ing cin­e­mat­ics for Final Fan­ta­sy’s lat­est addi­tion, Dis­sidia Final Fan­ta­sy NT. Along with the open­ing scene, Square Enix also revealed an addi­tion­al cutscene. The stu­dio also con­densed what they announced at E3 this year to the “must knows. 

Dis­sidia Final Fan­ta­sy NT is set for launch on Jan­u­ary 30th, 2018, which less than a cou­ple of months away. For any­one who is not aware of what this game is exact­ly, it’s a team-based fight­ing game. It’s a 3v3 online mul­ti­play­er where you can par­ty up with friends, or bat­tle oth­er gamers.

Below is a roundup of what you can expect in Dis­sidia Final Fan­ta­sy NT:


  • There is a total of 28 heroes and villains
  • Square Enix announced Noc­tis, Cloud of Dark­ness (FFIII), and Gol­bez (FFIV) will be join­ing as playable characters
  • You can check out the full ros­ter, here


  • There are 14 stages, tak­en from Final Fan­ta­sy Ι through Final Fan­ta­sy XΙV


  • As men­tioned before, it is a 3v3 online mul­ti­play­er experience


  • You need to be wary of the new brav­ery com­bat sys­tem, which is dif­fer­ent when com­pared to more tra­di­tion­al fight­ing games
  • If you wish to see more on how to mas­ter this com­bat sys­tem, Square Enix has cre­at­ed a bat­tle guide to assist you

User Inter­face (UI)

  • You can chose between using the tra­di­tion­al arcade UI, or a new sim­pli­fied UI which keeps all the core elements
  • In the images below, the tra­di­tion­al UI is on the left, while the right shows the new sim­pli­fied version:

Check out Dissidia Final Fantasy NT's Opening Scene + New InfoCheck out Dissidia Final Fantasy NT's Opening Scene + New Info


  • A new sto­ry will be intro­duced cre­at­ed by the leg­endary Kazushige Nojima
  • If you don’t know who he is, he’s worked on amaz­ing games like Final Fan­ta­sy VII Remake, Final Fan­ta­sy XV, Final Fan­ta­sy X, and King­dom Hearts 1 and 2


  • There are four edi­tions to choose from, with plen­ty of good­ies for pur­chas­ing the Deluxe version
  • The four edi­tions include Dig­i­tal Day 1 Edi­tion, Dig­i­tal Deluxe Edi­tion, Steel­Book Case Brawler Edi­tion, and Ulti­mate Col­lec­tor’s Edi­tion. There is a guide below so you can see what comes with all the sets:

Check out Dissidia Final Fantasy NT's Opening Scene + New Info

You can pre-order any of these edi­tions, here.

Source: PlaySta­tion Blog

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