Cheating In Xbox Series X and PS5 Games Might Get Worse

A new cheat engine, which uses machine-learn­ing, can work on Xbox Series X and PlaySta­tion 5. Anti-cheat watch group ACPD post­ed their find­ings on Twit­ter, explain­ing how it will be dif­fi­cult for devel­op­ers to detect.

It appears to use a visu­al feed pro­vid­ed by a cap­ture card (like ones from Elga­to and Aver­Me­dia) to a PC, which it then ana­lyzes using machine-learn­ing to deter­mine what to tar­get. All the play­er needs to do is aim in the gen­er­al direc­tion of an ene­my, with the tool doing the rest of the work. It even knows the pre­cise amount of shots required for a kill. This tool can also be con­fig­ured in a vari­ety of ways, with a video demon­strat­ing some of the configs.

Cheat engines like these are not uncom­mon on PC, but it’s not some­thing that should be avail­able to con­sole play­ers. The closed ecosys­tems of con­soles have made cheat­ing a big­ger chal­lenge, but this tool only needs a visu­al feed, putting Sony and Microsoft at a dis­ad­van­tage to pre­vent it. ACPD says it’s not impos­si­ble, but did state that devel­op­ers will strug­gle to find a solu­tion to this pesky issue.

Cheat­ing has always been a major prob­lem for pop­u­lar online games like Fort­nite and Call of Duty: War­zone. Back in April, a devel­op­er for War­zone said cheaters are ruin­ing his hard work, while also tak­ing up resources that could be put towards the game. 

Don’t be a cheater folks.

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