Changes To Call Of Duty WWII Flinch Coming

The flinch play­ers expe­ri­ence when shot in Call Of Duty WWII has been the sub­ject of a lot of play­ers com­plaints. The flinch effect is too strong, cas­ing play­ers to lose gun fights by either throw­ing the play­ers aim way off or by flinch­ing the ene­my they land a flinch head shot on you. Both sit­u­a­tions lead to shoot first, die first sit­u­a­tions. Sledge­ham­mer has acknowl­edged this annoy­ing effect and has con­firmed they are indeed chang­ing the flinch effect. A glob­al reduc­tion in flinch for most weapons and a buff to the “Primed” basic train­ing to bring it in line with the flinch effect while wear­ing “Tough­ness” in Black Ops II (almost no flinch) is on the horizon.

To give play­ers an idea of what we can expect, ear­li­er this week Sledge­ham­mer Games’ Michael Con­drey also tweet­ed that that are look­ing to mir­ror the flinch in Black Ops II while run­ning tough­ness, which they find to be the  “gold standard”.


This will be awe­some if they actu­al­ly deliv­ered. Now they just need to address the annoy­ing shell shock effect from both friend­ly and ene­my explo­sives, nerf espi­onage again and per­haps low­er the time a flash grenade effect last.

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