CD Pro­jekt Red has refut­ed a post cre­at­ed by an alleged anony­mous Cyber­punk 2077 devel­op­er. The Red­dit post has received a lot of the Cyber­punk 2077 Red­dit page, but was orig­i­nal­ly sourced at GameFAQs.

The post con­sist­ed of numer­ous rumors, from update sched­ules to what con­tent was cut from the game. It says that Cyber­punk 2077 would pos­si­bly receive a “No Man’s Sky” kind of revival, and that redone Cyber­punk 2077 would be fin­ished in June 2021 with “a good chunk of code…getting scrapped and rewrit­ten from scratch.” June’s update would sort out all the bugs found on all ver­sions, and would bring back cut con­tent — supposedly.

The writer stat­ed “that you guys are ask­ing for s*** to be put back into the game, we might actu­al­ly make the game we intend­ed back in 2018.” The writer also alleged that there was huge under­ground areas that looked like “Malkavian/Nosferatu path on Vam­pire the Mas­quer­ade,” and stat­ed that apart­ments with “Closed (locked) indi­ca­tions used to be lootable.”

The post also alleged cen­sor­ship for more “edgy” scenes like drug use with kids and priests, was part of the cut con­tent. The anony­mous writer expressed dis­ap­point­ment in the game’s ver­sion of John­ny, stat­ing the orig­i­nal John­ny took inspi­ra­tion from Sol­id Snake in the first Met­al Gear Sol­id, as well as the actor Cil­lian Murphy.

As for the real and con­firmed update sched­ule, CD Pro­jekt Red plans to release two big Cyber­punk 2077 patch­es, one each in Jan­u­ary and February.