CDPR Hires Cyberpunk 2077 Modders To Help Fix The Game

Devel­op­er CD Pro­jekt Red has hired some mod­ders to assist the team in fix­ing the back­end of Cyber­punk 2077, as well as offi­cial mod support.

The news comes from Twitch stream­er and YouTu­ber Tyler McVick­er, who man­aged to spot the infor­ma­tion in a Dis­cord serv­er, say­ing the Budapest-based cus­tom devel­op­ment stu­dio Yig­soft will be join­ing CD Pro­jekt Red. Yig­soft is best known for the open-source tool Wol­venkit, which allowed mod­ders to edit any file in CDPR titles, like Cyber­punk 2077 and The Witch­er 3.

Accord­ing to Kotaku, Yig­soft will oper­ate inde­pen­dent­ly and retain its Budapest head­quar­ters. Co-founder Ham­balkó “Traderain” Bence, announced the news on Cyber­punk 2077’s mod­ding com­mu­ni­ty Dis­cord chan­nel. Bence told Kotaku that it’s been a “long time dream” to work with CDPR.

A CDPR spokesper­son said the mod­ding com­mu­ni­ty is “very impor­tant” to the stu­dio, so bring­ing Yig­soft into the mix just made sense.

We are work­ing with Yig­soft on the devel­op­ment of Cyber­punk 2077 mod­ding tools,” a CDPR spokesper­son said. “The mod­ding com­mu­ni­ty has always been very impor­tant to us and we are hap­py to be work­ing with them side-by-side on fur­ther expand­ing the tools which are avail­able to mod­ders. We are offer­ing no fur­ther com­ments on the top­ic at this time.”

This is good news for Cyber­punk 2077 fans, as the game con­tin­ues to receive patch­es that fix issues and sta­bi­lize the game. Ear­li­er this month, CDPR announced Cyber­punk 2077 would be get­ting its first free DLC–but its strict­ly cosmetic.

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