CD Pro­jekt Red has been the vic­tim of a cyber­at­tack and, has so far, been extreme­ly trans­par­ent about it. The devel­op­er shared a ran­som note that was sent to the com­pa­ny. It threat­ens to release sen­si­tive infor­ma­tion, includ­ing source code for CDPR’s games if the demands of the hack­er are not met.

The devel­op­er released their own state­ment, con­firm­ing the “uniden­ti­fied actor” gained access to the com­pa­ny’s servers, thus obtain­ing the sen­si­tive infor­ma­tion. As far as CD Pro­jekt Red is aware, no per­son­al data was stolen, but the devel­op­er’s prop­er­ty, info and data has report­ed­ly been accessed by the hackers. 

They are cur­rent­ly work­ing with law enforce­ment and oth­er par­ties to get to the bot­tom of it. Along­side their state­ment they also released the ran­som note.

The note indi­cates that the attack­ers gained access to the source code for Cyber­punk 2077, The Witch­er 3, Gwent and an unre­leased edi­tion of The Witch­er 3. They also report hav­ing doc­u­ments of CDPR’s account­ing, admin­is­tra­tion, HR, legal and investor rela­tions. It fur­ther men­tions a pos­si­ble hit to the com­pa­ny’s “pub­lic image.”

Your pub­lic image will go down the shi**er even more and peo­ple will see how you shi**y your com­pa­ny func­tions,” the note reads.

CD Pro­jekt Red also stat­ed they “will not give in to the demands nor nego­ti­ate with the actor,” even if all their infor­ma­tion in released.

A lat­er tweet was direct­ed towards their for­mer employ­ees. The stu­dio reit­er­at­ed they did­n’t believe any per­son­al data was tak­en, but they can’t guar­an­tee this. So CD Pro­jekt is rec­om­mend­ing for­mer devel­op­ers enable fraud alerts and be cautious.