Cyber­punk 2077 has final­ly reached a big pro­duc­tion mile­stone, with CD Pro­jekt Red announc­ing the game has gond gold. The stu­dio marked this event on their Twit­ter, along­side a pro­mo­tion­al image show­ing Keanu Reeves’ char­ac­ter, John­ny Sil­ver­hand, hold­ing a gold Cyber­punk disc.

Gone gold” is an indus­try term that describes final­iz­ing and cer­ti­fy­ing the game code that get pressed onto retail discs. This typ­i­cal­ly hap­pens right before a game’s release date, allow­ing for pro­duc­tion time but also sig­ni­fy­ing the work on the base game is com­plet­ed. How­ev­er, this does­n’t mean there isn’t more work to be done. Games today usu­al­ly come with a day-one patch that fix­es bugs or adds qual­i­ty-of-life improve­ments. Since Cyber­punk 2077 is now gold, the prob­a­bil­i­ty of it being delayed is rather low.

CD Pro­jekt Red has­n’t giv­en any specifics of what the day-one patch will include, but those will like­ly be revealed clos­er to launch. Cyber­punk 2077 is releas­ing on Novem­ber 19th to PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game won’t be native to the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S or PlaySta­tion 5, but will be com­ing at some point to these con­soles as free upgrades. The stu­dio has­n’t giv­en a release time­frame for those ver­sions.