CD Projekt Red Issues Statement On Its Cyberpunk Trademark

Recent­ly CD Pro­jekt Red reg­is­tered a trade­mark on “CYBERPUNK” which caused neg­a­tive PR for the usu­al­ly beloved com­pa­ny. Many felt that trade­mark may neg­a­tive­ly effect the cyber­punk genre or could be abused how­ev­er CD Pro­jekt issued a state­ment to clar­i­fy the trade­mark and their intentions. 

CD Pro­jekt Red states “we wish to pro­tect our hard work and we don’t plan on using the trade­mark offen­sive­ly” and that the move was pure­ly defen­sive. If they did not reg­is­ter the trade­mark anoth­er com­pa­ny could and then pre­vent CD Pro­jekt Red from work­ing on expan­sions or future games with the same name. They also point out that the trade­mark had already been reg­is­tered by R. Tal­so­ri­an Games who own the CYBERPUNK 2013 and CYBERPUNK 2020 pen&paper games which the upcom­ing Cyber­punk 2077 is based on.  CD Pro­jekt Red mere­ly obtained the trade­mark from R Tal­so­ri­an games and has already held the same trade­mark in the U.S since 2011.

The trade­mark does not give CD Pro­jekt Red the abil­i­ty to shut­down any kind of con­tent in the cyber­punk genre unless it is used in busi­ness and refer to items cov­ered by the trade­mark. Anoth­er game could even use cyber­punk in the title if it is not con­fused or asso­ci­at­ed with the game or games CD Pro­jekt Red makes. The word can also still be used freely as a descrip­tion for any game. 

Their full state­ment can be read here.

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