In part to the suc­cess of Cyber­punk 2077 back in Decem­ber, CD Pro­jekt Red had a mas­sive year in 2020 as far as prof­it and rev­enue is con­cerned. Ahead of the com­pa­ny’s final­ized earn­ings on April 22nd, CD Pro­jekt Red revealed just how much mon­ey they made dur­ing the 2020 finan­cial year.

CD Pro­jekt Red brought in 2.139 bil­lion PLN ($562.5 mil­lion) for rev­enue and 1.154 bil­lion PLN ($303.5 mil­lion) in net prof­it. The com­pa­ny stat­ed these num­bers have not been for­mal­ly audit­ed so the actu­al num­bers maybe be dif­fer­ent when they are pub­lished in the full earnings.

Although Cyber­punk 2077 had a rough start, it still had a large impact on CD Pro­jekt Red’s bot­tom line. In com­par­i­son, CDPR made 521 mil­lion PLN for the entire year in 2019, with net prof­it reach­ing 175 mil­lion PLN

This should­n’t be such a sur­prise, as Cyber­punk 2077 sold 13 mil­lion copies right from the start, becom­ing one of the most suc­cess­ful RPG launch­es in his­to­ry. This is even with refunds and after the game removed from the PlaySta­tion Store–which it still has­n’t returned too yet.

In response to the issues, CD Pro­jekt Red has pledged to con­tin­ue to update and improve the game over time so it can con­tin­ue to sell well. Patch 1.2 con­tained 500 fix­es and came out in March, fol­lowed by the recent 1.21 update.