It appears CD Pro­jekt is hav­ing some issues with the hooli­gans who are shar­ing their cyber-data. Ear­li­er this month, game code was stolen from the com­pa­ny by a group of hack­ers, and now CD Pro­jekt is try­ing every­thing they can to pre­vent it from spread­ing. One strat­e­gy they are using is to serve DMCA notices to those try­ing to share the infor­ma­tion online.

Accord­ing to Vice, on Thurs­day, Feb­ru­ary 18th, two dif­fer­ent Twit­ter users were noti­fied of a DMCA take­down relat­ed to shar­ing code from the card game Gwent. One of the tweets con­tained a link to game’s source code. 

A the time of the hack, the per­pe­tra­tors left a ran­som note, but CD Pro­jekt refused to give into the demands. The com­pa­ny knew their game’s source code would be sold or released online, but still refused to give in. 

Four of CD Pro­jek­t’s titles were tak­en dur­ing the attack, includ­ing the afore­men­tioned three games, as well as an unre­leased ver­sion of The Witch­er 3. Admin­is­tra­tive data was also stolen. 

CD Pro­jekt Red has­n’t been in the best posi­tion since the launch of Cyber­punk 2077, and its pub­lic image has tak­en quite a beat­ing. The fact the com­pa­ny was so trans­par­ent about this attack means there’s still some hope for redemption.