Call Of Duty’s Season 4 Reloaded Coming Tomorrow, Check Out What’s New

Call of Duty’s Sea­son 4 Reloaded mid-sea­son update is arriv­ing tomor­row on July 15th. It will be bring­ing a new map and mode, all themed around paintball–at least for Black Ops Cold War’s mul­ti­play­er. A new round-based map (Mauer der Toten) is head­ing to Zom­bies, and War­zone is get­ting an objec­tive-based mode.

Call Of Duty's Season 4 Reloaded Coming Tomorrow, Check Out What's New


Sea­son 4 Reloaded is adding one of Call of Duty’s most clas­sic modes back to the game, Cap­ture the Flag. If you don’t know what that is, teams must take their ene­my’s flag and return it to their own team’s flag base. Of course, your team must defend their flag as well. The update also brings a remas­tered ver­sion of Rush from Blacks Ops 2. This is a small 6v6 map which imi­tates a paint­ball course.

Call Of Duty's Season 4 Reloaded Coming Tomorrow, Check Out What's New

Tre­yarch also teased about a new paint­ball expe­ri­ence com­ing lat­er in the sea­son with a Paint­ball Mosh­pit. It’s described as a new way to play mul­ti­play­er with paint­ball visu­al effects and impact sounds.

Of course, Rush will be get­ting a 24/7 playlist at the mid-sea­son launch, along­side the new Cranked Mosh­pit. There will be new Cranked modes in this mosh­pit, includ­ing Cranked Team Death­match and Cranked Kill Con­firmed. They are sim­i­lar to Cranked Hard­point from the ’80s Action Heroes event.

As usu­al, two more weapons are also arriv­ing through­out Sea­son 4 Reloaded. The OTs 9 Sub­ma­chine gun will release at launch, and it’s a full-auto SMG which can be unlocked through an in-game chal­lenge or by pur­chas­ing one of its weapon blue­prints bun­dles. The Mace melee weapon will be avail­able lat­er in the sea­son, and it can obtained the same way as the SMG.

Call Of Duty's Season 4 Reloaded Coming Tomorrow, Check Out What's New


A new round-based map is being intro­duced in Sea­son 4 Reloaded, Mauer der Toten. This is the third round-based map for Black Ops Cold War. The map will intro­duce a new CRBR‑S Won­der Weapon, which starts off as an ener­gy-based pis­tol, but can be upgrad­ed to three addi­tion­al vari­ants. There’s also a new craftable LT53 Kaz­imir grenade, which is sim­i­lar to the Gersh device from Black Ops 1.

Call Of Duty's Season 4 Reloaded Coming Tomorrow, Check Out What's New

Play­ers should also expect major changes to ene­my health caps, ene­my armor dura­bil­i­ty, sniper rifle crit­i­cal and max dam­age buffs, Pack-a-Punched melee weapon dam­age buffs, as well as dam­age scal­ing for equip­ment, sup­port items, and field upgrades.

Zom­bies is also get­ting a new Dynam­ic Wall Buys fea­ture, which will come to all round-based Zom­bies maps in Sea­son 4 Reloaded. This fea­ture will give Wall Buy weapons a chance to increase in rar­i­ty at the end of every fifth round, and being able to increase all the way to Legendary.


Activi­sion con­tin­ues to tease about these mys­te­ri­ous Red Doors, say­ing: All Oper­a­tors should report to Ver­dan­sk to either escort or halt impor­tant Pay­loads cross­ing the region, tak­ing note of any addi­tion­al Red Doors they may see after this update…

This could be a new East­er egg quest for War­zone, or it could be tied to an in-game reveal.

War­zone’s mid-sea­son update will also add a new objec­tive-based mode, Pay­load. Activi­sion states the mode is inspired by pre­vi­ous tra­di­tion­al Call of Duty game modes like Call of Duty: WWI­I’s War Mode. Pay­load puts two teams of 20 play­ers against each oth­er in race, which requires them to attack and defend vehi­cles car­ry­ing vital satel­lite parts.

Call Of Duty's Season 4 Reloaded Coming Tomorrow, Check Out What's New

If the attack­ing team escorts all vehi­cles across all check­points with­in the time lim­it, they win. The defend­ing team can use resources to help them fight off attack­ers, like buy­ing and build­ing obsta­cles to stall these vehi­cles. Play­ers can also have their own cus­tom load­outs, and they can still earn cash and buy kill­streaks just like nor­mal matches.

The sen­try gun has also been added to War­zone’s set of kill­streaks. The Sen­try Gun can be found as a rare Leg­endary item drop with­in a Red Door room Sup­ply Box.

There’s also a new event arriv­ing lat­er in Sea­son 4 Reloaded. Blue­print Blitz will be a new glob­al event where Con­tra­band Con­tracts auto­mat­i­cal­ly spawn after a play­er com­pletes two reg­u­lar Con­tracts. Con­tra­bands Con­tracts will award play­ers with cash and a per­ma­nent weapon blue­print reward if they are able to com­plete it. Blue­print Blitz will give play­ers the oppor­tu­ni­ty to earn tons of blue­prints from pre­vi­ous seasons. 

You can check out more infor­ma­tion on Call of Duty Sea­son 4 Reloaded on the Call of Duty blog.

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