Call Of Duty WWII DLC United Front Trailer And New Weapon Changes

Sledge­ham­mer Games has released the first trail­er for the next DLC pack for Call Of Duty WWII, Titled Unit­ed Front, this map pack comes with 3 new mul­ti­play­er maps, 1 new war map and a new chap­ter for zom­bies mode. Unit­ed Front will be avail­able June 26th, check out the trail­er below.

  • Mar­ket Gar­den: The Mar­ket Gar­den in Call of Duty: WWII is set against the back­drop of Oper­a­tion Mar­ket Gar­den, one of the largest air­borne oper­a­tions in the Euro­pean The­atre. This is where you will fight off the Axis advances to try and main­tain con­trol of an Allied man­sion base. Set in the Nether­lands, this map brings intense tight-quar­ters com­bat with gun­fights wait­ing around every cor­ner. What was once an opu­lent man­sion is now in war-torn sham­bles as flames begin to over­take the struc­ture. In the dis­tance, you can see and hear bombs drop­ping, while all around you is the evi­dence of the war. From the Allied fight­er plane downed in the riv­er, to the makeshift field hos­pi­tal in one of the out­build­ings, the team at Sledge­ham­mer Games has put extra care and detail in immers­ing play­ers into an authen­tic scene from this moment in the War.
  • Monte Cassi­no: Join the Ital­ian cam­paign in Monte Cassi­no. Nes­tled below a moun­tain­top monastery, this war-torn vil­lage offers rich ver­ti­cal­i­ty with rooftop van­tage points and sneaky flank paths along the cliffs.
  • Stal­in­grad: Based on the largest con­fronta­tion in World War II his­to­ry, fea­tures two main bases locat­ed on oppo­site sides of a war-torn city. Snipers can focus on secur­ing key perch­es to con­trol the map’s cen­ter, while run-and-gun­ners can sneak through the under­ground sew­ers to flank behind ene­my lines.


  • Oper­a­tion Super­charge: Named after the Sec­ond Bat­tle of El Alamein, Field Mar­shal Mont­gomery and the Allied Forces pushed the Ger­mans and Ital­ians to retreat from their last sig­nif­i­cant defen­sive posi­tion in south­ern Tunisia. In this all new mis­sion, the Allies air­drop into Tunisia and push into a Nazi-occu­pied vil­lage to cap­ture key sup­plies, then crip­ple the ene­my by det­o­nat­ing a key trans­port bridge. They then make the final knock-out blow by cap­tur­ing entrenched Axis fortifications.


  • The Tor­tured Path: The Allied forces are crum­bling under the relent­less advance of the Final Reich. Gen­er­al Rideau decides to take one last, dan­ger­ous gam­bit: to per­son­al­ly lead a small, unmarked car­a­van across the 2,000 miles of smol­der­ing, infest­ed land that stand between Berlin and the Allied-con­trolled port of Mala­ga. From there, he and his crew face a treach­er­ous voy­age across icy south­ern waters and U‑boat block­ades. His mis­sion? Trans­port the remain­ing pieces of Emper­or Barbarossa’s leg­endary sword to the edge of the world. Uncov­er the lost forges of ancient Thule. Make the sword whole again… and deliv­er a final death to the Undy­ing. Expe­ri­ence the all-new Nazi Zom­bies game­play, which trans­ports play­ers across three unique and chal­leng­ing loca­tions, only in the Unit­ed Front DLC Pack.

A playlist update was released and brings some new weapon bal­ances. Check out the changes below.



  • Slight fire rate buff

M2 Car­bine

  • Slight fire rate buff

M1A1 Car­bine

  • Slight fire rate buff

Type 38

  • Slight ADS tran­si­tion time and recham­ber time nerf


  • Rolled out Phase 1 of restor­ing Ranked Play MMR val­ues to pre-bug fix val­ues for affect­ed players
  • Reduced spawn fre­quen­cy of Tes­la Gun in MP Zom­bie modes Infect­ed and Hordepoint
  • We also iden­ti­fied and fixed an issue with the Undead King Week­ly Order not track­ing properly.


  • 2XP on Infect­ed, Horde­point, and Rel­ic of the Undead! Live until the end of the Attack of the Undead Com­mu­ni­ty Event on Tues­day, June 26


  • Blun­der­buss Week is now live until the end of the Attack of the Undead Com­mu­ni­ty Event on Tues­day, June 26


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