Call of Duty WW2 Has a Title Update Today For PS4 and Xbox One

Sledge­ham­mer released patch notes for Call of Duty: WWΙΙ’s title update, which does launch today on PS4 and Xbox One only. PC will get the patch next week. A new divi­sion has been added, called Cal­vary, which is an objec­tive-focused divi­sion. There are also three new Basic Trainings.

The full update can be seen below, no changes to weapons have been made:

Feature Updates 

  • NEW Divi­sion: CAVALRY — The Cav­al­ry is an objec­tive-focused Divi­sion that leads the way for­ward to vic­to­ry. This new Divi­sion wields the Cav­al­ry Shield, which offers pro­tec­tion against ene­my attacks. The Cav­al­ry Divi­sion also has improved objec­tive capa­bil­i­ties, which include cap­tur­ing Dom­i­na­tion flags faster, plant­i­ng bombs in S&D quick­er, and swift­ly build­ing and destroy­ing walls in War Mode. To make this the true team-play Divi­sion, the Cav­al­ry also gets more score from objec­tives, and every two assists equal a kill. Last­ly, the Cav­al­ry can get back to the objec­tive quick­er (and ram ene­mies on the way) by enter­ing a Shield Charge while sprint­ing. When used expert­ly, the Cav­al­ry can change the tide of bat­tle and get that tank across the line. See below for more details on what “improved objec­tive capa­bil­i­ties” entails.
  • NEW Basic Train­ing: Esca­la­tion — If you love rush­ing with an SMG, then the Esca­la­tion Basic Train­ing was made for you. After each kill, you can aim down sights twice as fast for a short peri­od. This allows you to snap on to tar­gets and take them down in rapid suc­ces­sion. Dou­ble Kills with Esca­la­tion instant­ly refill your mag­a­zine, so that you can keep slay­ing the opposition.
  • NEW Basic Train­ing: Wan­der­lust — The new Wan­der­lust Basic Train­ing is sim­i­lar to per­son­al Gun Game. Each life, you respawn with a new ran­dom gun (which has up to 6 attach­ments). And press­ing TRIANGLE or Y (weapon switch) will pro­vide a new weapon. This unusu­al Basic Train­ing makes each life feel unique as you use what­ev­er weapon­ry is available.
  • NEW Basic Train­ing: Spe­cial­ist — When equipped, Spe­cial­ist allows you to select 3 Basic Train­ings to earn instead of Score­streaks. At 200, 400, and 600 score, you unlock each Basic Train­ing. And at 800 score, you are grant­ed all Basic Train­ings in the game. Progress resets on death, so stay alert. Spe­cial­ist allows skilled play­ers to feel the pow­er of hav­ing mul­ti­ple Basic Train­ings at once.
  • Infect­ed mode con­tin­ues! Find it in the Par­ty Games tab.



  • Fixed issue where cam­era is zoomed in when play­ers load into War Mode on Oper­a­tion Nep­tune HQ
  • Fixed issue where play­ers were able to start 1v1 match­es in the Fir­ing Range
  • Fixed issue where play­ers were unable to take on obtain Contracts
  • Fixed issue where play­ers were unable to edit ret­i­cles for var­i­ous Divi­sion slots


  • Var­i­ous UI fix­es and improve­ments (typos, text descrip­tions, error mes­sages, noti­fi­ca­tion icons, AAR, ammo coun­ters, menu nav­i­ga­tion, Fir­ing Range, weapon ani­ma­tions, sup­ply drop menus, Quar­ter­mas­ter menus, Ranked Play menus, float­ing gamertags in split screen, Call­ing Cards)
  • Fixed UI func­tion­al­i­ty loss issue expe­ri­enced when play­ers were in the process of Prestiging
  • Fixed issue where Pres­tige Unlock Token UI was present when it shouldn’t be


  • Fixed issue where audio was not present when rotat­ing or chang­ing Paintjob decals

Ranked Play

  • Fixed issue where when a match ends due to a dis­con­nect, all play­ers were receiv­ing loss­es for Place­ment match­es instead of a void­ed result

Divisions/Basic Training

Cav­al­ry III Improved Objec­tive Capabilities:

  • Search and Destroy/Demolition: Quick plant/defuse, Silent plant/defuse
  • Dom­i­na­tion: Quick Cap
  • Hard­point: Held XP (awards for stay­ing in the zone)
  • Cap­ture the Flag: Flag loca­tion on mini-map updates less fre­quent­ly, plus 20 health shield when hold­ing flag
  • Grid­iron: Ball loca­tion on mini-map updates less fre­quent­ly, plus an extra 30 health shield when hold­ing flag (total of 130 health shield while hold­ing flag)
  • Team Death­match/Free-for-All: Every two assists/crossfires awards a “Cav­al­ry Assist/Crossfire,” which equals a kill

War Mode:

  • Core Objec­tive speed is not affect­ed (i.e. Tank push speed unaf­fect­ed, objec­tive bomb plant speed unaf­fect­ed, cap­tive-unty­ing speed unaf­fect­ed, flag raise speed unaf­fect­ed, etc.)
  • Quick­er Builds/Destroys (of walls, barbed wire, tank spikes, etc.)
  • Receive XP while Secur­ing hard­point zones
  • Receive XP while Escort­ing Tank and at Tank Checkpoints


  • Var­i­ous UI and art fix­es and improve­ments (Cam­ou­flage menus, sub­ti­tles, sup­ply drop icons, descrip­tion text, timers, AAR, typos, prompt mes­sages, ammo coun­ters, objec­tive UI, weapon animations)
  • Fixed issue where play­ers were load­ing in with default “No Pref­er­ence,” despite hav­ing select­ed a char­ac­ter preference
  • Fixed UI issue with chap­ter progress box­es in split screen
  • Fixed issue where play­ers attempt­ing to nav­i­gate Orders menu were redi­rect­ed to Con­tracts Menu 

Source: Sledge­ham­mer

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