Call Of Duty: Warzone Update Fixes Payload Issues And More

A new update for Call of Duty: War­zone arrived today and Raven Soft­ware detailed sev­er­al adjust­ments for the bat­tle royale. The patch notes include sev­er­al bug fix­es for War­zone’s lat­est lim­it­ed-time mode, Pay­load.

Sev­er­al of the updates today are for sit­u­a­tions that might might have been rare occur­rences, like col­li­sion issues with var­i­ous ele­ments on the map. It’s also removed the Jug­ger­naut Suit field upgrade from the Red Door rooms in War­zone’s Plunder.

For Pay­load side of the update, one of the com­mu­ni­ty’s biggest com­plaints was addressed. The new objec­tive mode was forc­ing play­ers to hear the entire Team instead of their sep­a­rate squads. Anoth­er impor­tant issue that’s been fixed one that was only allow­ing one ene­my truck to be pushed back­wards instead of two.

Short­ly after the ini­tial update, some play­ers began expe­ri­enc­ing a Dev Error on War­zone, but Raven Soft­ware tweet­ed lat­er that issue was also resolved.

You can check out the full list of changes below, which was shared on Raven Soft­ware’s web­site.

Call Of Duty: Warzone Update — August 20th, 2021


  • Removed the Jug­ger­naut Suit Field Upgrade from Red Door rooms in Plunder.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed addi­tion­al col­li­sion issues with var­i­ous ele­ments across Ver­dan­sk allow­ing Play­ers to exploit/peek/shoot through them.
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing the Stop­ping Pow­er Field Upgrade to reduce recoil while using the Milano 821 (BOCW).
  • Fixed an issue where Kill­streak tablet rewards were stack­ing on top of one another.
  • Fixed an issue where Play­ers could favorite the Ran­dom Oper­a­tor choice but could not unfa­vorite it.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ran­dom Oper­a­tor option would move to the wrong position.
  • Fixed an issue where Play­ers would take some Load­out Perks from the pre­match lob­by into matches.
  • Fixed an issue where the Pow­er Surge Reac­tive Bun­dle image did not reflect the includ­ed Bun­dle items.
  • Fixed an issue where Play­ers downed while hold­ing the Sen­try Tur­ret would have no Weapon in hand when revived.
  • Fixed an issue with the OTs 9 (BOCW) where the unlock cri­te­ria incon­sis­tent­ly tracked when using any BOCW SMG Blueprint.
  • Fixed an issue with Two Fac­tor Authen­ti­ca­tion that required a client restart if a Play­er acti­vat­ed it while ingame.

Payload fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where only the rear truck would be pushed back­wards by the ene­my team.
  • Fixed an issue where out-of-bounds zones would not be the cor­rect size.
  • Fixed an issue where Play­ers could hear the entire Team rather than only their direct squad.
  • Fixed an issue where spawn points would dis­ap­pear on uneven terrain.
  • Fixed an issue where the cam­era would get stuck in the ter­rain at the end of a match.
  • Fixed an issue where the Player’s cam­era would be tilt­ed when exit­ing a vehicle.
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