Call Of Duty: Warzone Season Three Patch Notes For April 22nd

Sea­son Three for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and War­zone has begun ush­er­ing in a rather large set of patch notes for both titles. Activi­sion has already released the notes for Black Ops Cold War, so this is obvi­ous­ly for Warzone.

The Sea­son Three update arrived right at mid­night for the east coast, so it’s tech­ni­cal­ly count­ed as April 22nd. The update is more than 22GB on all plat­forms. This patch adds Nvidia DLSS for War­zone on PC, which will help play­ers expe­ri­ence the game at high­er res­o­lu­tions and with bet­ter per­for­mance. The update is also avail­able in Mod­ern War­fare, as well as Black Ops Cold War.

Anoth­er rather large change is the weapon loot drops across Ver­dan­sk. They will now only be Black Ops Cold War weapons; this includes the game’s brand-new weapons, the Swiss K31 sniper rifle and the PPSh-41 SMG.

The Sea­son Three update also brings some weapon bal­ance changes, along with adjust­ments to attach­ments and Oper­a­tors. You can see the full patch notes below:

Warzone Season 3 File Sizes:

  • PS5 — 22.6 GB
  • PS4 — 22.6 GB
  • Xbox Series X|S — 25.9 GB
  • Xbox One — 25.9 GB
  • PC — 25.2 GB

Warzone Season 3 Patch Notes:


  • NVIDIA DLSS is now avail­able in Call of Duty: War­zone on PC
    • Play­ers with NVIDIA GeForce RTX graph­ics cards can enable NVIDIA DLSS to boost per­for­mance and play at high­er res­o­lu­tions and graph­ics settings.
  • End of game open mic has been turned off for modes with infi­nite respawn mechanics.
  • Play­er rank will now dis­play the cor­rect rank icons in the After-Action Report.


  • Loot that spawns across Ver­dan­sk has once again been updated…
    • Now exclu­sive­ly con­sists of Black Ops Cold War Weapons includ­ing the new Swiss K31 Sniper Rifle and PPSh-41 SMG
    • Only Leg­endary Weapons will spawn as Blueprints
  • Play­ers no longer take armor-bypass­ing dam­age when using a riot shield and fac­ing an active ther­mite grenade.
  • Stick­ing a play­er with Sem­tex will now always down them.


  • Added Mono Audio to the Vol­ume set­tings in Audio Options
    • Dis­abled (Default): Audio is split between left and right audio chan­nels to pro­vide direc­tion­al sound.
    • Enabled: Left and right audio chan­nels are com­bined into one channel


  • Fixed a bug with most Cold War bar­rels where Hip Spread and ADS Idle Sway were being increased when they should not have been.
  • Fixed a bug with some ZRG 20mm optics that dis­abled the abil­i­ty to hold breath.
  • Fixed a bug where some loot would drop in close prox­im­i­ty on death.
  • Fixed a bug where if the play­er is downed while switch­ing to a gun­ner seat, they would become invis­i­ble and/or invulnerable.
  • Fixed a bug caus­ing the ran­dom Oper­a­tor select option to only select Coali­tion Oper­a­tors from Mod­ern Warfare.
  • Fixed a bug caus­ing Baker’s fourth Oper­a­tor Mis­sion Objec­tive to not track prop­er­ly (elim­i­nate 15 ene­mies using a weapon with an attached 2x mag­ni­fied scope or greater).
  • Fixed a bug caus­ing cer­tain Oper­a­tor mod­els to appear head­less while using the FFAR 1.


  • Cold War weapons have had their ammo names updated.
  • The FFAR 1 crosshair has been updat­ed to match oth­er Assault Rifles.
  • New Weapons
    • PPSh-41: SMG (Launch Week)
      • Tier 15 of the Bat­tle Pass.
    • Swiss K31: Sniper Rifle (Launch Week)
      • Tier 31 of the Bat­tle Pass.
  • Two New Weapon Unlock Challenges
    • LC-10
      • Using SMGs, get 3 kills with­out dying in 15 dif­fer­ent matches.
    • FARA 83
      • Using Assault Rifles, get 2 head­shot kills in 15 dif­fer­ent matches.
  • Assault Rifles
    • Cold War AK-47
      • Recoil pat­tern has been adjusted
      • The recoil pat­tern on the Cold War AK-47 had made its down­sides far more appar­ent than its upsides. We have smoothed out its recoil to make it eas­i­er to con­trol. If you are accu­rate, or skilled at recoil con­trol you will now find the Cold War AK-47 quite effec­tive at most ranges.
    • FARA 83
      • Min­i­mum dam­age increased from 25 to 26
      • Max­i­mum dam­age decreased from 33 to 31
      • Max­i­mum dam­age range increased by 17%
      • Recoil pat­tern has been adjusted
      • As a fast-fir­ing AR with rel­a­tive­ly strong recoil, we felt there was too much of an iden­ti­ty over­lap between the FARA 83 and the FFAR 1. We have smoothed out its recoil and pushed its dam­age pro­file out to be a more viable mid-long range AR option.
    • FFAR 1
      • Max­i­mum dam­age decreased from 30 to 27
      • Max­i­mum dam­age range decreased by 15%
      • Neck dam­age mul­ti­pli­er changed from 1.1 to 1
      • Upper tor­so dam­age mul­ti­pli­er changed from 1.1 to 1
      • ADS speed decreased slightly
      • With high dam­age, rate of fire, and a com­pet­i­tive mag size, the FFAR 1 has enjoyed a lengthy reign of ter­ror on the short-to-mid range engage­ment space. When a weapon is so ruth­less­ly effi­cient that it push­es the entire­ty of a weapon cat­e­go­ry out of via­bil­i­ty, it needs to be addressed. The FFAR 1 will remain a respectable option fol­low­ing this change, but it should now be a playstyle pref­er­ence rather than a load­out necessity.
    • Groza
      • Recoil increased slightly
      • ADS speed decreased slightly
      • Upper tor­so dam­age mul­ti­pli­er changed from 1.3 to 1.1
      • This change is more of a pre­cau­tion. We expect in the absence of the FFAR 1, that the Groza would rise to take its place. While there will always be a ‘meta’, we want the meta to exist in a TTK range that is a bit high­er than where we are cur­rent­ly. In that regard, we believe the Groza was a bit of an out­lier that, much like the FFAR 1, could have been detri­men­tal to weapon diver­si­ty. Bring­ing the Groza down a notch should allow for some healthy com­pe­ti­tion in this weapon category.
    • Krig 6
      • Head dam­age mul­ti­pli­er changed from 1.4 to 1.5
      • Neck dam­age mul­ti­pli­er changed from 1 to 1.3
      • Upper tor­so dam­age mul­ti­pli­er changed from 1 to 1.1
      • Low­er tor­so dam­age mul­ti­pli­er changed from 1 to 1.1
      • The Krig 6 has long been over­shad­owed by oth­er all-stars in the AR cat­e­go­ry. We believe this change will allow for a more com­pet­i­tive Time to Kill giv­en the shots are well placed.
    • QBZ-83
      • Move speed increased
      • ADS move speed increased
      • Neck dam­age mul­ti­pli­er changed from 1 to 1.2
      • Upper tor­so dam­age mul­ti­pli­er changed from 1 to 1.1
      • The QBZ-83 is a unique weapon that trades over­all lethal­i­ty for mobil­i­ty. We aim to pro­vide play­ers with the tools to sup­port a mul­ti­tude of inter­est­ing playstyle options. Our goal is that with the right attach­ments, skill­ful maneu­ver­ing and rota­tions will be a hall­mark of the QBZ playstyle. We have also giv­en it a much-need­ed nudge in lethal­i­ty if you can man­age aim­ing and mov­ing simultaneously.”
  • Sub­ma­chine Guns
    • LC10
      • Bul­let veloc­i­ty increased slightly
    • Mac-10
      • Max­i­mum dam­age decreased by 1
      • This is anoth­er pre­cau­tion­ary change to pro­mote diver­si­ty. The Mac-10 is both pop­u­lar and fun to use. Part of what makes the Mac-10 feel fair to play against is that its upside feels com­par­a­tive to its down­side. That is where play­er skill comes in. Know­ing when and what weapon to swap to dur­ing an engage­ment is a facet of skill expres­sion we want to high­light when­ev­er pos­si­ble. While this change only brings the Mac-10’s Time to Kill up by about 10%, we think this is a good place to start to encour­age explo­ration in the SMG category.
  • Sniper Rifles
    • Pel­ing­ton 703
      • ADS speed increased
      • Raise time increased slightly
  • Tac­ti­cal Rifles
    • Cold War Tac­ti­cal Rifle Charlie
      • Time between bursts increased by 33%
      • Neck dam­age mul­ti­pli­er changed from 1.8 to 1.3
    • M16
      • Time between bursts increased by 10%
      • Neck dam­age mul­ti­pli­er changed from 1.8 to 1.1
    • The Cold War Tac­ti­cal Rifle Char­lie and the M16 were able to reach rates of fire that allowed the wield­er to negate a req­ui­site iden­ti­ty pil­lar of burst rifles—accuracy. With their extreme rates of fire and gen­er­ous burst pat­tern, shots were not required to be well placed. You would inher­it the high dam­age pro­file and range of burst rifles with min­i­mal down­side. With this change, and the change to Fire Rate bar­rels not­ed below, you will now need to aim delib­er­ate­ly if you intend to kill quickly.

And… we are keep­ing a close eye on the AMAX. No king rules forever.


  • Posi­tion Concealment
    • Posi­tion Con­ceal­ment will reduce the time your posi­tion is vis­i­ble on the com­pass and min­imap after fir­ing. This effect has been added as a pro on both the Flash­guard and SOCOM/KGB Eliminator.
  • Bar­rels
    • 16.3” Rapid Fire (M16)
      • Increase to rate of fire reduced by 58%
    • 18” Rapid Fire (Tac­ti­cal Rifle Charlie)
      • Increase to rate of fire reduced by 56%
    • 15.9” Strike Team (M16)
      • Increase to rate of fire reduced by 66%
    • 18.2” Strike Team (Tac­ti­cal Rifle Charlie)
      • Increase to rate of fire reduced by 64%
    • 16.3” Tita­ni­um (M16)
      • Increase to rate of fire reduced by 61%
    • 17” Tita­ni­um (Tac­ti­cal Rifle Charlie)
      • Increase to rate of fire reduced by 59%
    • Sorokin 140mm Auto (Sykov)
      • Min­i­mum dam­age reduced from 23 to 19
    • Sorokin 140mm Auto AND Akim­bo (Sykov)
      • Min­i­mum dam­age reduced from 19 to 14
        • This only affects the weapon when both the Sorokin 140mm Auto and the Akim­bo attach­ment are equipped simultaneously.
    • The Sykov, when equipped with any per­mu­ta­tion of the Sorokin 140mm Auto has been far more lethal at range than we would pre­fer. When sec­ondary weapons can go toe-to-toe with, or even best a pri­ma­ry weapon con­sis­tent­ly, we risk stream­lin­ing access to one of the most pow­er­ful Perks in the game—Ghost. While we con­tin­ue to exam­ine the impact that Ghost has on game­play, pro­vid­ing eas­i­er access to it with neg­li­gi­ble down­side is not some­thing we want to enable.
  • Lasers
    • Ember Sight­ing Point
      • ADS speed penal­ty reduced by 20%
    • SOF Tar­get Designator
      • Flash­light is now vis­i­ble dur­ing hip-fire and ADS
  • Mag­a­zines
    • Salvo/VDV Fast Mag
      • ADS speed penal­ty reduced by 20%
    • Speed Mag
      • Pis­tols
        • ADS speed penal­ty reduced by 40%
      • SMGs
        • ADS speed penal­ty reduced by 30%
      • Snipers
        • ADS speed penal­ty reduced by 20%
  • Muz­zles
    • Flash­guard
      • Added Posi­tion Con­ceal­ment pro
    • SOCOM/KGB Elim­i­na­tor
      • Added Posi­tion Con­ceal­ment pro
  • Optics
    • SUSAT Mul­ti­Zoom
      • ADS speed penal­ty reduced by 10%
    • Ultra­zoom Custom
      • ADS speed penal­ty reduced by 20%
    • Vul­ture Cus­tom Zoom
      • ADS speed penal­ty reduced by 20%
  • Rear Grips
    • Increas­es to ADS speed reduced by rough­ly 10%

We have begun the iter­a­tive process of tweak­ing val­ues on attach­ments. We would like the diminu­tion of weapon down­side to be a build direc­tion rather than a sin­gle attach­ment choice. As it stands, we feel most attach­ments need to have their val­ues addressed in some regard to achieve this. We are hop­ing to make some pre­vi­ous­ly non­vi­able options less so in addi­tion to widen­ing over­all build vari­ety. This may include increas­ing upsides or down­sides on exist­ing attach­ments. We are also active­ly look­ing at how we can cre­ate more com­pelling choic­es with­in the con­fines of attach­ment categories—chiefly, muz­zles like the Mono­lith­ic and Agency Suppressor.

Giv­en the mag­ni­tude of bal­ance changes in this patch, we may make some adjust­ments short­ly after Sea­son 3 launch to ensure the meta is healthy and sta­ble. As always, please con­tin­ue to pro­vide your feedback!


  • Roze
    • We’ve adjust­ed Roze in order to improve the Oper­a­tors readability/visibility where sources of light are available.
  • New Oper­a­tors added:
    • Wraith: War­saw Pact (Launch Week)
      • Unlocked via Bat­tle Pass
    • Knight: War­saw Pact (In-Sea­son)
      • Unlocked via Store Bundle
    • Antonov: War­saw Pact (In-Sea­son)
      • Unlocked via Store Bundle


  • New Pres­tige Levels
    • Lev­el 50
      • New Pres­tige, Emblem, Pres­tige Key, Weapon Blue­print, and Bat­tle Pass Tier Skip
    • Lev­el 100
      • New Pres­tige, Emblem, Pres­tige Key, and Bat­tle Pass Tier Skip
    • Lev­el 150
      • New Pres­tige, Emblem, Pres­tige Key, and Bat­tle Pass Tier Skip
    • Lev­el 190
      • All Sea­son Chal­lenges Available
    • Lev­el 200
      • New Pres­tige, Emblem, Pres­tige Key, Bat­tle Pass Tier Skip, Mas­ter Pres­tige Call­ing Card
    • Lev­els 250 — 1,000
      • New Pres­tige Key every 50 levels


  • We have a fresh dose of new Store Bun­dles launch­ing along­side Sea­son Three, includ­ing some seri­ous­ly sin­is­ter new vil­lains, as well as Trac­er Packs, Mas­ter­craft and Reac­tive Weapon Blue­prints, and more.

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