Cheaters have been a seri­ous issue in Call of Duty: War­zone, with hack­ers using exploits like auto-aim, night-vision gog­gles–and in extreme cas­es–end­ing match­es when there are still play­ers fight­ing for a win. Of course, this takes the fun away for every­one else, and has even caused one of the devs to feel like his “best work” has been ruined.

How­ev­er, it seems major con­tent cre­ators are get­ting sick of the cheat­ing too. YouTu­ber Jack “CouRage” Dun­lop has faced off against cheaters, and in a recent stream with oth­er War­zone stream­ing per­son­al­i­ties NICKMERCS, Tim­TheTat­man, and Cloakzy, the four man­aged to get some hack­ers into their game. The hack­ers got what they deserved.

Using his influ­ence with­in the War­zone cir­cuit, Dun­lop tweet­ed to Activi­sion and Raven Soft­ware (devs of War­zone) to take action against the play­ers who obvi­ous­ly cheating.

Hey Activi­sion and Raven Soft­ware, I think it would be extreme­ly ben­e­fi­cial to have some­one watch our live-streams and ban bla­tant cheaters on the spot,” Dun­lop tweet­ed. Cur­rent­ly, there are two cheaters join­ing our lob­bies and ruin­ing our War­zone expe­ri­ence with about 150,000 live view­ers watching.”

Just a few hours lat­er, Raven banned a play­er who was cheat­ing dur­ing this stream. This brought joy to both Dun­lop and Tim­TheTat­man who were spec­tat­ing this play­er at the time. The clip below has some foul lan­guage, just as a warning.

This did cre­ate a dis­cus­sion about influ­encers in War­zone receiv­ing bet­ter treat­ment by devel­op­ers, it still end­ed with anoth­er cheater being removed. 

In oth­er Call of Duty news, the mid-sea­son is fast-approach­ing, with new ’80s Action Heroes DLC launch­ing on May 20th. It includes Ram­bo and Die Hard con­tent head­ing to the game, which is Activi­sion’s first licensed prod­uct arriv­ing to their titles.