Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific And Vanguard’s Season 2 Has Been Delayed

Activi­sion has made the deci­sion to delay the launch of Call of Duty: Van­guard and War­zone Sea­son 2. The new sea­son is now planned to arrive on Mon­day, Feb­ru­ary 14th–Valentine’s Day of all days–with its pre­vi­ous date slate to be Feb­ru­ary 2nd.

Activi­sion stat­ed in a blog post that it’s tak­ing addi­tion­al devel­op­ment time to deliv­er more updates to call of Duty: Van­guard, War­zone Pacif­ic, Black Ops Cold War and Mod­ern War­fare (2019), in hopes to bring these titles to a bet­ter state.

We feel your frus­tra­tions and hear you loud and clear,” Activi­sion said. “To date, we’ve deployed a num­ber of updates, but more needs to be done. Upcom­ing imple­men­ta­tions will address sev­er­al con­cerns raised by the com­mu­ni­ty and oth­er qual­i­ty-of-life improve­ments. Adjust­ing the core game­play loop, mechan­ics, and bal­ance is a con­tin­u­ing and impor­tant focus. Fix­es will apply to your plat­form of choice–two gen­er­a­tions of con­soles and PC–as well as game­play in gen­er­al across all five systems.”

This blog post also saw Activi­sion promis­ing to com­mu­ni­cate bet­ter with the Call of Duty com­mu­ni­ty. Play­ers should expect reg­u­lar updates from the devel­op­ers.  “Stu­dios remain focused on con­tin­u­ous­ly improv­ing your game expe­ri­ence, and we great­ly val­ue our com­mu­ni­ty feed­back,” Activi­sion said.

Right now, Activi­sion is being pur­chased by Microsoft, with the deal expect­ing to go through by very end of this year. How­ev­er, it is known that Call of Duty con­tin­ue to release on the PlaySta­tion plat­form, as Phil Spencer recent­ly con­firmed.

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