Call of Duty: Warzone Nuke Event Times And Recap Of Verdansk Destruction

The nuke event has final­ly start­ed in Call of Duty: War­zone, and this live event works a lit­tle dif­fer­ent­ly than those in the past. There are mul­ti­ple com­po­nents, which are being stag­gered over the course of Wednes­day and Thurs­day. The first part of the event has already came and gone, but you can see the full event sched­ule below:

Operation Rapid Sunder Details And Timing

  • April 21: noon PT / 3 PM ET to 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET
  • April 21: 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET to 9 PM PT / mid­night ET
  • April 21: 9 PM PT / mid­night ET (April 22) to noon PT / 3 PM ET (April 22)
  • April 22: noon PT / 3 PM ET to 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET

Oper­a­tion Rapid Sun­der start­ed ear­li­er today, but many play­ers encoun­tered serv­er queues and oth­er issues. This is unfor­tu­nate, since this por­tion of the event is only avail­able for only two hours, mak­ing it impos­si­ble for some to expe­ri­ence the event or get the Call­ing Card asso­ci­at­ed with this por­tion of the event.

The Nuking of Verdansk

If you missed the first part of this event, here is a recap: the stan­dard playlist was replaced with a sin­gu­lar option, The Destruc­tion of Ver­dan­sk Part 1. When spawn­ing in, there was some spe­cial Zom­bie-esque music play­ing, with play­ers being equipped with guns right off the bat.

Once you’re in, you’ll play the match as nor­mal, although there was an increased num­ber of the undead. An onscreen pop-up alert­ed all the play­ers about con­tain­ment pro­to­col being lev­el 4, and play­ers being advised to find shel­ter. This was accom­pa­nied by voiceover about zom­bies and the need to fol­low the pro­to­col. If and when you die, you were returned as a zom­bie to hunt oth­er players.

After a peri­od of time, more dia­logue was heard about how some­one “need[s] to end it” and a “nuke inbound” warn­ing appeared at the top of the screen. Fol­low­ing this, the match end­ed and cin­e­mat­ic trail­er played show­ing the con­tain pro­to­col reach­ing 100%. A Russ­ian offi­cer then declares that “Ver­dan­sk has fall­en” as a nuclear mis­sile is seen fly­ing through the air to strike Ver­dan­sk, end­ing in a huge explo­sion and a mush­room cloud.

After this scene, you were then boot­ed back to the menu and award­ed XP and spe­cial Con­tain­ment Pro­to­col call­ing card. You could have replayed the event once completed.

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