Hack­ers in Call of Duty: War­zone already have so many advan­tages, like wall hacks, instant aim­ing accu­ra­cy, and more. You can now add night-vision to the ever-grow­ing list. The bat­tle royale game has been plagued with many, many exploits–which nev­er tru­ly go away–as well as bal­anc­ing issues. At this point, Raven Soft­ware should just give War­zone over to the hack­ers, since they can’t seem to quell their behavior.

The most recent exploit involves night-vision gog­gles, which are not even in the game. Two clips were post­ed, one to Twit­ter and the oth­er on Red­dit, show­ing hack­ers pulling out night-vision gog­gles while shoot­ing play­ers through walls. 

In the first clip, a hack­er uses some rare tools to cheat their way to mul­ti­ple kills, by auto­mat­i­cal­ly ping­ing ene­mies around them, giv­ing away their exact loca­tion. The hack­er is also clear­ly using and auto-aim bot, mak­ing it easy to rack up mul­ti-kills. At the end of the clip, the cheater drops night-vision gog­gles over their eyes, even with the sun being out.

The sec­ond clip shows a cheater attempt­ing to hide the fact they are using an aim­bot, miss­ing a cou­ple of sniper shots ini­tial­ly. How­ev­er, after­wards they lock on to mul­ti­ple ene­mies with their assault rifle and then head­shot a play­er through a wall. Yeah, okay. Once again, towards the end of the clip, the hack­er brings a pair of night-vision gog­gles down in broad daylight.

These gog­gle are the same ones that play­ers use in Call of Duty: Mod­ern War­fare. This explains where the hack­ers are get­ting them, since Mod­ern War­fare and War­zone use the same engine. How­ev­er, night-vision gog­gles have nev­er been a part of War­zone, mean­ing cheaters are pick­ing items out of game files. Yikes. 

Just yes­ter­day, Raven Soft­ware and Activi­sion were boast­ing about how they had banned 450,000 accounts from War­zone for cheat­ing. Mean­while, hack­ers are cur­rent­ly pluck­ing items out of oth­er Call of Duty titles and insert­ing them into the free-to-play bat­tle roayle.