A poten­tial glitch in Call of Duty: War­zone is allow­ing play­er to get under­neath the map near the air­port. Obvi­ous­ly, this allows the play­er to shoot at kill oth­er while they are under the map, mak­ing it a game-break­ing issue.

As report­ed by Char­lieIn­tel, Red­dit user MarckC_belfast post­ed a video show­ing this glitch in action. This per­son moved through the air­port slow­ly, track­ing anoth­er play­er with a heart­beat sen­sor. They then get downed and killed by a seem­ing­ly invis­i­ble ene­my. The kill cam revealed that the oppos­ing play­er was beneath the map. 

This is not the first time War­zone has dealt with play­ers glitch­ing under the map. The same glitch occurred when the War­zone map first updat­ed to Ver­dan­sk ’84 back in April, and hap­pened at mul­ti­ple points of interest–including the air­port. With­in a few days, a patch was released to fix those glitched areas.

Sea­son 6 for Call of Duty starts on Octo­ber 7th, and the lat­est cin­e­mat­ic intro trail­er shows that changes to the Ver­dan­sk map are on the way for this season.