Call Of Duty: Warzone Dev Confirms Sniper Rifle Nerfs Coming In Season 3

Call of Duty: War­zone’s sniper rifles have felt pow­er­ful in Sea­son 2, but play­ers should be aware of some weapon bal­anc­ing changes com­ing in the future, in attempts to bal­ance things out in Sea­son 3.

The news comes form Ted Tim­mins, who words on War­zone as Raven Soft­ware’s senior cre­ative direc­tor. On April 5th, Tim­mins was inter­viewed on a Twitch stream host­ed by Com­plex­i­ty’s Baka Bros. After a talk about over­pow­ered snipers and the increase in the use of the weapons on Caldera, Tim­mins con­firmed changes would be com­ing to War­zone’s sniper rifles.

The devel­op­er respond­ed by say­ing that Raven Soft­ware’s weapons team is lis­ten­ing, and they do plan on shift­ing the meta for sniper rifles. “I think we would all agree it’s long over­due,” Tim­mins said. “The sniper meta hasn’t changed in what feels like forever.”

Tim­mins added they want­ed to have more of a con­ver­sa­tion clos­er to Sea­son 3, as the devel­op­er did­n’t want to “gas up the change” while not know­ing the full extent of the weapon balancing.

Tim­mins also dis­cussed a recent Raven Soft­ware inter­view where the devel­op­er con­firmed that War­zone’s Ver­dan­sk map would not be return­ing to rota­tion. Play­ers will just have to deal with Caldera and Rebirth Island until Activi­sion releas­es War­zone 2 lat­er this year along­side Call of Duty: Mod­ern War­fare 2.

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