Call Of Duty: Warzone Continues To Have Problems With Bugs & Glitches, But Players Are Happy With The Anti-Cheat

Call of Duty: War­zone’s new Caldera map con­tin­ues on with the same his­to­ry as Ver­dan­sk, with a bunch of bugs and glitch­es that effect the expe­ri­ence of every match. How­ev­er, there is a pos­i­tive to the map change–the new anti-cheat is actu­al­ly doing its job.

Since the game’s incep­tion in March of 2022, cheat­ing ran ram­pant through­out Ver­dan­sk’s exis­tence, leav­ing many fair-play­ing users to deal with wall­hack­ers and aim­bots. Despite ban­ning over half a mil­lion accounts, there always seemed to be cheaters in Verdansk.

When Call of Duty: Van­guard’s Sea­son 1 and War­zone’s Caldera map released, so did Activi­sion’s new anti-cheat, Ric­o­chet. It’s a ker­nel-lev­el dri­ver required for PC play­ers. This dri­ver has a high lev­el of access to man­age and mon­i­tor var­i­ous appli­ca­tions on a user’s PC, while it checks for any pro­grams that may be try­ing to inter­act or manip­u­late the game. 

For some, this amount of access sounds ridicu­lous, or even scary. Activi­sion says the dri­ver only runs while War­zone is being played and shuts down once the game is closed. 

War­zone play­ers have been report­ing very few encoun­ters with cheaters since the launch of Ric­o­chet. Red­dit user Good_Vibez_1997 post­ed that War­zone is still in a bad way bug wise, but also says “How­ev­er, I do think it’s impor­tant to acknowl­edge how great of an intro­duc­tion Ric­o­chet’s anti-cheat has been.” They added they haven’t seen such a small num­ber of cheaters since War­zone launched in 2020. The replies to this post are filled with sim­i­lar accounts of not see­ing cheaters since Ric­o­chet’s launch. One com­menter added, “I’ve had one cheater the day of Ric­o­chet and that’s it. I was get­ting one every 4th match or so prior.”

Obvi­ous­ly, some cheaters will con­tin­ue to slip through the cracks, it just part of play­ing an online mul­ti­play­er shoot­er. How­ev­er, those who choose to hack will be doing so at their own risk by expos­ing them­selves to being report­ed, and like­ly banned quick­ly. One Red­dit user claimed they were killed by a cheater in Caldera, but the play­er’s user­name could­n’t be found the next day. Hope­ful­ly, this means that play­er was banned for their offens­es and won’t be return­ing to that account.

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