This week marks the year one release of Call of Duty: War­zone, and to cel­e­brate this occa­sion, Activi­sion cre­at­ed a new stat-track­ing tool that lets you see your stats over the first year.

You can get your own “War­zone Report” by reply­ing to the Call of Duty Twit­ter account with your gamertag/handle and the hash­tag #War­zoneRe­port. Do this and it will dish out a per­son­al­ized break­down of your kill/death ration, hours played, games played, and wins over the past year. All of this infor­ma­tion is already avail­able in the game itself, but the Twit­ter sys­tem pro­vides a graph­ic that shows it one place that you can then share.

Be aware that these results will be seen pub­licly, in case you were won­der (and if that matters).

Activi­sion also released a cel­e­bra­to­ry blog post that give a run down of key moments and events from War­zone’s first year. The blog states:

It seems that after a year of smooth sail­ing, War­zone may have to pre­pare for a threat nev­er before seen in Ver­dan­sk, and any Oper­a­tors who wish to sur­vive might need to save the cel­e­bra­tion for anoth­er time and get back in the fight before it’s too late.”

It also states that Activi­sion is eager to share more details on what’s com­ing to War­zone in the future. Although, the com­pa­ny said, “t’ll be bet­ter for you to expe­ri­ence it for yourself.”