Call Of Duty: Vanguard’s Major Sniper Rifle Buff Delayed — Kind of

The lat­est Call of Duty: Van­guard update (March 10th) was sup­posed to bring a num­ber of buffs for sniper rifles in mul­ti­play­er. How­ev­er, Sledge­ham­mer Games tweet­ed an update reveal­ing that not all the changes to sniper rifles were imple­ment­ed when the update went live.

Ini­tial­ly, the update was said to include faster ADS time and less sway while walk­ing for the Type 99 sniper rifle. The 3‑Line was set to receive a decrease to the flinch and sway to bet­ter main­tain accu­ra­cy. Last­ly, the Kar98k was sup­posed to get a decrease to its ADS time.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, not all of the sniper rifle bal­ance changes out­lined in today’s com­mu­ni­ca­tions made it live,” Sledge­ham­mer said. “The com­plete pass will be inte­grat­ed with our mid-sea­son update.”

Sledge­ham­mer Games did not reveal which sniper changes did­n’t make it with the update, but a video from YouTu­ber Xclu­siveAce explained that his weapon tests revealed that the Kar98k had its flinch reduced, but the Type 99 sniper did not. Addi­tion­al­ly, nei­ther the Type 99 nor the Kar98k had their ADS speeds increased.

The changes will be com­ing dur­ing the mid-sea­son update, which will be arriv­ing around March 23rd. Play­ers will have to wait around a week for the miss­ing changes to implemented. 

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