Call of Duty: Van­guard will have its own Zom­bies mode, but Sledge­ham­mer Games won’t be devel­op­ing it. Instead, Tre­yarch is step­ping in to devel­op the Zom­bies mode–and typ­i­cal­ly every­one enjoys their Zombies.

Activi­sion con­firmed this in a pre­sen­ta­tion (via GameStop) that Zom­bies mode in Van­guard will be a pre­quel to Black Ops Cold War’s Zom­bies. Because of this, it will exist and oper­ate with­in the same uni­verse. As usu­al, there will be more lore to seek out dur­ing this next chapter. 

Call Of Duty: Vanguard Will Have A Zombies Mode That's Developed By Treyarch

Van­guard Zom­bies will not be exact­ly the same, as improve­ments and alter­ations are being made to bring a bet­ter expe­ri­ence. No fur­ther details were given.

Call of Duty: Van­guard will be launch­ing this fall in Novem­ber for con­sole and PC. When the game releas­es, Raven Soft­ware will drop a brand-new map for Call of Duty: War­zone, as well as new anti-cheat tools.