Call Of Duty: Vanguard Update Makes Combat Shields Actually Work

Com­bat shield users in Call of Duty: Van­guard has a rea­son to be thank­ful, as the game’s lat­est update made it so the stowed shield will offer pro­tec­tion to a play­ers back against ene­my fire. While these patch notes can only be seen in the in-game patch notes sec­tion, Sledge­ham­mer did give an overview of some high­lights on Twitter.

Play­ers were quick to men­tion that shields were not pro­tect­ing them after the game’s launch. This could have just been a bug, or pos­si­bly inten­tion­al, but either way it’s fixed now.

Spawns also saw some adjust­ments, as well as a num­ber of oth­er fix­es. This includes crash­ing issues, weapon pro­gres­sion bugs, per­for­mance improve­ments, and more. 

Sledge­ham­mer Games also tweet­ed that the team is work­ing on spawn issues on Dome, chal­lenge pro­gres­sion bugs, an issues relat­ed to infi­nite armor, and many more prob­lems. They added that the above issues are the most press­ing at the moment, and this is cer­tain­ly not a com­plete list of items the stu­dio is work­ing on.

You can check out the full list of changes Sledge­ham­mer has made to Van­guard, below:

Call of Duty: Vanguard Update — November 11th, 2021


  • Fixed a spawn trap in the cave on Numa Numa while play­ing Dom­i­na­tion, Team Death­match, or Kill Confirmed
  • Increased the point-blank range for sniper challenges
  • Fixed spawn­ing close to ene­mies on Desert Siege
  • Fixed play­ers spawn­ing into a buy round with fists and no sec­ondary weapons
  • Fixed ret­i­cles chal­lenges that were not track­ing past the first challenge
  • Incen­di­ary rounds no longer trig­ger a fire death or burn dam­age voiceover on corpses
  • Fixed the Secrets of the Pacif­ic Get 3 wins chal­lenge track­ing loss­es as wins dur­ing FFA
  • Fixed a mes­sag­ing error in Cham­pi­on Hill about pur­chas­ing the BAR when the weapon was not purchased
  • Fixed the bro­ken clan XP bar dis­play after lev­el 1
  • Fixed a rare bug that caused your FoV to lock
  • Fixed FFA loss­es record­ing as wins for oper­a­tor challenges
  • Fixed a rare crash on the MVP vot­ing screen
  • Com­bat Shield will now pro­tect play­er’s backs once stowed
  • Invis­i­ble play­er mod­els in MVP vot­ing and Play of the Game have been fixed
  • Fixed a bug affect­ing Con­stanze’s skin progression
  • Oper­a­tor Chal­lenges no longer appear to reset after completion


  • Mid-lev­el check­point save data has been inval­i­dat­ed for some
  • Note: Play­ers have not lost all of their cam­paign progress. Save loads will deliv­er play­ers to the begin­ning of the lat­est lev­el rather than their last check­point. This isn’t a com­mon occur­rence, but was required for future patch processes


  • Addressed an issues that allowed play­ers to get out­side of the map
  • Addressed issues with play­ers who died in a downed state not tran­si­tion­ing prop­er­ly to Spec­ta­tor mode
  • Fixed a bug that gave play­ers the default pis­tol when downed instead of the Pack-a-Punched ver­sion, if they owned one
  • Camo Pro­gres­sion: All Pis­tol chal­lenges can now be prop­er­ly completed
  • Exfil: the kill count to Exfil now cor­rect­ly tracks zom­bies killed
  • Self-Revive: Addressed an issue where the Self-Revive meter fails to show progress
  • Trans­mit: Fixed a con­stant death loop issue that occurred when dying out­side of the dam­age barrier
  • Leg­endary Covenants: Addressed an issue where play­ers would­n’t receive Leg­endary Covenants at the Alter
  • After-Action Report: Play­ers are no longer returned to the lob­by when attempt­ing to view post-match unlocks
  • Field Upgrades: Addressed an issue where play­ers who recov­ered from being downed were unable to use Field Upgrades in rare instances
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