Call Of Duty: Vanguard Update Fixes SnD Glitch And Nerfs Shotguns Finally

Sledge­ham­mer Games is mak­ing more improve­ments to Call of Duty: Van­guard, with the lat­est update adjust­ing a bunch of issues in the game. The Novem­ber 18th patch notes include a fix to the Search and Destroy bomb glitch, as well as adjust­ing shot­guns overall.


Since Van­guard’s launch, a bomb glitch in Search and Destroy mode made real­ly easy for the attack­ing team to get infor­ma­tion on their oppo­nents. Once a play­ers on the attack­ing team has plant­ed the bomb, extra intel would show when a play­er on the defen­sive team was dif­fus­ing said bomb. This has been fixed in this update.

A cou­ple of changes have also been made to the weapons. The entire shot­gun class has seen nerf (thank­ful­ly), adjust­ing their affec­tive range, pel­let spread, hip fire penal­ty, and more. The bloom mechan­ic has also been adjust­ed on all weapons, to reduce the effects of ADS spread on base guns with no attachments.


The update also address­es issues with Zom­bies, includ­ing an Exfil bug that would allow the play­er to still inter­act with the Exfil site after fail­ing to Exfil. It also fixed an prob­lem where Der Anfang’s leg­endary rar­i­ty Covenants were not appear­ing for some players.

Double XP Event

This was not men­tioned in the patch notes, but there is a dou­ble XP event right now in Van­guard. This includes dou­ble XP, dou­ble weapon XP, dou­ble oper­a­tor XP, dou­ble bat­tle pass pro­gres­sion, and dou­ble clan XP.

You can check out the full patch notes below, as shared by Sledge­ham­mer Games.

Call of Duty: Vanguard — November 18th Patch Notes


  • Weapon Tun­ing
    • Reduced the effects of ADS Spread (aka Bloom) on base weapons (with­out attachments).
      • Dev Note: Attach­ments improv­ing Accu­ra­cy will reduce ADS Spread. Attach­ments with Accu­ra­cy penal­ties will increase the effects of ADS Spread.
    • Bal­ance pass on all Shot­guns affect­ing range, pel­let spread, hip­fire penal­ty, and more.
  • Weapon Chal­lenges
    • Fixed an issue where the MK11 launcher’s Long Shot Chal­lenges were not tracking.
    • Cor­rect­ed a mis­la­beled Pro­fi­cien­cy required for the Mind Games Chal­lenge for the Automaton.
    • Fixed a bug pre­vent­ing the play­er from com­plet­ing the Dead­eye Chal­lenge for the Fight­ing Knife.
  • UI — Gameplay
    • Fixed the Search and Destroy bomb glitch where play­ers could see when an ene­my was defus­ing the bomb.
  • Perks
    • Fixed the Gung Ho sprint speed shoot­ing glitch — Slow down, friends.
  • Field Upgrade
    • Fixed a bug where play­ers had 10x the amount of Armor HP than normal.
  • Chal­lenges
    • Fixed a bug where the Griz­zled Vet­er­an Chal­lenge — Get 50 Elim­i­na­tions in Objec­tive Modes was not track­ing properly.
  • XP
    • Oper­a­tors’ favorite weapons now pro­vide the cor­rect amount of XP when used.
  • Clan Tags
    • You know you shouldn’t be rock­ing the SHG, IW, and Raven tags. Now we’ve made it so you can’t.


  • Exfil
    • Addressed an issue where the play­er could still inter­act with the Exfil por­tal after fail­ing to Exfil.
  • Pro­gres­sion
    • Cor­rect­ed the MVP High­light unlock text that dis­plays when reach­ing Lev­el 5 with Solange.
  • Covenants
    • Addressed an issue where Leg­endary Covenants were still not appear­ing for some players.
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