Call Of Duty: Vanguard Season 2 Reloaded Patch Notes

Call of Duty: Van­guard and War­zone have wel­comed their new Sea­son 2 Reloaded update today, March 23rd, and Sledge­ham­mer has released the patch notes for this con­tent update. It’s a rather sig­nif­i­cant patch, intro­duc­ing a new mode, a new Oper­a­tor, a new weapon and plen­ty of oth­er mid-sea­son additions.

Zom­bies will be get­ting Covenants in this update, which adds the abil­i­ty to pause on ded­i­cat­ed servers, as well as num­ber of qual­i­ty-of-life improvements.

Anoth­er major adjust­ment is weapon bal­anc­ing for sniper rifles. A pre­vi­ous update in ear­ly March was sup­posed to bring changes to the snipers in Van­guard, but some of the changes were not applied when that update went live. Instead, Sledge­ham­mer said the adjust­ments would make it in the Sea­son 2 Reloaded update.

As a side note, Sledge­ham­mer has react­ed to feed­back around Van­guard’s aim assist, more specif­i­cal­ly how some were say­ing it was not func­tion­ing as intend­ed. The stu­dio now says it thinks it’s fixed the bug caus­ing the aim assist to “inter­mit­tent­ly deac­ti­vate” in some situations.

Please note that although we have test­ed this fix exten­sive­ly with our team, the real test is in the live game envi­ron­ment with all of you. Please let us know if you are still encoun­ter­ing prob­lems with aim assist while play­ing Van­guard,” Sledge­ham­mer said.

The Sea­son 2 Reloaded update also added a new Ukrain­ian flag call­ing card, which is free and avail­able for every­one. Last­ly, there is a dou­ble XP event tak­ing place between March 25th and March 28th to wel­come the start of Sea­son 2 Reloaded. The dou­ble XP can be earn on everything.

Look­ing fur­ther ahead, Snoop Dogg is mak­ing his debut into Call of Duty as a playable char­ac­ter next month.

You can check out the full patch notes below:

Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 2 Reloaded Patch Notes

Mul­ti­play­er Patch Notes

Sta­bil­i­ty & Performance

  • Sta­bil­i­ty improve­ments should result in bet­ter con­nec­tiv­i­ty and low­er rates of serv­er dis­con­nect errors.
  • Scrolling through a large friends list will no longer kick the play­er out of the Social menu.
  • Resolved a bug result­ing in Dev Error 604, which was caused by being revived while a melee weapon and tac­ti­cal equip­ment are equipped.
  • Resolved a bug result­ing in Dev Error 5573 when using the “Ace Casu­al” and “Dec­o­rat­ed” Oper­a­tor Skins for Wade and Daniel.
  • Resolved a bug result­ing in Dev Error 7272 when using the “Tooled Up” Oper­a­tor Skin for Lucas.


  • Aim Assist
    • Addressed an issue that caused Aim Assist to errat­i­cal­ly deac­ti­vate while engag­ing an ene­my player.
  • Destruc­tion
    • Addressed an issue that allowed ene­my name­plates to be seen through sur­faces in var­i­ous situations.
  • Pro­gres­sion
    • Addressed an issue that pre­vent­ed play­ers from earn­ing XP for some Operators.
    • Addressed an issue that caused the “Hel­lo There” Tro­phy to not be award­ed upon join­ing a Clan.


In this update, we paid spe­cial atten­tion to improv­ing the over­all qual­i­ty of our Mul­ti­play­er maps. We have made efforts to improve spawn log­ic in dif­fi­cult sce­nar­ios, name­ly high-inten­si­ty Com­bat Pac­ing selec­tions and objec­tive-based modes. Sev­er­al improve­ments have been made to the envi­ron­ment to pre­vent play­ers from tak­ing advan­tage of exploits, such as spawn­ing in a player’s line of sight. We’ve also improved pathing for objec­tive points for cer­tain Modes on sev­er­al maps.

Please note that the spawn changes in tomorrow’s update are fix­es and improve­ments to sit­u­a­tion­al exploits and there is no sweep­ing change to spawn log­ic. How­ev­er, we will con­tin­ue to iter­ate on our spawn log­ic in the com­ing updates and look for­ward to shar­ing more soon.

  • Berlin
    • Addressed an exploit that allowed play­ers to reach unin­tend­ed loca­tions near the Train Yard.
  • Bocage
    • Play­ers will no longer spawn in the sight of ene­mies near the Water Wheel in Assault pac­ing Free-for-All.
  • Casablan­ca
    • Play­ers will no longer spawn in the sight of ene­mies near the Hotel in Free-for-All
    • Addressed an issue that pre­vent­ed the Patrol cap­ture point from pro­gress­ing near the Bridge.
  • Cas­tle
    • Addressed exploits that allowed play­ers to reach unin­tend­ed loca­tions in the Court­yard and Garden.
  • Desert Siege
    • Addressed exploits that allowed play­ers to reach unin­tend­ed loca­tions near the Destroyed House, Train Sta­tion, and Courtyard.
    • Improved col­li­sion to pre­vent play­ers from obstruct­ing the view of their char­ac­ter near the Trench, Ammo Dump, and Destroyed House.
    • Improved col­li­sion to pre­vent an unin­tend­ed line of sight near the Train Station.
  • Dome
    • Adjust­ed spawns to pre­vent play­ers from fac­ing inte­ri­or walls upon respawn.
    • Improved spawn log­ic to avoid spawn­ing play­ers in loca­tions where a team­mate was recent­ly killed.
  • Gavu­tu
    • Addressed an exploit that allowed play­ers to reach an unin­tend­ed loca­tion near the Arched Rock.
  • Gon­do­la
    • Cor­rect­ed light­ing that caused a blue tint to be applied to the envi­ron­ment in cer­tain locations.
    • Adjust­ed the cap­ture point in Con­trol to pre­vent play­ers from cap­tur­ing it from an unin­tend­ed loca­tion near the Fire Watch Tower.
  • Oasis
    • Addressed an exploit that allowed play­ers to reach an unin­tend­ed loca­tion near Ruins East.
  • Par­adise
    • Improved spawn log­ic to avoid spawn­ing play­ers near ene­mies in Team Deathmatch.
    • Play­ers will no longer spawn in the sight of ene­mies on the Cliff Path.
    • Improved col­li­sion in sev­er­al loca­tions to pre­vent play­ers from obstruct­ing the view of their character.
    • Improved the pathing of the cap­ture point in Patrol.
  • Radar
    • Addressed an issue that caused play­ers to spawn out of bounds in Patrol.
    • Improved the pathing of the cap­ture point in Patrol..
  • Sub Pens
    • Addressed an issue that caused play­ers to spawn out of bounds near the Util­i­ty Room in Team Deathmatch.
    • Addressed an exploit that allowed play­ers to reach unin­tend­ed loca­tions near the Dry Docks.


  • Kill Con­firmed
    • Addressed an issue that caused serv­er dis­con­nect errors. Kill Con­firmed has returned to the quick­play fil­ter and fea­tured playlist rotations.


  • Thomas (Yeti)
    • Thomas’s Date of Birth has been cor­rect­ed in his Oper­a­tor Bio.
  • Hal­i­ma (Hell­hounds)
    • Hal­i­ma will no longer be invis­i­ble dur­ing her High­light Intro.


  • NEW: Arma­guer­ra 43 (Sub­ma­chine Gun)
    • Very high rate-of-fire SMG. Effec­tive at short to medi­um range engagements.
    • Unlock the Arma­guer­ra 43 through an SMG-based chal­lenge or via Store Bundle.
  • Sten (Sub­ma­chine Gun)
    • Stock attach­ments will no longer dis­play incor­rect textures.
  • Wel­gun (Sub­ma­chine Gun)
    • In Gun­smith, ammo attach­ments that decrease reload quick­ness will now prop­er­ly com­mu­ni­cate this change.
  • KG M40 (Light Machine Gun)
    • Addressed an issue where the fir­ing audio would not be affect­ed by sup­pres­sion attachments.
  • Type 99 (Sniper Rifle)
    • Decreased ADS time from 498ms to 400ms (-20%).
    • Decreased weapon sway while walk­ing by 80%.
  • 3‑Line Rifle (Sniper Rifle)
    • Decreased weapon sway while walk­ing by 50%.
    • Decreased flinch inten­si­ty by 50%.
  • Kar98k (Sniper Rifle)
    • Decreased ADS time from 595ms to 500ms (-16%).
  • Sniper Rifles and Marks­man Rifles
    • Decreased flinch inten­si­ty by 30%.
      • This change does not apply to the SVT-40, 3‑Line Rifle, or Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle.


  • Shi­raishi Short Bar­rel (Type 99)
    • Decreased ADS time mul­ti­pli­er from ‑10% to ‑5% (-50%).
  • Empress 514mm F01 (3‑Line Rifle)
    • Decreased over-pen­e­tra­tion range from 40m to 15m (-63%).


  • Ball Tur­ret Gun­ner (12 Kills)
    • Ball Tur­ret Gun­ner usage is now prop­er­ly tracked in the Bar­racks and on the scoreboard.

User Inter­face & Experience

  • Improve­ments
    • Added sub­ti­tles when pre­view­ing Oper­a­tor Quips.
  • Bug Fix­es
    • Bar­racks
      • Addressed an issue that pre­vent­ed play­ers who reached Lev­el 1,000 in Sea­son One from enter­ing the Bar­racks menu.
    • Acces­si­bil­i­ty
      • Added the Menu Read­abil­i­ty option to the Set­tings > Inter­face menu.
    • Social
      • An error will no longer be dis­played when attempt­ing to view the Social tab in the Clans menu.
      • Addressed an issue where the View Invite prompt would not func­tion as intended.
    • After Action Report
      • Addressed an issue where the Score­board tab was miss­ing from the After Action Report.
    • Cus­tomiza­tion
      • Com­ple­tion­ist camos will now prop­er­ly dis­play cur­rent progress.
      • Call­ing Card Frames, Titles, and Kill­cam Themes can now be unequipped.

Bun­dles & Cos­met­ic Fixes

  • Blue­prints
    • The “Shootout” and “Pawn Shop Spe­cial” Top Break Blue­prints will now use the cor­rect mod­els for bar­rel, trig­ger action, mag­a­zine, and optic attachments.
    • The “Imper­a­tor” and “Run It Back” BAR Blue­prints will now use the cor­rect mod­els for the CGC 27” 2B and Char­i­ot 18” Rapid bar­rel attachment.
    • Adjust­ed the posi­tion­ing of the ZF4 3.5X Rifle Scope on the “Ymir Curse” Volksstur­mgewehr Blueprint.
    • Addressed an issue that caused the iron sights to be obstruct­ed when the optic attach­ment was removed from the “Wasp” RATT Blueprint.
    • Fire Trac­ers will now be prop­er­ly dis­played when using the “Helm of Dark­ness” and “Black­smith” Blueprints.
    • The Wel­gun Sub­ma­chine Gun is now unlocked upon pur­chase of the “Heliox” Blueprint.
  • Oth­er Items
    • Pad­ma­vati will no longer be invis­i­ble dur­ing her High­light Intro when using the “Astrakhan” Oper­a­tor Skin.
    • Addressed an issue that caused the cam­era to go out of bounds when using the “Tri­fec­ta” High­light Intro.
    • Cor­rect­ed the audio that is played when using the “Quick­er They Fall”, “Ass­hole”, and “Badass” Oper­a­tor Quips.
    • Sev­er­al issues with Watch­es have been resolved includ­ing place­ment, invis­i­bil­i­ty, and animation.
    • Fixed the align­ment of sev­er­al Weapon Charms.
    • Cor­rect­ed the align­ment of Thomas’ cig­ar when pre­view­ing the “Smoked Out” High­light Intro.
    • Cor­rect­ed the align­ment of Halima’s bot­tle when pre­view­ing the “Nice Shot” High­light Intro.


Tre­yarch is deliv­er­ing plen­ty of Ranked Play updates with Sea­son Two Reloaded, includ­ing the intro­duc­tion of the Top 250 Skill Divi­sion & Leader­board, new Sea­son Two Rewards and Skill Divi­sion Rewards, rank pro­gres­sion improve­ments, new pro­gres­sion menus, addi­tion­al quit­ter penal­ties, and more.

Start grind­ing for the ulti­mate brag­ging rights as one of the high­est-ranked play­ers in the world, and earn new rewards no mat­ter which Skill Divi­sion you’re in, includ­ing Weapon Blue­prints, Camos, Charms, and Ani­mat­ed Emblems. New rewards will arrive with each sea­son, so be sure to earn your Sea­son Two Rewards while they’re available.

Ranked Play com­peti­tors will now be able to form par­ties with more friends out­side of their Skill Divi­sion via new­ly expand­ed par­ty restric­tions. Addi­tion­al sus­pen­sion rules have also been added to penal­ize play­ers who quit mid-match. Read on below for every­thing new com­ing to Ranked Play, and remem­ber… play to win.

Top 250

  • Skill Divi­sion
    • New 8th Skill Divi­sion added above Chal­lenger to fea­ture the 250 high­est-ranked play­ers in the world.
  • Leader­board
    • New Top 250 Leader­board added to track the top play­ers in Ranked Play, vis­i­ble to all play­ers in-game.

New Rewards

  • New Sea­son Two Ranked Play rewards can be earned by com­plet­ing Win Chal­lenges and earn­ing Lad­der Placements.
    • Each new sea­son of Ranked Play will intro­duce a new set of Sea­son Rewards. Sea­son Two rewards can only be earned in Sea­son Two.
    • All rewards can be used in both Van­guard and War­zone once unlocked.
  • Sea­son Two Rewards:
    • Two “Pro Issue” Weapon Blueprints
    • Two Weapon Camos: “Sea­son Two Lad­der Cham­pi­on” & “Sea­son Two Ranked Veteran”
    • Two Charms: “I Got Bomb” & “Mano-a-Mano”
    • Don’t Be Salty” Spray
    • Sea­son Two Com­peti­tor” Sticker
  • Skill Divi­sion Rewards:
    • Exclu­sive “Ranked Leg­end” Solange Oper­a­tor Skin award­ed for win­ning 25 games in the Mas­ter Skill Divi­sion or higher
    • Ani­mat­ed Emblem award­ed at the end of the sea­son based on the player’s final Skill Division
    • Each Skill Divi­sion has a Charm that can be earned by win­ning 10 games in that Skill Division

Expand­ed Par­ty Skill Restrictions

  • Play­ers in Mas­ter & Chal­lenger can now form par­ties with play­ers up to one adja­cent Skill Divi­sion away (pre­vi­ous­ly only with­in 500 SR).
  • Play­ers in Elite can now form par­ties with play­ers up to two adja­cent Skill Divi­sions away (pre­vi­ous­ly only with­in 1,000 SR).
  • Play­ers below Elite can con­tin­ue to par­ty up with­out restric­tions, and can now par­ty with play­ers who haven’t yet com­plet­ed their Sea­son­al Skill Eval­u­a­tion matches.
  • Par­ty Restric­tion rules are now deter­mined by the high­est Skill Divi­sion rep­re­sent­ed in the party.
  • Play­ers are now less like­ly to get matched with oth­er play­ers who are out­side of their cur­rent Par­ty Skill Restrictions.

UI Updates

  • My Career & Rewards
    • Added new My Career & Rewards menu, where play­ers can access their Rank, Rewards, and Skill Divi­sion screens for addi­tion­al information.
      • Rewards Screen: Pre­view your Sea­son Two & Skill Divi­sion Rewards and track your progress toward your next unlock.
      • Skill Divi­sion Screen: See where you stack up in the Skill Divi­sions with infor­ma­tion on your cur­rent Skill Divi­sion, as well as your progress toward your next Tier promotion.
  • Pro­gres­sion
    • The play­er’s cur­rent Rank num­ber is now dis­played above their Rank Icon in the Ranked Play lobby.
    • Play­ers with­out a Rank will now appear as Unranked.
    • XP and Weapon XP sum­ma­ry screens are no longer shown after Ranked Play matches.
  • Lad­der Events
    • The Lad­der screen now defaults to the play­er’s cur­rent posi­tion when opened.
    • Stars for pre­vi­ous­ly earned Ranks now cor­rect­ly appear as filled in on the Ranks screen.
    • Ranks 10–29 now dis­play the cor­rect num­ber of Stars need­ed on the Ranks screen.
  • Restric­tions
    • Cre­ate-a-Class, Kill­streaks, and Field Upgrades menus now cor­rect­ly dis­play all restrict­ed Ranked Play con­tent as restrict­ed. These restrict­ed items can no longer appear to be equipped to Ranked Play loadouts.
  • How to Play Menu
    • Maps & Modes tab now dis­plays accu­rate Ranked Play maps.
    • Added infor­ma­tion about Vic­to­ry Flames to the Lad­der Events tab.
  • Gen­er­al
    • Addressed an issue that was caus­ing the play­er’s Oper­a­tor to occa­sion­al­ly not appear in the Ranked Play menu.
    • Addressed an issue where play­ers in their 5 Skill Eval­u­a­tion match­es would occa­sion­al­ly appear as being already placed in a Skill Divi­sion in some locations.

Rank Pro­gres­sion

  • Increased the num­ber of Stars earned for each Lad­der Place­ment to make pro­gres­sion through the 50 Ranks slight­ly faster:
    • 1st Place = 7 Stars (pre­vi­ous­ly 5)
    • Top 5 = 6 Stars (pre­vi­ous­ly 4)
    • Top 10 = 5 Stars (pre­vi­ous­ly 3)
    • Top 25 = 3 Stars (pre­vi­ous­ly 2)
    • Remain­ing play­ers = 2 Stars (pre­vi­ous­ly 1)

Dis­con­nect Penalties

  • The first play­er to dis­con­nect or quit a Ranked Play match in progress will receive a timed sus­pen­sion from Ranked Play match­mak­ing, with increased sus­pen­sion dura­tions for repeat offenders.
  • Play­ers receive SR and Lad­der Point penal­ties if they quit or dis­con­nect from a match in progress. These penal­ties are applied after their next com­plet­ed match.
  • The first play­er to dis­con­nect from the match receives a larg­er penal­ty than play­ers who dis­con­nect afterward.

Match Can­ce­la­tion

  • Play­ers will now see “Match Can­celed” when­ev­er a match is can­celed due to uneven teams.
  • MVP Vot­ing no longer dis­plays after a match that was can­celed after it started.

Playlist Changes

  • Adjust­ed the map and mode weight­ing used by the Ranked Play playlist to pro­vide a more even bal­ance of Search & Destroy maps. Pre­vi­ous to this change, Desert Siege Search & Destroy was being select­ed more than intended.


  • Resolved Dev Error 5476, which was occa­sion­al­ly dis­played for some play­ers when try­ing to access Ranked Play from the main menu.
  • Addressed an issue where play­ers would occa­sion­al­ly not earn SR for a win after the entire ene­my team had quit.
  • Addressed an issue where play­ers could be auto­mat­i­cal­ly returned to the Lob­by when scrolling on the Lad­der screen.
  • Addressed an issue that was caus­ing a small num­ber of play­ers to have emp­ty Ranked Play class­es and no abil­i­ty to cre­ate Cus­tom Classes.


Sea­son Two Reloaded brings Ded­i­cat­ed Serv­er Pause to Van­guard Zom­bies, allow­ing solo play­ers to pause for up to two hours col­lec­tive­ly in match­es played on ded­i­cat­ed servers. The inac­tiv­i­ty kick timer has also been extend­ed for play­ers in pub­lic match­es, so you’ll have more than enough time for a bath­room break while your friends keep the undead at bay.

Two pow­er­ful new Covenants arrive this week with three rar­i­ties each: equip Crit­i­cal Exper­tise to boost your crit­i­cal hit rates, and Explo­sives Expert for when you want to go loud. This update also includes improve­ments to the Dec­i­ma­tor Shield & Ray Gun, the addi­tion of the Sac­ri­fice Objec­tive to “Der Anfang,” Sea­son Chal­lenge improve­ments, var­i­ous bug and sta­bil­i­ty fix­es, and more. Check out the full patch notes below:

Ded­i­cat­ed Serv­er Pause

  • Serv­er Pause imple­ment­ed for play­ers in Solo and sin­gle-play­er Pri­vate match­es on ded­i­cat­ed servers.
  • Play­ers can pause for up to 2 hours col­lec­tive­ly per match, and can con­tin­ue to pause indef­i­nite­ly in Offline/Local matches.

Inac­tiv­i­ty Timer

  • Inac­tiv­i­ty kick timer extend­ed for play­ers in Pub­lic matches.

New Covenants

  • Two new abil­i­ties with three rar­i­ties added to the Altar of Covenants:
    • Crit­i­cal Expertise
      • Non-crit­i­cal hits have a chance to become crit­i­cal hits. Crit­i­cal kills with Death Blow equipped will return ammo.
      • Rare: Non-crit­i­cal hits have a 10% chance to be critical.
      • Epic: Non-crit­i­cal hits have a 20% chance to be critical.
      • Leg­endary: Non-crit­i­cal hits have a 30% chance to crit for 50% bonus damage.
    • Explo­sives Expert
      • Your explo­sions do more dam­age to the ene­my and less dam­age to you. Splat­ter­fest & Ener­gy Mine explo­sion dam­age is increased. Ray Gun splash dam­age is not affected.
      • Rare: Your explo­sions do 50% more dam­age to the ene­my and 50% less dam­age to you.
      • Epic: Your explo­sions do 75% more dam­age to the ene­my and 75% less dam­age to you.
      • Leg­endary: Your explo­sions do 100% more dam­age to the ene­my and 100% less dam­age to you.


  • Ter­ra Maledicta”
    • Addressed mul­ti­ple issues where zom­bies could spawn in unin­tend­ed locations.
    • Addressed mul­ti­ple issues where zom­bie corpses could fall through the floor.
    • Addressed an issue where the Ray Gun could still be seen float­ing in space after acquir­ing it via Side Quest.
  • Gen­er­al
    • Closed var­i­ous exploits in “Ter­ra Male­dic­ta” and “Der Anfang.”


  • Sac­ri­fice
    • Sac­ri­fice Objec­tive now avail­able in all maps.

Won­der Weapons

  • Dec­i­ma­tor Shield
    • Reduced the Dec­i­ma­tor Blast abil­i­ty cooldown from 90 sec­onds to 60 seconds.
  • Ray Gun
    • Addressed an issue where the Ray Gun was not always used when the play­er was downed if they had it equipped.


  • Weapon Blue­prints with cus­tom visu­al effects will no longer lose these cus­tom effects when upgrad­ed at the Pack-a-Punch Machine.
  • Addressed an issue where play­ers were not receiv­ing Butch­er Medals when get­ting five rapid kills with cer­tain melee weapons.


  • Addressed an issue where Brain Rot-con­trolled zom­bies were not attack­ing Strumkreigers and Zabal­la the Deceiver.
  • Addressed an issue where Zabal­la the Deceiv­er could fail to path to and attack play­ers in some instances.
  • Addressed an issue where the Sturmkrieger’s weapon could clip into its body dur­ing stun animations.

Sea­son Challenges

  • Adjust­ed one of the Sea­son Two Zom­bies Chal­lenges to be com­pletable with 75 Molo­tov kills.


  • Addressed an issue where visu­al effects were not dis­play­ing cor­rect­ly when using sprays in Zombies.


  • Fixed var­i­ous sta­bil­i­ty issues relat­ed to Zabal­la the Deceiv­er, Sturmkriegers, and Artifacts.


Bug Fix­es

  • Lady Nightin­gale
    • Addressed an issue where the play­er could not per­form a take­down on Stein­er which halt­ed progression.
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