Call Of Duty: Vanguard Patch Notes Show All The Changes From The Beta To Launch Version

We are four days out from the offi­cial release of Call of Duty: Van­guard, and devel­op­er Sledge­ham­mer Games has revealed patch notes with all the improve­ments from the beta. Play­ers can expect a bunch of need­ed adjust­ments in the launch ver­sion, includ­ing improved audio, visu­als, smoother game­play, and even a new perk.

Sledge­ham­mer says the goal of Van­guard’s beta “was to give play­ers a faster and smoother game­play expe­ri­ence at launch.” To accom­plish this, they great­ly improved sev­er­al aspects the game’s move­ment sys­tem. Grenades and incen­di­aries no longer hin­der play­er move­ment speed, and ani­ma­tion times for throw­ing equip­ment has been sped up. Weapon swap speeds have also been increased, as well as sprint out times.

Addi­tion­al­ly, a new perk has been added to Vanguard–the clas­sic Nin­ja perk. This oldie-but-a-good­ie, reduces the sound of play­ers foot­steps and might have been use­less if Sledge­ham­mer Games did­n’t make “big changes” to the game’s audio mix. The team increased foot­step sound, made Oper­a­tors less annoy­ing, and asked Butch­er to “chill out.” 

The patch notes also address visu­al con­cerns from the beta, includ­ing dis­tor­tion effects from muz­zle flash­es, smoke when fir­ing a weapon, and lens flare reduc­tion across all maps. Sight­lines have also been adjust­ed, as well as the removal of rain droplets on the cam­era. Oth­er visu­al improve­ments include fixed glitch­es result­ing in pix­e­la­tion, light­ing issues, and graph­i­cal cor­rup­tion for old­er con­soles dur­ing the beta. 

You can check out all the adjust­ments from the patch notes below, as shared by Sledge­ham­mer Games.

Call of Duty: Vanguard — Launch Patch Notes


  • Dis­tor­tion effects were removed from muz­zle flash and we reduced smoke emit­ted when fir­ing a weapon
  • Com­plet­ed a pass on muz­zle flash placement/coverage when aim­ing down sights
  • VFX Envi­ron­ment ambi­ent place­ment for bet­ter sightlines
  • Removed the droplets of water that get all up in your face when it rains
  • Var­i­ous bugs have been fixed includ­ing a bug where cer­tain optics would stop ene­my and friend­ly HUD icons from dis­play­ing while ADS
  • We’ve fixed cas­es of nametags appear­ing through Destruction
  • Lens flare reduced across all maps (we nerfed the sun)
  • We will con­tin­ue to refine VFX, Light­ing, and UI into launch and mon­i­tor play­er feed­back sur­round­ing the var­i­ous top­ics of visibility.


  • Audio received a com­plete mix­ing and con­tent over­haul to address com­mu­ni­ty feed­back from the Pub­lic Beta, includ­ing more audi­ble foot­steps, play­er and non-play­er weapons, and map envi­ron­ment content
  • Foot­steps are silent when play­ers ADS, Crouch Walk, or have a Perk / Field Upgrade equipped which silences movement
  • Fixed a bug that caused shots after the first shot to be too quiet
  • Oper­a­tor quips occur less frequently
  • Asked Butch­er to chill out. VO lines are less frequent


  • A bug result­ing in unpre­dictable spawns in Patrol has been fixed as well gen­er­al tun­ing of spawn log­ic globally
  • We will con­tin­ue to refine spawn log­ic over time to improve spawns in match­es with high­er play­er counts


  • Grenades and incen­di­aries no longer slow move­ment speed of players
  • A cap has been placed on max sup­pres­sion effects
  • Changes have been made to ani­ma­tion times includ­ing weapon swap speeds and throw­ing of equip­ment (ie: Gam­mon bombs can be thrown more quickly)
  • Sprint out times have been sped up and re-balanced
  • Dev Tip: Daunt­less, a perk that play­ers didn’t have access to in Beta, makes play­ers immune to move­ment reduc­ing effects


  • Shot­gun lethal­i­ty has been improved
  • Effec­tive Range of most Shot­guns, SMGs, and Pis­tols have been reduced (SMGs and Pis­tols were over­per­form­ing at range and Shot­guns were adjust­ed down due to increased lethal­i­ty overall)
  • Hip­fire spread has been adjust­ed on most guns (main­ly to add more con­sis­ten­cy across weapon categories)
  • Trade­offs on bar­rels, mag­a­zines, and stocks have been reduced
  • Ammo types were rebal­anced to include more tradeoffs
  • Squashed bugs affect­ing Weapon Pro­gres­sion and Detailed Stats
  • Dev Tip: Vanguard’s ver­sion of the smoke grenade works dif­fer­ent­ly than pre­vi­ous games. You’re ful­ly hid­den from dis­tant ene­mies, but can be seen at clos­er ranges allow­ing you to close the dis­tance between you and the ene­my and hunt them down with close-quar­ter com­bat builds.
  • Dev Tip: Try set­ting your mount options to use ADS rather than ADS+Melee. It’s not for every­one but it’s a pow­er­ful way to become more accu­rate in an instant while stay­ing out of har­m’s way. It can be com­bined with blind fire for some great results.

Killstreaks and Field Upgrades

  • Friend­ly Spy Planes and Counter Spy Planes will no longer appear overhead
  • Spy Planes and Counter Spy Planes move slow­er and are eas­i­er to hit
  • Counter Spy Planes have a short­er duration
  • Health has been reduced on Spy Planes, Counter Spy Planes, and most placed Field Upgrades
  • Death Machine and War Machine have swapped costs
  • Glide bomb is eas­i­er to control
  • A max timer has been added to the Radar Jam­mer and Field Mic Field Upgrades
  • Bugs result­ing in graph­i­cal cor­rup­tion of the Attack Dogs have been fixed – no more Dognados 🙁


  • Low Pro­file has been removed and replaced with Ninja
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