Call Of Duty: Vanguard Patch Notes For The Launch of Season 2

Call of Duty: Van­guard’s Sea­son 2 update is already avail­able to down­load, but obvi­ous­ly the sea­son­al con­tent won’t be avail­able until Feb­ru­ary 14th, with the patch notes detailed by the devel­op­er Sledge­ham­mer Games. It includes some game­play improve­ments and bug fix­es that have already been imple­ment­ed with this lat­est update.


Accord­ing to the patch notes, improve­ments have been made to Call of Duty: Van­guard that should have brought bet­ter con­nec­tiv­i­ty, as well as low­er crash amounts. These changes includes sev­er­al adjust­ments to play­er tex­tures and ani­ma­tions (which result­ed in pack­et burst spikes), and a bug fix for an issue that was dis­con­nect­ing play­ers dur­ing MVP High­light Animations.

A few kill­streak bugs were fixed. The Glide Bomb kill­streak no longer caus­es graph­i­cal cor­rup­tions when it kills an attack dog. The devel­op­er also fixed anoth­er bug that was caus­ing the flare and smoke VFX from a pre­vi­ous­ly called-in Mor­tar Bar­rage kill­streak to tem­porar­i­ly reap­pear. On top of that, the Mor­tar Bar­rage will no longer force swap your weapons when deploy­ing it.

Van­guard’s cos­met­ic weapons bun­dles haven’t been func­tion­ing as intend­ed, but these patch notes include sev­er­al fix­es for bust­ed weapon trac­ers or miss­ing items. Play­ers who pur­chased the Year of the Drag­on bun­dle, but did not receive the Tiger Blue­print, should now have them. Red Reac­tor Mas­ter­craft trac­ers should now be dis­played prop­er­ly on weapons, and the Ashed trac­ers for the Grave­yard Shift Mas­ter­craft will now dis­play as intend­ed when applied to the Ore Sniper Rifle.


Arti­facts will be see­ing a few adjust­ments in Zom­bies from this patch. The Ener­gy Mine now trig­gers the Splat­ter­fest Covenant, and Frost Blast Tier I now freezes Strumkriegers. The patch also address­es a prob­lem where play­ers weren’t being ignored by Zom­bies after acti­vat­ing Aether Shroud imme­di­ate­ly fol­low­ing a Self-Revive.

Play­ers should also notice a smoother Zom­bies mode the next time they play. The update men­tioned var­i­ous sta­bil­i­ty issues relat­ed to Covenants, objec­tives, perks, Pow­er-Ups, and equip­ment. Cor­rec­tions were also made to a num­ber of UI issues relat­ed to Challenges.

As an added bonus, play­ers can now unlock Sea­son 1’s Coop­er Car­bine assault rifle and Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle (sniper) through in-game chal­lenges in Zom­bies mode.

You can check out the full set of patch notes below, as pro­vid­ed by Sledge­ham­mer Games.



  • Made sev­er­al improve­ments to play­er tex­tures and ani­ma­tions that result­ed in Pack­et Burst spikes.
  • Sta­bil­i­ty improve­ments should result in bet­ter con­nec­tiv­i­ty and low­er crash rates. The time to con­nect to Online Ser­vices should also be reduced.
  • Fixed a bug that result­ed in dis­con­nect­ing dur­ing MVP High­light Animations.


  • Gen­er­al
    • A thor­ough pass on map envi­ron­ments has been com­plet­ed to fix objects with unin­tend­ed col­li­sion, issues with por­tal­ing through the ground, and to remove out-of-map exploits.
  • Cham­pi­on Hill
    • There will no longer be two con­sec­u­tive buy rounds at the begin­ning of every Cham­pi­on Hill Duos 2v2 pri­vate match.
    • A bug has been resolved that result­ed in play­ers los­ing Perk and Field Upgrade func­tion­al­i­ty in Pri­vate Match­es if they played a match in Cham­pi­on Hill previously.
    • Spawn improve­ments have been made for teams of three.


  • Con­trol
    • Fixed a bug that result­ed in match­es end­ing pre­ma­ture­ly after a spec­ta­tor disconnects.
    • Late match join­ers are now able to spawn in when lives are available.
    • Swap­ping to spectate/different teams now con­sis­tent­ly updates the lives left.
    • The last play­er alive warn­ing now con­sis­tent­ly appears.
  • Pri­vate Matches
    • Silent Plant Option now works in Search and Destroy Pri­vate match­es (fixed Feb 3rd).


  • Sea­son­al Challenges
    • All play­ers can now unlock Sea­son 1 Mas­tery Cards after com­plet­ing all challenges.
    • Field Spe­cial­ist chal­lenge is now track­ing for all players.
    • Counter Mea­sures chal­lenges are now track­ing con­sis­tent­ly for all players.
  • Oper­a­tor Challenges
    • The Dia­mond oper­a­tor skins will now unlock for Bar­bar­ian and Shad­ow operators.
  • Wel­gun
    • Gold and Dia­mond camos are now unlock­able after com­plet­ing all weapon Challenges.
  • Launch­ers
    • Ground based Kil­ll­streaks now count towards the ‘Dead­eye’ camo.

Weapon Adjust­ments

  • Com­bat Shield
    • Fixed a bug that exposed player’s heads to dam­age above the shield.
  • Throw­ing Knife
    • Dis­tor­tion VFX have been removed.


  • Incen­di­ary Grenade
    • Fixed a bug that caused addi­tion­al­ly visu­als to appear when Incen­di­ary Grenades are used.
    • Num­ber of Incen­di­ary Grenade uses are now tracked in your com­bat record.


  • Daunt­less
    • Sup­pres­sion no longer applies to play­ers with the Daunt­less perk when the play­er is hit by shots.
  • Engi­neer
    • Play­ers are no longer able to see an ene­my Goliath’s dia­mond through walls with­out the Engi­neer perk.


  • Glide Bomb
    • Fixed a bug that result­ed in graph­i­cal cor­rup­tion when Attack Dogs were killed by a Glide Bomb.
  • Mor­tar Barrage
    • Fixed a bug that result­ed in the flare and smoke VFX from pre­vi­ous­ly called-in Mor­tar Bar­rages tem­porar­i­ly re-appear.
    • Deploy­ing the Mor­tar Bar­rage will no longer force-switch the play­er’s weapon.
  • Fla­me­naut
    • Acti­vat­ing the kill­streak and get­ting killed at the same time will now grant you the killstreak.

Field Upgrade

  • Fix a bug with Deploy­able Cov­er that result­ed in con­stant screen shake.

Bun­dles & MTX

  • Attack on Titan
    • Fixed a bug that result­ed in miss­ing VFX on the Kar98k.
  • Year of the Tiger
    • Play­ers who pur­chased this Bun­dle but did not receive the Tiger Blue­print, should now have the item.
  • Red Reac­tor Mastercraft
    • Trac­ers are now dis­played on weapons as intended.
  • Grave­yard Shift Mastercraft
    • Ashed” trac­ers will now dis­play cor­rect­ly when applied to the Ore Sniper Rifle.
  • Ani­mal­is­tic
    • Fixed a light­ing bug with the Aquatint SMG that cause unin­tend­ed light­ing effect.
  • San­ta Slay
    • The Lucas Oper­a­tor out­fit, “Yarn Burn­er”, is no longer invis­i­ble for some players.


  • A bug has been fixed that stopped play­ers being unable to select a weapon when edit­ing Pres­tige weapon classes.
  • Pres­tige play­er pro­gres­sion is now view­able and track­ing properly.
  • Watch pre­view is no longer miss­ing from the Bat­tle Pass menu.


  • A bug result­ing in Play of the Game not play­ing or end­ing ear­ly has been fixed.
  • Quips no longer play after an Oper­a­tor is dead.
  • Free Tri­al play­ers should no longer encounter the error “This con­tent is only avail­able in the full game.



  • Ter­ra Maledicta”
    • New Zom­bies expe­ri­ence locat­ed in Egypt avail­able on Feb. 14th.
  • Are­nas
    • Three new Are­nas avail­able in “Ter­ra Male­dic­ta”: East­ern Desert, Cor­rupt­ed Lands, and Hall of Truth.

Sto­ry Quest

  • New Sto­ry Quest avail­able in “Ter­ra Male­dic­ta” start­ing at 9AM PT / 12PM ET on Feb. 14th.

New Intel

  • New nar­ra­tive intel avail­able in “Ter­ra Male­dic­ta” to advance the Dark Aether story.

Won­der Weapons

  • Ray Gun
    • Ray Gun Won­der Weapon avail­able via the Mys­tery Box and loot drops on Feb. 10th.
  • Dec­i­ma­tor Shield
    • Avail­able via the Sto­ry Quest in “Ter­ra Maledicta.”
    • Added to the Mys­tery Box once it has been obtained from the Sto­ry Quest.
    • Offers play­ers supe­ri­or pro­tec­tion and the unique Dec­i­ma­tion Blast ability.

New Ally

  • Ver­can­na the Last
    • New Dark Aether enti­ty avail­able, fea­tur­ing the Heal­ing Aura abil­i­ty via her Arti­fact, the Wand of the Wilds.


  • Zabal­la the Deceiver
    • New ene­my type added to “Ter­ra Male­dic­ta” and “Der Anfang.”


  • Sac­ri­fice
    • New Objec­tive type avail­able in “Ter­ra Male­dic­ta,” and added to “Der Anfang” at a lat­er date.
    • Keep the Syphon­cores from feed­ing on undead essence to stop the hordes from being unleashed. Pre­vent zom­bies from fill­ing all three Syphon­cores to stop the dark cer­e­mo­ny and com­plete the Objective.
  • Void
    • Mod­i­fied the way the Objec­tive com­plete XP bonus is award­ed when return­ing to Stal­in­grad after a Void Objec­tive in “Der Anfang.”
  • Har­vest
    • Closed exploits relat­ed to the Sin Eater in “Der Anfang.”


  • Heal­ing Aura
    • New upgrad­able abil­i­ty avail­able via Ver­can­na the Last’s Artifact.
    • Tiers:
      • Tier I — The Wand of the Wilds sum­mons Ver­can­na’s Life Ener­gy to instant­ly heal your­self and allies to full health.
      • Tier II — Knock down nor­mal ene­mies and stun Sturmkriegers near each player.
      • Tier III — Revive all downed allies.
      • Tier IV — Revived allies have their lost Perks returned.
      • Tier V — The Life Ener­gy per­sists at each loca­tion for 10 sec­onds and con­tin­ues to heal and revive players.
  • Ener­gy Mine
    • Ener­gy Mine now trig­gers the Splat­ter­fest Covenant.
  • Frost Blast
    • Frost Blast Tier I now freezes Sturmkriegers.
  • Aether Shroud
    • Addressed an issue where play­ers weren’t being ignored by zom­bies after acti­vat­ing Aether Shroud imme­di­ate­ly fol­low­ing a Self-Revive.


  • Arti­fact Ward
    • New abil­i­ty with three rar­i­ties added to the Altar of Covenants on Feb. 10th.
    • Equip for a chance to trig­ger your Arti­fact for free when hit by a melee attack from the rear.
    • Rar­i­ties:
      • Rare: Being hit by a melee attack on the back has a chance to trig­ger your Artifact
      • Epic: Being hit by a melee attack on the back has a high­er chance to trig­ger your Artifact.
      • Leg­endary: Being hit by a melee attack any­where has a high­er chance to trig­ger your Artifact.


  • Sea­son Two
    • KG M40 and Whit­ley avail­able in Zom­bies load­outs once unlocked via the Sea­son Two Bat­tle Pass.
  • Unlock Chal­lenges
    • New Weapon Unlock Chal­lenges added to Zom­bies for the Coop­er Car­bine and Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle.
  • Sup­port
    • The War­ma­chine and Death­ma­chine can now be obtained from the Mys­tery Box, chests, and as loot drops from enemies.
    • Addressed an issue where crit­i­cal dam­age was not being cor­rect­ly dis­played for the Warmachine.
  • Gen­er­al
    • Addressed var­i­ous issues with attempt­ing to swap out a melee weapon for a weapon from the ground.

Pack-a-Punch Camos

  • New Camos
    • Three new camos avail­able at the Pack-a-Punch machine in “Ter­ra Maledicta.”
  • Gen­er­al
    • Pack-a-Punch Camos in “Der Anfang” are now animated.
    • Pack-a-Punch Camos now prop­er­ly apply to Weapon Blue­prints, weapons found in the Mys­tery Box, and weapons dropped by enemies.


  • Sea­son Challenges
    • New Sea­son Chal­lenges avail­able at the start of Sea­son Two.
    • Addressed an issue where the Sea­son One Mas­tery Call­ing Card was not dis­played correctly.
  • Gen­er­al
    • Addressed an issue where Launch­ers and the Com­bat Shield were not cor­rect­ly con­tribut­ing to cer­tain Challenges.
    • Addressed var­i­ous UI issues relat­ed to Challenges.


  • Fixed var­i­ous sta­bil­i­ty issues relat­ed to Covenants, Objec­tives, Perks, Pow­er-Ups, and Equipment
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