Call Of Duty: Vanguard Patch Includes Weapon Adjustments, Bug Fixes, And More

A new update for Call of Duty: Van­guard was released yes­ter­day, bring­ing with it a series of changes like bug fix­es and weapons balancing.

The patch fix­es some ongo­ing issues with the MP-40, Wel­gun, and Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle. The MP-40 has been nerfed, with its dam­age range decreased. It also address­es a prob­lem with the quickscope pro­fi­cien­cy for sniper rifles that was caus­ing the game to dis­con­nect when aim­ing down sights.

Kill­streaks also received some atten­tion in this update, with var­i­ous bug fix­es for Counter-Spy Plane, Mor­tar Strike, and Bomb­ing Run. Addi­tion­al­ly, the Spy Plane now enters and exits the play­ing field “sig­nif­i­cant­ly” quick­er.” Mean­while, the Attack Dogs kill­streak will give bet­ter audio cues to play­ers so they are bet­ter aware of where the dogs are com­ing from.

Van­guard’s Zom­bies mode also got some adjust­ments. One change is that zom­bies who moved too slow in “Ter­ra Male­dic­ta” have now picked up the pace. In addi­tion, the Ray Gun has had its base dam­age increased sub­stan­tial­ly, from 300 to 400. The Dec­i­ma­tor Shield had its base melee dam­age “dra­mat­i­cal­ly increased” due to com­mu­ni­ty feed­back. Reg­u­lar melee attacks now kill stan­dard zom­bies in one hit, but only until round 12.

You can check out the full patch notes below, as shared by Sledge­ham­mer Games.

In oth­er Call of Duty news, Activi­sion con­firmed Call of Duty: Mod­ern War­fare 2 and a sequel to War­zone are expect­ed to come lat­er this year. If Microsoft­’s acqui­si­tion of Activi­sion Bliz­zard goes through, they plan on brin­ing the Call of Duty series to the Nin­ten­do Switch. Activi­sion also recent­ly announced they are still work­ing on their anti-cheat Ric­o­chet and plans on bring­ing more fea­tures. It was also revealed that the con­sole ver­sion of Call of Duty: War­zone would nev­er could a FOV slid­er.

Call Of Duty: Vanguard February 22 Patch Notes


  • Bug Fix­es
    • MP-40 (Sub­ma­chine Gun)
      • Rune Blue­print will now fire Shad­ow Trac­er Rounds as intended.
    • Wel­gun (Sub­ma­chine Gun)
      • Addressed an issue which pre­vent­ed weapon unlock pro­gres­sion in Mul­ti­play­er and Zombies.
    • Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle (Sniper Rifle)
      • Fixed a bug that result­ed in the Atom­ic (Com­ple­tion­ist) camo from being equipped.
  • Bal­ance Adjustments
    • MP-40 (Sub­ma­chine Gun)
      • Decreased dam­age range.


  • Bug Fix­es
    • Pro­fi­cien­cy (Sniper Rifles)
      • Addressed an issue that some­times result­ed in game dis­con­nect while aim­ing down sights with the Quickscope Pro­fi­cien­cy and the Hard­scope Proficiency.


  • Bug Fix­es
    • Counter-Spy Plane (4 Killstreak)
      • No longer pre­vents the V‑2 Rock­et (25 Kill­streak) from being used.
    • Mor­tar Strike (5 Kill­streak)
      • Addressed a graph­i­cal issue which caused smoke and fire effects to pop­u­late more than once.
    • Bomb­ing Run (7 Killstreak)
      • Serv­er Snap­shot Error should no longer occur when using Bomb­ing Run
  • Bal­ance Adjustments
    • Spy Plane (4 Kill­streak)
      • Enters and exits the play space sig­nif­i­cant­ly faster, mak­ing it more vul­ner­a­ble to being destroyed.
    • Counter-Spy Plane (4 Kill­streak)
      • Enters and exits the play space sig­nif­i­cant­ly faster, mak­ing it more vul­ner­a­ble to being destroyed.
    • Bomb­ing Run (7 Kill­streak)
      • Improve­ments to the flight path deter­mi­na­tion log­ic to fur­ther avoid dam­ag­ing the play­er who called it in.
      • Decreased dam­age and dam­age radius of bombs.
    • Attack Dogs (10 Kill­streak)
      • Added an audio cue to fur­ther com­mu­ni­cate the posi­tion of a near­by Attack Dog.


  • Bug Fix­es
    • Incen­di­ary Grenade
      • Addressed a graph­i­cal issue which caused smoke and fire effects to pop­u­late more than once.


  • Bug Fix­es
    • Addressed a typo in Anna’s biog­ra­phy to reflect set­ting accuracy.


  • Bug Fix­es
    • Fixed a bug that pre­vent­ed the Field Spe­cial­ist chal­lenge from progressing.
    • Addressed an issue which pre­vent­ed “… kills while mov­ing” chal­lenges from pro­gress­ing under cer­tain circumstances.


  • Com­bat Pac­ing is now avail­able for Hard­core modes in Quick Play.


  • Bug Fix­es
    • Moth­er­land
      • The cor­rect Call­ing Card “Food Ration” has been grant­ed to play­ers who pur­chased this Bundle.
    • Bay­ou Bruiser
      • The cor­rect Pad­ma­vati Call­ing Card has been grant­ed to play­ers who pur­chased this Bundle.



  • Addressed an issue where zom­bies could move at slow­er speeds than intend­ed in “Ter­ra Maledicta.”
  • Super sprint­ers will now show up by Round 12 as intended.

Won­der Weapons

  • Ray Gun
    • Increased base dam­age, Pack-a-Punch dam­age, splash dam­age radius, ammo count, and ammo pick­ups per com­mu­ni­ty feedback.
    • Base dam­age increased from 300 to 400.
    • Pack-a-Punch Tier I dam­age increased from 600 to 900.
    • Pack-a-Punch Tier II dam­age increased from 1200 to 1800.
    • Pack-a-Punch Tier III dam­age increased from 2400 to 3600.
  • Dec­i­ma­tor Shield
    • Dras­ti­cal­ly increased base melee dam­age per com­mu­ni­ty feedback.
    • Stan­dard melee attack now kills nor­mal zom­bies in one hit through Round 12.
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