Call Of Duty: Vanguard Open Beta Announced

As one might have assumed, Call of Duty: Van­guard will have an open beta. How­ev­er, that’s all we real­ly know–officially. The announce­ment arrived as part of the Van­guard’s reveal through an in-game War­zone event today.

Pre­vi­ous­ly, a leak sug­gest­ed Van­guard will have alpha and beta tests avail­able on all plat­forms, but PlaySta­tion users would be get­ting first dibs on it. This leak also gave out times for when these tests would be avail­able to play.

Of course, this is just a bunch of rumors. Offi­cial­ly, all we know is that a beta exists and is coming.

Call Of Duty: Vanguard Open Beta Announced

The alpha test is rumored to let play­ers try out Van­guard’s new Cham­pi­on Hill mode, which is a 3v3 mul­ti­play­er mode that shares sim­i­lar­i­ties to Are­na in Apex Legends.

Van­guard was offi­cial­ly announced today after the Bat­tle of Ver­dan­sk even in War­zone. As rumored, Van­guard is set in World War II and is being devel­oped by Sledge­ham­mer Games as a sort-of fol­low-up to the stu­dio’s Call of Duty: WWII.

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