Call Of Duty: Vanguard Mid-Season Patch Notes Focuses On Improving Multiplayer

Sledge­ham­mer Games has detailed the patch notes for the lat­est update to Call of Duty: Van­guard’s mul­ti­play­er and Zom­bies. Although the con­tent for mul­ti­play­er may seem light, it’s obvi­ous the team at Sledge­ham­mer was focus­ing more on mak­ing sig­nif­i­cant adjust­ments to mul­ti­play­er itself.

Call of Duty play­ers have been (myself includ­ed) have been say­ing fire dam­age is rather over­pow­ered, and it’s only got­ten worse since the intro­duc­tion of incen­di­ary grenades at the start of Sea­son 1. Thank­ful­ly, the patch notes deliv­er a nerf to the incen­di­ary grenades, as well as perk adjust­ments to give play­ers new ways to coun­ter­act all that fire damage.

Daunt­less now gives immu­ni­ty to fire and burn­ing effects, includ­ing incen­di­ary rounds, the fla­me­naut kill­streak, and any lin­ger­ing fire on the bat­tle­ground. The For­ti­fied perk will also now reduce fire dam­age tak­en by 30%

The update also brings a bunch of weapon bal­anc­ing changes, all buffs to the sniper and marks­man rifles. Essen­tial­ly, Sledge­ham­mer is mak­ing it eas­i­er to use these weapons, as they just are not as viable as every­thing else. 

They’ve also ironed out more issues with camo chal­lenges, as well as fix­es to a bunch of oth­er bugs in the mul­ti­play­er. You can check out the full patch notes for Call of Duty: War­zone, as detailed by Sledge­ham­mer, below.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Patch Notes — January 11th, 2022



  • Sev­er­al sources of pack­et burst have been iden­ti­fied and resolved
  • Sev­er­al sources of Mul­ti­play­er crash errors have been iden­ti­fied and resolved
  • Xbox Series X play­ers will no longer expe­ri­ence game crash­ing with CDN set­ting enabled
  • Play­ing with key­board and mouse will no longer result in ‘con­troller need­ed’ message


  • Spawn log­ic has been tuned to improve small maps with high­er play­er counts
  • Adjust­ed spawn log­ic for Dom­i­na­tion on Dome
  • Spawns in Con­trol mode have been sig­nif­i­cant­ly adjust­ed to:
    • Pre­vent out-of-map spawns on Tuscan
    • Pre­vent spawn­ing in the enemy’s line-of-sight on Bocage
    • Pre­vent play­ers from spawn­ing direct­ly on teammates

Weapons & Equip­ment: Bug Fixes

  • Attack / Guard Dog kills now count towards Panz­er­faust Camo Challenges
  • STG “Rep­til­ian” Camo Weapon Chal­lenge is now track­ing Blood­thirsty kills
  • STG “Preda­to­ry” Camo Weapon Chal­lenge is now track­ing Multikills
  • Katana unlock Chal­lenge is now track­ing properly
  • 3‑Line Rifle can now be reloaded with the ZF4 3.5X Rifle Scope equipped
  • Addressed an issue that pre­vent­ed the “Kill an Ene­my While They Have a Spy Plane Active 5 Times” chal­lenge from track­ing in the Counter Mea­sures career challenges
  • Addressed an issue where care pack­ages would land out of reach when play­ing Armaged­don on Tus­can and Daus Haus
  • Play­er select­ed camos will now appear dur­ing the match intro sequence
  • Locked Camos and attach­ments can no longer be swapped onto unlocked weapons
  • A bug result­ing in miss­ing Post-Match Flow has been fixed
  • A bug result­ing in Type 100 Blue­print “Thun­der­head” being invis­i­bly in the pre-match count­down has been fixed

Weapons & Equip­ment: Bal­anc­ing Changes

  • Weapons
    • M1 Garand
      • Reduced Recoil
    • Type 99
      • Reduced Aim Flinch
      • Reduced ADS Time
      • Retain One Shot Kill poten­tial for chest shots when small­er cal­iber ammo is used
    • 3‑Line Rifle
      • Reduced ADS Time
    • Kar98
      • Retain One Shot Kill poten­tial for chest shots when small­er cal­iber ammo is used
  • Ammo
    • Hol­low Points
      • Removed dam­age range penalties
  • Equip­ment
    • Stun Grenade
      • Reduced Stun Grenade dam­age in Hard­core modes
      • Reduced how long play­ers are affect­ed by Stun Grenades
    • Incen­di­ary Grenade
      • Dam­age has been reduced
  • Kill­streaks
    • Mor­tar Barrage
      • Dura­tion of Mor­tar Strike has been reduced
      • Num­ber of Mor­tar Strikes per streak has been reduced
      • Addressed issue where Mor­tar Bar­rage deploy­ment was inconsistent
  • Perks
    • High Alert
      • Slight delay added before Perk acti­vates after being seen by an enemy
    • Daunt­less
      • Gives immu­ni­ty to fire and burn­ing effects includ­ing Incen­di­ary Rounds, Fla­me­naut, and lin­ger­ing fire on the ground
    • For­ti­fied
      • Reduces fire dam­age tak­en by 30%
      • Reduces exces­sive dam­age of all explosives


  • Pol­ish pass to improve and fix play­er col­li­sion issues with map environments
  • Over­all pol­ish pass on Destruc­tibles through­out all maps


  • Sea­son­al Chal­lenge” menu is now present in the Chal­lenges tab
  • Play­ers will no longer expe­ri­ence visu­al rank swap­ping between play­ers in Pri­vate Matches
  • The Objec­tive pro­gres­sion bar will no longer clips into reticles
  • Unin­tend­ed dis­tor­tion of MVP images has been fixed
  • The con­tin­u­ous post-game lev­el-up ani­ma­tion when play­ers reach Pres­tige 3 has been fixed
  • Store: menu nav­i­ga­tion has improved when view­ing and tog­gling between Bundles


Sur­vival Gameplay

  • Void
    • Sur­vival game­play comes to “Shi No Numa” in the Void, accessed from Von List’s Office in Stalingrad.
    • Rounds are advanced by defeat­ing increas­ing­ly dif­fi­cult end­less waves of zom­bies, rather than by com­plet­ing Objectives.
    • After com­plet­ing 3 rounds in the Void, play­ers must choose to Flee or Sur­vive. Choos­ing Sur­vive con­tin­ues to spawn waves of zom­bies until play­ers choose to escape, or if the game ends when all play­ers go down.
    • Play­ers earn 5,000 bonus Essence for every 3 rounds com­plet­ed in the Void.
    • After sur­viv­ing 12 rounds in the Void, play­ers earn a reward that pre­vents Perks from drop­ping below Tier II upon going down for the rest of the match.
    • The Pack-a-Punch machine is avail­able in “Shi No Numa” when in the Void.
    • Play­ers can return to Stal­in­grad to upgrade their Perks, Covenants, and Arti­facts after sur­viv­ing 3 rounds in the Void, and can return to the Void at any time.


  • Von List’s Office
    • Explore this pre­vi­ous­ly closed-off area of Stal­in­grad to dis­cov­er new nar­ra­tive intel and the por­tal to the Void.

New Fea­ture

  • Tome of Rituals
    • Invest Sac­ri­fi­cial Hearts at the new Tome of Rit­u­als to upgrade Arti­facts up to four tiers in-game.

Arti­fact Upgrades

  • Frost Blast
    • Tier I – Freezes nor­mal and Spe­cial ene­mies for 3 sec­onds once they have been in the Frost Blast zone for 0.5 second.
    • Tier II – Increas­es the Frost Blast radius by 100%.
    • Tier III – Increas­es the num­ber of charges from 1 to 3.
    • Tier IV – Frozen nor­mal ene­mies are ins­ta-killed when damaged.
  • Ener­gy Mine
    • Tier I – Stuns nor­mal and Spe­cial ene­mies hit by Ener­gy Mine for 3 seconds.
    • Tier II – Explodes 3 times in a row with a 0.75 sec­ond delay between explosions.
    • Tier III – Increas­es the num­ber of charges from 1 to 3.
    • Tier IV – Increas­es the explo­sion radius by 66%.
  • Aether Shroud
    • Tier I – Auto­mat­i­cal­ly reload weapons when activated.
    • Tier II – Deal 500% bonus melee dam­age while active.
    • Tier III – Gain 50% move speed while active. Dura­tion extend­ed from 5 sec­onds to 8 seconds.
    • Tier IV – Increas­es the num­ber of charges from 1 to 2.
  • Ring of Fire
    • Tier I – Nor­mal ene­mies inside the ring take dam­age equal to 2% of their max HP every second.
    • Tier II – Play­ers with­in the ring use ammo from stock.
    • Tier III – Stay­ing with­in the ring for up to 10 sec­onds increas­es the dura­tion from 15 sec­onds to 20 seconds.
    • Tier IV – Stay­ing with­in the ring for up to 10 sec­onds increas­es your dam­age bonus from +50% to +75%.

Pack-a-Punch Camos

  • Three unique camos added to the Pack-a-Punch machine.
  • Weapon camo will now change in appear­ance with each Pack-a-Punch upgrade up to Tier III.
  • Pre-Packed loot weapons will dis­play Pack-a-Punch camos after being picked up from Sturmkreigers or the Mys­tery Box.


  • Com­bat Shield
    • Now avail­able in Zom­bies load­outs and the Mys­tery Box.
    • Mit­i­gates a por­tion of dam­age from the direc­tion the play­er is fac­ing when raised. Can­not break.
    • Pro­tects the player’s back from par­tial rear dam­age when stowed.

Weapon Unlock Challenges

  • New weapon unlock chal­lenges added to Zom­bies for the Katana melee weapon and new Wel­gun SMG via Create-a-Class:
    • Katana: In Zom­bies, get 5 rapid kills with a Melee weapon dur­ing 50 dif­fer­ent Por­tal Objectives.
    • Wel­gun: In Zom­bies, get 5 rapid Crit­i­cal Kills with an SMG dur­ing 50 dif­fer­ent Por­tal Objectives.

Sup­port Weapons

  • War­ma­chine and Death­ma­chine now avail­able in the Sup­port tab at the Craft­ing Table.
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