The sec­ond Call of Duty: Van­guard mul­ti­play­er beta has begun, but Xbox play­ers are not hav­ing the best time right now. Peo­ple are report­ing seri­ous graph­i­cal issues on Xbox that are so prob­lem­at­ic they are impact­ing gameplay.

Of course, Sledge­ham­mer Games is aware of this and are cur­rent­ly “inves­ti­gat­ing the issue.” Some exam­ples of these graph­i­cal bugs can be seen below.

Vanguard Beta Graphic Bugs — Xbox Only 

The Mod­ern War­zone account post­ed a video that includes some ter­ri­ble graph­ic issues that com­plete­ly over­whelm the entire screen, ren­der­ing the game unplayable. User Unleash­ion shows off a less extreme but still frus­trat­ing graph­ic bug. You can see clips from plen­ty of oth­ers show­ing sim­i­lar prob­lems below:

Van­guard’s mul­ti­play­er beta rep­re­sents an in-devel­op­ment ver­sion of the game, so bugs and prob­lems are expect­ed, but this is a bit beyond nor­mal expec­ta­tions for a pre-release beta stage. These issues are not appear­ing near­ly as much (or at all) on PlaySta­tion and PC

Sledge­ham­mer has­n’t giv­en any indi­ca­tion of when a fix might be head­ing to Van­guard’s beta. Hope­ful­ly it’s soon, because the beta will end on Mon­day morning.

Call of Duty: Van­guard will be com­ing to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on Novem­ber 5th. You can check out our Call of Duty: Van­guard pre­order guide if you’re look­ing to pick up a copy.