Call of Duty: Van­guard, the next entry in the Call of Duty series (that will be announced in War­zone this week), will appar­ent­ly have an alpha test and an open beta. It seems dates for these tests may have been leaked, in addi­tion to the game’s release date and when its first Sea­son will start. 

Mod­ern War­zone, which has accu­rate­ly report­ed on unan­nounced Call of Duty infor­ma­tion in past, says that Van­guard’s alpha peri­od will be from August 27th to the 29th for PlaySta­tion own­ers. That’s eight days after the offi­cial announce­ment of the game. An open beta will be head­ing to PlaySta­tion on Sep­tem­ber 10th, end­ing a few days lat­er on the 12th. Then from Sep­tem­ber 16th-20th, every­one will get their hands on the Van­guard beta.

Call of Duty: Van­guard will launch on Novem­ber 5th, and its first sea­son will begin on Novem­ber 23rd, the report states. Of course, all of these are sub­ject to change, Mod­ern War­zone reminds everyone. 

You can check out the list of poten­tial release times for the alpha, betas, the game, and its first sea­son, below:

  • August 19 - Call of Duty: Van­guard will be announced
  • August 27–29 — Alpha test will be avail­able on PlayStation
  • Sep­tem­ber 10–12 — Open beta will be avail­able on PlayStation
  • Sep­tem­ber 16–20 — Open beta will be avail­able on all platforms
  • Novem­ber 5 - Call of Duty: Van­guard is released
  • Novem­ber 23 - Call of Duty: Van­guard’s first sea­son begins

This is not too sur­pris­ing, since Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War also held ear­ly test­ing and an open beta, which both launched on the PlaySta­tion first. The favoritism is part of Activi­sion’s ongo­ing timed exclu­siv­i­ty deal with Sony.