Call of Duty’s John Ram­bo DLC looks to be arriv­ing on May 20th. Activi­sion released a new teas­er trail­er which uses the famous line from Ram­bo II, “To sur­vive a war, you got­ta become a war.”

The video shows a shirt­less char­ac­ter hold­ing a weapon sim­i­lar to Ram­bo’s trade­mark com­pound bow. Explo­sive arrows can also be seen. You can check out the video below:

Activi­sion first teased the Ram­bo DLC for Call of Duty last week, lead­ing play­ers to believe the char­ac­ter is com­ing to Black Ops Cold War and War­zone as a new Oper­a­tor. This new teas­er makes it clear that is the case, with more licensed Oper­a­tors like­ly in the works.

Recent­ly, anoth­er teas­er point­ed to John McClane from Die Hard com­ing to Call of Duty as a new playable Oper­a­tor. If true, Activi­sion is def­i­nite­ly mak­ing the same play as Epic with Fort­nite by using major brands to release char­ac­ter skins.