Infin­i­ty Ward just launched Sea­son 3 for Call of Duty: Mod­ern War­fare and with that update comes a bunch adjust­ments. There are a lot of improve­ments to War­zone, with some gen­er­al and weapons changes.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3 Patch Notes

You can see the full patch notes below:


  • Low­ered the max amount of XP and score giv­en for Decoy Grenade assists
  • Back­end fix­es to help Mem­o­ry Error 13–71 issues. If you’re still expe­ri­enc­ing this error, please reach out to Activi­sion Cus­tomer Support
  • Fixed a bug where more than one dog would be present in the squad walk in the main mul­ti­play­er menu
  • As an own­er of a reg­i­ment, play­ers could some­times see an error when select­ing anoth­er play­er in their reg­i­ment. This has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue where play­ers were unable to skip cutscenes in the cam­paign while using key­board and mouse controls
  • Fixed a bug where play­ers were some­times unable to see Clan Tags for oth­er play­ers in the Social Menu after restart­ing app, or going through a pow­er cycle
  • Fixed an issue where some play­ers could encounter graph­i­cal cor­rup­tions, caus­ing their screen to have a black ‘shad­ow’ that fol­lowed them. This has been fixed
  • Fix for an area on St. Pet­ro­grad that lacked col­li­sion and allowed the Recon Drone to fly out of bounds
  • Fixed a bug that made clan tags appear twice 
  • Fixed a bug that could pre­vent play­ers from speak­ing to their team in a cus­tom match if they switched teams after the match has started


  • Low­ered the vol­ume of the plane audio dur­ing infil
  • Low­ered the audio once you enter the Gulag
  • Reduced the vol­ume of occlud­ed far and dis­tant weapons
  • Some foot­step sounds while ADS and crouched were cut short on the dis­tance you could hear them, depend­ing on the sur­face type


  • Fixed an issue where “The Line Break­er” vari­ant of the EBR could out per­form the base ver­sion of the same weapon
  • Play­ers with the “Cher­ry Blos­som” vari­ant of the Akim­bo hand­guns could have bro­ken ani­ma­tions while ADS on lad­ders. This has been fixed
  • Fir­ing a smoke grenade with the under bar­rel 40mm smoke­screen launch­er did not emit any smoke from the grenade. This has been fixed
  • Attach­ing the Sniper Scope to the MK2 Car­bine while in the Gun­smith would show a white, opaque lens. This has been fixed.
  • Tight­ened the pel­let spread on the Slug 6‑R Mags for the Mod­el 680
  • Akim­bo weapons now start with 2 extra mag­a­zines of ammu­ni­tion instead of 1
  • Tight­ened up the hip spread on the VLK Rogue Shotgun
  • Decreased ADS spread for shot­gun slugs
  • Added descrip­tions to slugs not­ing that longer bar­rels and chokes improve ADS accuracy
  • Updat­ing names of weapons to match weapon logos
    • 725: “FTAC Equi­lib­ri­um” renamed to “Cro­nen Equilibrium”
    • SA87: “FSS SA87 Heavy Stock Pro” renamed to “XRK SA87 Heavy Stock Pro”
    • RAM‑7: “XRK Ranger” renamed to “FSS Ranger
    • Grau 5.56: “FSS 26.4″ Archangel” renamed to “Tem­pus 26.4″ Archangel”


  • Added on screen text to call out when a player’s vehi­cle is damaged
  • Oper­a­tion Head­hunter: Fix for an error that could occur after launch­ing the drone
  • Oper­a­tion Head­hunter: Fixed a bug where the min­imap could over­lap the Objec­tives on screen
  • Fall dam­age is now the same in Co-Op as it is in Warzone


  • We now tell you how far away you are from your team­mates while in a match
  • Fix for the gas mask ani­ma­tion inter­rupt­ing and block­ing play­ers from deploy­ing their parachute
  • Var­i­ous exploit fixes
  • Fix for a bug where play­ers were unable to revive team­mates after get­ting inter­rupt­ed dur­ing the ini­tial revive animation
  • Fixed a bug where play­ers could be killed by vehi­cles with­out being near the player 
  • Fixed an issue that could dis­play the incor­rect rank on screen after the player’s game appli­ca­tion had been sus­pend­ed and reopened
  • Fixed an issue where deploy­ing a Recon Drone would use the VO lines for a Per­son­al Radar. That VO was also heard by all play­ers on the map. This has been fixed
  • Fix for a bug where play­ers could become invin­ci­ble if they become downed while switch­ing seats in a Tac Rover
  • While spec­tat­ing a play­er in the Gulag, the option to rede­ploy your team­mate would appear on screen, even though they can­not be rede­ployed. This has been fixed
  • If a play­er spec­tates the win­ning team of a BR match, the After-Action Report will dis­play the win­ning team’s score in the score­board tab. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where plac­ing a Shield Tur­ret on a team­mate could kill them


  • Fixed a bug where play­ers couldn’t swap out the M13 for any oth­er weapon in the Plun­der tutorial


  • Fix for play­ers unable to self-revive in Solos
  • Increased price of Load­out Drop with­in the Buy Sta­tion to $10,000
  • Removed Blood Splat­ter and Screen Shake when being punched in the Gulag wait­ing area
  • Removed Loss Col­umn from BR Leader­board and replaced with Top 10s
  • Fixed issue with final cir­cles occur­ring out of bounds or in unde­sir­able areas
  • Fixed issue with Armor plates and Kill­streaks being unus­able under cer­tain conditions


  • Sev­er­al fix­es to pre­vent crash­es and improve stability

Source: Infin­i­ty Ward