Infin­i­ty Ward released an update for Call of Duty: Mod­ern War­fare today, which includ­ed the new free-to-play War­zone. How­ev­er, the patch notes don’t list War­zone, but does include a num­ber of fix­es and adjust­ments to the mul­ti­play­er side of the game.

Some of the fix­es include exploits on var­i­ous maps, a bug that allowed play­ers to deploy throw­able Field Upgrades dur­ing round count­down and still have anoth­er Field Upgrade after the Count­down end­ed, increased dam­age to Jug­ger­nauts with the Ther­mite Cross­bow and a tog­gle option for a square or cir­cu­lar min­imap.

You can see full patch notes below:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Patch Notes


  • Added Search and Res­cue
  • Added May­hem Mosh Pit (10v10 Grind, Drop Zone, and Cranked)
  • Remov­ing “Boots on the Ground War”


  • NEW Shot­gun: “VLK Rogue”
  • Fixed a bug that pre­vent­ed respawn­ing after a Def­con Nuke had been set off in Real­ism Ground War 
  • Increased dam­age to Jug­ger­nauts when being hit by a Ther­mite Cross­bow 
  • Var­i­ous Exploit fix­es, includ­ing fix­es to Hack­ney Yard and Pic­cadil­ly 
  • Fix for a bug where a dif­fer­ent pis­tol than one that was equipped would appear when climb­ing a lad­der 
  • Fixed a bug where any charm used along­side the MP7 Ben­gal vari­ant would clip through the weapon 
  • Var­i­ous Ground War exploit fix­es
  • Fix for a bug where a con­stant yel­low “High Alert” screen would per­sist after death if the play­er died while the perk was grant­ed via Spe­cial­ist 
  • Fixed a bug in the After-Action Report that would dis­play 0 in the Chal­lenge field even if a Chal­lenge had been com­plet­ed 
  • Fixed a bug that would spawn play­ers else­where on the map after using a Tac­ti­cal Inser­tion near the crawl space on Rust 
  • Fixed a bug in the Giant Infec­tion mode that spammed radio VO across all team­mates when a play­er is a dri­ver or pas­sen­ger 
  • Fixed a bug that allowed play­ers to deploy throw­able Field Upgrades dur­ing the round count­down. After the count­down ends, the play­er would still have anoth­er Field Upgrade avail­able. This has been fixed 
  • Added option to tog­gle a square or cir­cu­lar min­imap 

Call of Duty League: Restrict­ed the .357 Snake Shot in the CDL pub­lic playlist


  • 725 Sawed-Off Bar­rel:
    • Increased move speed
    • Increased ADS Spread
    • Reduced ADS dam­age
    • Reduced far dam­age range
    • Extend­ed very lethal close dam­age range
  • Fix for the RAM‑7 vari­ant, “The Cor­rupter” not allow­ing the use of any sniper scopes
  • Fixed a bug that could cre­ate an ‘infi­nite ammo’ glitch on the Mod­el 680 
  • Updat­ing the ammo descrip­tions to the “Blud­geon­er” LMG and the “Skull Ham­mer” Shot­gun 
  • Fix for a bug where using an NVG Ther­mal Scope on the Grau 5.56 could cause a graph­i­cal bug 

Mis­sions and Chal­lenges:

  • Fix for a bug that only dis­played the “One Shot One Kill” splash medal on screen when a sniper rifle was used. This is fixed to dis­play when­ev­er any one-shot weapon like shot­guns or marks­man rifles are used
  • Fix for the “Get 50 Kills with Light Machine Guns” chal­lenge not track­ing as intend­ed
  • Fix for Golem’s 3rd Mis­sion Objec­tive, “Get 5 Kills using Lethal Equip­ment” not track­ing prop­er­ly 
  • All vehi­cles now award progress to any chal­lenges that require “X vehi­cle run over kills” 
  • Updates to the splash screen and in-game HUD as play­ers make progress in the “Alliance” Mis­sions

Clas­sic Spe­cial Oper­a­tions:

  • Fixed a bug that pre­vent­ed play­ers for being able to use fin­ish­ing moves on ene­my AI. This has been fixed 
  • Bomb Squad: Fix for a bug there ene­mies might not spawn until after the last bomb is defused 

Spe­cial Oper­a­tions: Sur­vival — Leader­boards for Azhir Cave (night) and St. Pet­ro­grad have been added

Spe­cial Oper­a­tions:

  • Cam­era is now in a fixed posi­tion when reviv­ing while prone or crouched
  • Hostages will reset to a safe area if dropped out of bounds
  • Fix match end­ing if the last-alive play­er calls in a Team Revive but goes down before the oth­er play­ers revive them­selves.
  • Fix some instances where the jug­ger­naut music could stay on unin­ten­tion­al­ly 
  • Increase Heavy Hit­ter weapon perk to 2x melee dam­age
  • Ensure that play­ers who are para­chut­ing receive the ‘out of bounds’ warn­ing if they drift out of bounds
  • Fix for hint prompts show­ing up while play­ers are in last stand
  • Fix for an edge case that could pre­vent the 4th squad leader from spawn­ing in dur­ing Oper­a­tion Head­hunter
  • Oper­a­tion Just Reward: Fixed an issue where the cell phone intel would fail to drop
  • Oper­a­tion Strong­box: Fixed a bug where destroy­ing an ene­my Wheel­son was not grant­i­ng any XP

Key­board and Mouse: a con­tex­tu­al menu is now dis­played when KBM play­er right-click on user­names in the Social menu’s Par­ty tab


  • Sev­er­al fix­es to pre­vent crash­es and improve sta­bil­i­ty
  • New PC play­ers that are using the lat­est client now have access to a sim­ple, one-click way of cre­at­ing their Activi­sion account using their cre­den­tials
  • Fixed a few cas­es where cer­tain Social menu pop-up mes­sages would dis­play incor­rect­ly in high­er aspect ratios

Source: Infin­i­ty Ward