Infin­i­ty Ward has released a new update for Call Of Duty Mod­ern War­fare and War­zone. Ver­sion 1.29 weighs in at about 33 GB as is avail­able on all plat­forms. This patch fix­es a few bugs, brings pri­vate match­es for War­zone and brings sup­port for the upcom­ing new con­soles. Check out the full patch notes below:



  • Ground War
  • Gun­fight
  • TDM Snipers Only
  • Hard­point Hills and Kills
  • Ship­ment 24/7
  • Shoot House 24/7


  • BR Solos, Duos, Trios, Quads
  • Plun­der Trios


We’re excit­ed to launch a beta ver­sion of Pri­vate War­zone match­es! This requires var­i­ous play­er counts to start the match and we have three modes available: 

  • BR — 50 play­ers required to start (also has squad variations)
  • Plun­der — 30 play­ers required to start (also has squad variations)
  • Mini BR — 24 play­ers required

Please share any bugs you encounter along with your feedback! 


  • Fix for a bug where, when reviv­ing a fall­en team­mate as the round ends in Sur­vival, users can become stuck in third person
  • Fixed an issue where some play­ers were see­ing the error code: “HK:s=373408m=54293536:10635584”
  • Fix for the Gaz Oper­a­tor chal­lenge where play­ers are unable to com­plete the first objec­tive in the Sea­son 4 Gaz Oper­a­tor Bun­dle Mis­sion “win 3 Gulag fights as Gaz”
  • Fix for an issue where offi­cer chal­lenges 90 — 100 have been reset­ting after com­ple­tion, pre­vent­ing play­ers from get­ting the last Sea­son 6 Emblem
  • In the Safe­house Finale of SP, at the Kill­streak Chop­per check­point, when using the zoom but­ton the cam­era will zoom in and out
  • Play­ers using the Jug­ger­naut will not hear the drilling audio when hit by the Phlem­botomiz­er throw­ing knife. This has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug where the play­er could have the Spot­ter Scope effect when not ADS­ing with it by pick­ing up 2 weapons while look­ing with the scope
  • Fixed a bug where heli­copters could spin and float in the air after pro­gress­ing in Survival
  • Fix­es to help pre­vent play­ers from going AFK in Gunfight
  • LMGs, Sniper Rifles, and Marks­men Rifles will now rotate as intend­ed in Gunfight
  • Fix for an issue where play­ers that die right before an HQ is dis­abled and watch the full kill­cam do not spawn in as intended 


  • M4 Tomb­stone: Fix for a bug where adding the .458 SOCOM or the 9mm Para 32-Round Mags removes them from the weapon model
  • Trac­er Pack: Saku­ra Edi­tion- Maruya­ma — The dynam­ic icon appears to have a minor gap between the bar­rel and body of the weapon when the Com­pen­sator is equipped on the FTAC 13.5″ Com­pact bar­rel. This has been fixed 


  • To help with patch sizes and disk space, high-res­o­lu­tion tex­tures will now be down­loaded while play­ing, using On-Demand Tex­tures Streaming:
    • On-Demand Tex­tures Stream­ing is locat­ed in the Options, under the Graph­ics tab and in the Details & Tex­tures section.
    • It will only kick-in for users play­ing with Tex­ture Res­o­lu­tion set to High.
    • It streams tex­tures for Oper­a­tors and Weapons.
    • You can con­trol the dai­ly tex­ture stream­ing lim­it and the size of your cache
    • You can learn more about Tex­ture Stream­ing HERE
  • Fix for a bug where a Pre­mi­um user with only War­zone installed, can select a tri­al on a MP map, which can result in a crash
  • Fix for a bug where PC play­ers were able to select a cus­tom load­out in Snipers Only
  • Fix­es for an issue where some Activi­sion account names were being applied to dif­fer­ent pro­files in the friends list
  • Sur­vival mode now has its own DLC pack­age. To access Sur­vival, a play­er has to install both Spe­cial Ops and Survival


  • Fix­es to help fight against weapon cor­rup­tion while in Spec­ta­tor mode
  • The gas from the Gas Grenade can some­times obscure or com­plete­ly hide play­ers from ther­mal scopes
  • Fixed an exploit near the Lozoff Pass Metro Station
  • Armored Royale: Fixed a bug where drop­ping a truck rede­ploy­ment flare into the ser­vice entrance of the sub­way can cause the truck to para­chute underground
  • While in Plun­der, play­ers para­chutes will now auto deploy to help pre­vent against exploits
  • Fix for an exploit with the Durable Gas Mask
  • Fixed an audio bug where no over­heat audio was play­ing when using the mini­gun on the helicopter
  • When the play­er is using Bumper Ping as their but­ton lay­out, the play­er will be unable to switch between the Gas Grenade and EMP Blast, result­ing in them only able to use the gas grenade. This has been fixed
  • When sit­ting in pas­sen­ger seat of a heli­copter and using the mini­gun, prim­ing a lethal while simul­ta­ne­ous­ly switch­ing seats will break the play­ers view­mod­el. This has been fixed
  • Fix for a bug where play­ers are unable to equip oth­er War Tracks after select­ing “Ran­dom”
  • Removed Jug­ger­nauts from Bunker puzzles

Call Of Duty Mod­ern War­fare and War­zone are avail­able now for the PlaySta­tion 4, Xbox One and PC.