Sea­son 3’s Reloaded update has final­ly arrived for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and it includes a ton of new con­tent like, maps, modes, Oper­a­tors, and more zom­bie good­ies for every­one to enjoy.

Of course, Black Ops Cold War isn’t the only Call of Duty title get­ting in on the Sea­son 3 Reloaded update may­hem. Both War­zone and Call of Duty: Mobile are get­ting sub­stan­tial updates as well.

Rambo and Die Hard DLC

Ram­bo and John McClane will be avail­able to buy from the Black Ops Cold War and War­zone stores now until June 18th at 9:00 p.m. PT/ June 19th 12:00 a.m. ET

The Ram­bo Bun­dle includes Ram­bo, and yes, he is an Oper­a­tor mod­eled after Sylvester Stallone–not a skin. This bun­dle also includes two fin­ish­ing moves, three leg­endary weapon blue­prints, as well as a call­ing card, emblem and an epic watch and charm.

Call Of Duty Mid-Season Update Adding Plenty Of New Content For Season 3

McClane can be pur­chased through the Die Hard bun­dle, which is avail­able through­out the same dura­tion as the Ram­bo bun­dle. It includes John McClane’s char­ac­ter, based off of Bruce Willis, along with a fin­ish­ing move, three leg­endary blue­prints, a leg­endary call­ing card and emblem, an epic watch, and an epic weapon charm.

Call Of Duty Mid-Season Update Adding Plenty Of New Content For Season 3

Both of these new char­ac­ters are Oper­a­tors; not just skins. Prices for each bun­dle is 2,400 COD Points, or $20.00.

New Multiplayer Maps

Black Ops Cold War is get­ting two new mul­ti­play­er maps, the first being Stand­off. This is a new ver­sion of the orig­i­nal that was released in Black Ops II, and has made a come back in Cold War, with the explod­ing van and all.

The oth­er new map is Duga, and it’s the larg­er of the two maps. This map should be famil­iar to Zom­bies play­ers, as it was fea­tured in Out­break at the start of Sea­son 3. It’s now a mul­ti-team map for multiplayer.

New Multiplayer Modes

Black Ops Cold War’s new game modes are focused around Die Hard and Ram­bo, with the lat­est one being Die Hard­point. This is Hard­point, but with a twist, and is avail­able to play right now.

Hard points start off in their orig­i­nal rota­tions, but then move to ran­dom hard point loca­tions after the ini­tial rota­tion. Cap­tur­ing a hard point gives you a speed boost, but sets off a 30-sec­ond timer. You can extend this timer by get­ting kills and play­ing the objec­tive. Stand­ing on the objec­tive stops the timer, while get­ting a kill adds 15 sec­onds to your timer if you’re off the hard point (max of 30 sec­onds). When the timer runs out, you explode. If you can get kills in suc­ces­sion you’ll get improved weapon han­dling, ADS speed, slide speed, and an even big­ger explo­sion upon death.

Call Of Duty Mid-Season Update Adding Plenty Of New Content For Season 3

Mul­ti-Team Elim­i­na­tion will also be avail­able at launch Sea­son 3 Reloaded for Black Ops Cold War. This mode is set on the biggest maps in the game, and pins 10 teams of four against each oth­er in a minia­ture bat­tle royale-style mode. Obvi­ous­ly, last team stand­ing, wins. Play­ers can rede­ploy after they are killed, but only in a “lim­it­ed” capac­i­ty. Load­outs are also unavail­able, so you’ll have to scav­enge to find weapons and items with­in the map.

The final new mode com­ing to Cold War is Ram­bo’s Gun Game. This launch­es next week and is a tad dif­fer­ent from the orig­i­nal Gun Game. The rota­tion of 20 weapons will also include pow­er­ful weapons more akin to Ram­bo’s style, like the com­bat bow, the War Machine, the RPG‑7, and the Death Machine. All play­ers will be get­ting a Stimshot to bal­ance things out. 

New Zombies Main Quest, Fishing, And More

Like every oth­er time a major Black Ops Cold War update arrives, Zom­bies also received some spe­cial love from Tre­yarch. The biggest addi­tion is to Out­break, which got its first-ever main quest.

Call Of Duty Mid-Season Update Adding Plenty Of New Content For Season 3

A new World Event is also mak­ing its way to Out­break. Giant “Orda” mon­sters can now be seen across the Ural Moun­tains, and play­ers who suc­cess­ful­ly defeat them will earn “pow­er­ful rewards.” 

The odd­est addi­tion with­in Sea­son 3 Reloaded is… fish­ing. Play­ers can now find fish­ing poles around the map (near water, of course). You can catch all sorts of things, includ­ing sal­vage, armor, perks, or a “spe­cial surprise.”

Cranked 2: No Time To Crank

The Cranked mode for Zom­bies is also get­ting a spe­cial twist on Fire­base Z and Die Mas­chine maps. This new ver­sion of Cranked gives play­ers a knife and the pow­er already turned on at the start. How­ev­er, wall buys are unavail­able and craft­ing tables are no more. Mys­tery box­es are still around, and they will have new weapons and items, as well as more sup­port-type items. Zom­bies will also be drop­ping lethal explo­sive equip­ment in this mode.

Custom Mode Support, Weapon Buffs, And More 

Cus­tom Mod sup­port has been added to the Apply Blue­print fea­ture so you can save cus­tom blue­prints and bring them into Zom­bies mode.

Weapons from pre­vi­ous sea­sons like the Groza, Streetsweep­er, R1 Shad­owhunter, MAC-10, and Sledge­ham­mer have been applied to mys­tery box­es and tri­als rewards.

Final­ly, there were weapon bal­ance changes too that are spe­cif­ic to Zom­bies. Activi­sion pub­lished these details sep­a­rate­ly on the Tre­yarch Blog.