An unre­leased melee weapon from 2019’s Call of Duty: Mod­ern War­fare has been unveiled, and it rather awe­some when seen in use. Twit­ter user Mod­e­nasHD dis­cov­ered the melee weapon, and it’s a slight­ly bro­ken-up cin­derblock that would have been extreme­ly fun to play with in the game.

The video below shows the cin­derblock in use, with the play­er ini­tial­ly throw­ing it against the wall. There seems to be two main ani­ma­tions, one that swings it from the side and one that slams it down from the top to the bot­tom. An inspect ani­ma­tion is also avail­able, and it looks like the cin­derblock was a rather pol­ished melee weapon.

A sec­ond video shows the cin­derblock in action, with sev­er­al fin­ish­ing moves being cracked down onto an ene­my. You can check both the clips out below.

It’s unclear how this melee weapon was dis­cov­ered and why this slick melee weapon was nev­er released in Mod­ern War­fare. As pre­vi­ous­ly men­tioned, it looks real­ly pol­ished. It could be that the Infin­i­ty Ward thought the cin­derblock was just a lit­tle to bru­tal for the game, or maybe it was just nev­er set to be released.

In oth­er news, Call of Duty: War­zone play­ers are ask­ing Raven Soft­ware to imple­ment a quit­ter penal­ty for those who leave mid-match.