Call Of Duty Festive Fervor Event Kicks Off Soon In Vanguard And Warzone

Activi­sion has announced the Fes­tive Fer­vor event, which brings new hol­i­day dec­o­ra­tions, ugly Christ­mas sweaters, and plen­ty of fes­tive changes to both Call of Duty: Van­guard and War­zone. Van­guard will get themed modes and a hol­i­day reskin for Ship­ment, while Zom­bies will get just be get­ting some dec­o­ra­tions. Mean­while, War­zone’s Caldera map will have Christ­mas tree rewards. Fes­tive Fer­vor will go live after an update on Decem­ber 15th  at 9 PM PT / 12 AM ET for Van­guard and Decem­ber 16th at 9 PM PT / 12 AM ET for War­zone Pacific.

Just like pre­vi­ous Call of Duty events, there will be hol­i­day chal­lenges to com­plete for rewards. There are thir­teen items in total, includ­ing a light machine gun blue­print for com­plet­ing all six Van­guard or War­zone Pacif­ic challenges.

Vanguard Event For Multiplayer

Van­guard will be get­ting sev­er­al hoil­day-themed modes in the Fes­tive Fer­vor event.

Armaged­don Mode is a mod­i­fied ver­sion of Drop Zone mode from oth­er titles. This is a lim­it­ed-time mode, where gift wrapped care pack­ages will drop onto the map. At the start of the match, both teams will fight for con­trol of a marked area, where care pack­ages will drop in on a set timer until a spe­cif­ic num­ber of them are col­lect­ed. Once that num­ber is reached, the zone rotates to new area. Unlike oth­er forms of Drop Zone, points are only scored through kills, with bonus points being award­ed with kills earned with killstreaks.

Call Of Duty Festive Fervor Event Kicks Off Soon In Vanguard And Warzone

In Elf Team Six, play­ers can earn Kill­streaks through seek­ing and destroy­ing the elite Elf Team Six. These team mem­bers will be hid­den around Van­guard’s mul­ti­play­er maps, ran­dom­ly appear­ing. Those who take down Elf Team Six mem­bers will earn match score and kill­streak progress.

Kram­pus is also mak­ing his way to Call of Duty: Van­guard. This folk leg­end is described as some­thing else in store for the ones who act naughty and don’t play the objec­tive in respawn-enabled game modes, or who camp in Team Deathmatch.”

This mon­ster will be appear­ing dur­ing match­es to tar­get who­ev­er has the least impres­sive objec­tive score. Kram­pus will take down his tar­get with a fin­ish­ing move, but Activi­sion did con­firm that play­ers may be able to kill Kram­pus before he attacks.


Fir Trees will be added to War­zone’s Caldera map. They are spe­cial trees marked on the map and placed at spe­cif­ic points of inter­est across the island.

Any squad that stays with­in the Fir Tree’s zone for a short peri­od of time will get sev­er­al sup­ply box­es to mag­i­cal­ly appear, includ­ing spe­cial hol­i­day crates that could con­tain leg­endary items for that match, lim­it­ed-time rewards, or even coal.

Kram­pus will also be mak­ing his way to War­zone. He’ll be found on both Caldera and Rebirth Island, where he’ll start­ing hunt­ing play­ers short­ly after a match starts. Unlike Van­guard, Kram­pus will choose ran­dom tar­gets in War­zone. How­ev­er, Activi­sion did tease that he has a ten­den­cy to seek out those who have found coal in the hol­i­day crates. If killed, Kram­pus will drop a spe­cial per­ma­nent reward.

Play­ers can also expect mod­i­fiers dur­ing their match­es, like increased chances of leg­endary sup­ply box­es or half-off Buy­backs on each day of Fes­tive Fevor.

Elves will also be seen on Caldera and Rebirth Island. These elves will like­ly cause play­ers trou­ble. They like to shout at any play­er who get with­in 10 meters of them. Squads who find, and get rid, of them will get rewards like dou­ble XP token or a call­ing card.

Battle Pass Gifts

Since it is the sea­son of giv­ing, Activi­sion is giv­ing away bat­tle pass gifts for those who already own the Van­guard or pur­chase it before Decem­ber 31st. These rewards will be avail­able for use on Decem­ber 16th:

  • 10 Bat­tle Pass tier skips for Sea­son 1
  • A 10% Play­er, Weapon, and Bat­tle Pass XP boost dur­ing Sea­son 1
  • The 24 Van­guard tiers of Black Ops Cold War’s Sea­son 6 bat­tle pass. If play­ers haven’t already earned them last sea­son, any­one who pur­chas­es Van­guard will receive these for free.
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