Call of Duty Drops R1 Shadowhunter By Accident, Issues Refunds

A few days ago, the R1 Shad­owhunter cross­bow was made avail­able in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and War­zone. This was acci­den­tal. It was­n’t sup­pose to actu­al­ly release until lat­er this sea­son, but Activi­sion has already removed the weapon from both games. They have also issued refunds to those who pur­chased it dur­ing its brief peri­od of availability.

Activi­sion shared the news on its offi­cial Twit­ter sup­port page, say­ing the bun­dle that includ­ed the weapon will return at “a lat­er date,” along with a cor­re­lat­ed chal­lenge. When this will be, isn’t clear, but it’s entire­ly pos­si­ble this went up way before it was meant too.

Obvi­ous­ly, this weapon is sup­posed to be used for stealth, as it fires silent cross­bow bolts with­out alert­ing oth­ers to your pres­ence. Dur­ing the ini­tial acci­den­tal release, get­ting the weapon in Cold War required a play­er to get a series of One Shot, One Kills in 15 games. If you’ve already been play­ing the game the game for months, this should be fair­ly easy to pull off once it the weapon comes back.

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